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What happens when children are only allowed to eat sweets for one day??

Review: Our Sweet Day 2018!

What would you say if your children asked you if they would For a whole day only eat sweets? My son asked me exactly that question in December – and I spontaneously said yes! Today I want to tell you why I am this experiment agreed how that day went and what the children made of it learned to have.

The history

My kids do not eat a lot of sweets a chocolate bar after lunch and a bite in the afternoon – if we ever Sweets in the house. If there is a visit, there are already a few in addition wine gums – and on the birthday & Christmas, of course, anyway. Sweets are not vilified with us so, but are not freely available and coveted accordingly.

Why I said YES to “Just Sweet Day”?

Why me the ultimate Cheat Day spontaneously agreed? Well, I thought the following: After all, there is nothing more instructive than experiences that you can make yourself. In the minds of children, a candy day has been an absolute dream so far. I did not only notice this from the reaction of the two, when I agreed to this experiment, but also to the anticipation, with whom they feverishly anticipated this day. With this experiment I wanted to show you that even the favorite candy quickly lose their appeal when consumed excessively. The forbidden fruits always taste best! &# 128521;

The sweet-tooth day &# 127849;&# 127850;&# 127853;

On 02.12.2018 he finally came, who big day! The day on which the children exclusively (!) sweet food was allowed – in unlimited quantities. Whereby, there was a small restriction: between the sweets nothing hearty could be eaten! The rule was: As soon as you eat something hearty, the sweet-only day is considered over. The background of this clause: Thus, the amount of sweets was relatively easy limit. Without hearty snacks, one is tired of sweetness relatively quickly. At least my theory.

To have enough choice in the house, we were of course extra shopping. The kids had the free choice and opted for Knoppers bar, Maoam, Raffaelo, Toffifee and a can of spray cream! They also wanted fresh waffles and home-made pudding from their favorite chocolate -> The super easy recipe is here on my blog.

Hearty things were taboo on “Just Sweet Day”! &# 128578;

The 5 hour sugar rush

Now I just listed what my son had eaten that day:

It was about 8.30 clock already before breakfast go with:

  • 2 Toffifees
  • 3 Maoams
  • Advent calendar chocolate
  • 2 tbsp coffee milk (!)

Then that followed breakfast:

  • 1 Rafaello
  • 1/4 waffle with cream and 2 tablespoons pudding, 1 chocolate bar and crumbles

Then there was:

At 11:15 clock came a first “Boah – I can not see anything sweet” from the couch. It still followed:

  • 2 Maoams and 1 Toffifee

At 13:10 I asked, who is everything? Pancakes with nutella would like to have lunch. Both children rolled their eyes. My daughter brought it to the point with a (quote) “I puke, if I eat something sweet!” And even my suggestion that after a hearty lunch the experiment is finished, the two could not change their mind. At 13:30 clock, so after exactly 5 hours, the spook was over again.

Yummy: Homemade Kids Chocolate Pudding! #unbeauftragtewerbung

Our conclusion:

The kids were very surprised how fast the Appetite for sweets has flown. They thought they would easily hold out until the evening. Also in the next few days they avoided everything that even tasted sweet. Meanwhile, the appetite is back, but has relativized a bit. It’s as if the sweetie had lost a little bit of magic!

Basics about children & Sweets

If you now wonder why we do not leave the children basically alone, how many Sweets I want to eat: I think that children are not able to make that decision on their own. There are simply too many factors, for example the Addiction center in the brain appeal – and that applies equally to chocolate, computer Games and constantly enthralling Whatsapp news. It makes more sense than pure prohibitions to teach the children at an early age, what actually happens in the body when, for example. sugar or vegetables is.

  • What are carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins?
  • What do they do in the body??
  • Why do we sometimes crave sugar? (And what alternatives are there?)
  • Why should you never eat sweets for comfort? (-> that leads to a connection in the brain, so that one reaches for the chocolate even later, when one is stressed or sad #emotionaleating).

So they can learn what is good for their body – and what does not. Do you still know the cartoon series Once upon a time life was (

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