What helps against bleeding gums? Dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

What helps against bleeding gums? Dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

Bright healthy gums .

. by regular prophylaxis at the dentist

Do you know how to tell if your gums are healthy or inflamed? Healthy gums are light pink, firm and do not bleed.

Inflamed gums are dark red, swollen and bleed when you brush your teeth or when you bite into an apple. That does not look good!

How does gingivitis develop and what consequences can these have? Cause are bacteria in the plaque. They cause the gums to inflame, swell, turn dark red, often bleed and peel off the tooth. This creates so-called. Gingival pockets.

Gingivitis and its consequences

In these bags bacteria enter, increase the inflammation and can cause the gums to further detach. If this inflammation does not get under control through careful oral care and dental care, it can become long-term periodontosis and tooth loss to lead. But even before that happens, gum inflammation can be detrimental:

  • The swollen and dark red gums do not look pretty
  • Bleeding gums can lead to embarrassing moments
  • Gingivitis causes bad breath
  • The bacteria are transferred to the partner in intimate contacts
  • Parents can infect their babies with bacteria

In addition, gingivitis can also endanger your health: bacteria from the inflamed gums are spread throughout the body through the bloodstream and increase the risk of general diseases:

Various scientific studies have shown that in periodontal disease is a higher risk for Heart attack*, Rheumatoid arthritis** and (in women) for Prematurity *** consists.

As you can see, healthy gums do not only serve your better looks, but also your health!

What to do with bleeding gums?

If you are one of the people whose gums are good at laughing, you should pay special attention to their health. On the one hand through careful home-based dental care. To the other by regular professional teeth cleaning in the dental office.

This not only serves your better look. You also protect yourself from tooth decay and bad breath! And you prevent tooth loosening and tooth loss due to periodontal disease!

If you observe your gums bleeding frequently, have them examined in practice. We would like to inform you what you can do about it.

You now know the key measures that can help keep your teeth beautiful and your gums healthy. Some people still want something else "special" for her teeth. You would therefore like tartar as a dental jewelry.

References to the studies mentioned above

* (Schaefer AS, Judge GM, Groessner-Schreiber B, Noack B, Nothnagel M, et al., (2009) Identification of a Shared Genetic Susceptibility Locus for Coronary Heart Disease and Periodontitis PLoS Genet 5 (2): e1000378, doi: 10.1371 /journal.pgen.1000378)

** C. Ancuta et al., University of Medicine and Pharmacy, IASI, Romania. Periodontal status in patients with rheumatism >
*** Davenport ES, Williams CE, Stars CS et al .: Maternal periodontal disease and preterm birthweight: case-control study. J Dent Res 81, 313 (1976)

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