What is a stop line violation? Information about the red light offense 2019

What is a stop line violation? Information about the red light offense 2019

Halteline violation: when is there such a?

It is not rare, that driver the Run over the stop line and then wonder what to expect. You have to stop at a so-called stop line violation with a penalty in the legal sense calculate or pull that but other sanctions after yourself? How and when a stop line violation penalized according to the fine catalog will be explained the following guide.

violation fines Points in Flensburg
Drive over the stop line without driving into the danger zone 10 EUR
Halteline overrun at a red light and cause a hazard 70 EUR 1
Halteline ran over at a red light and caused an accident 80 EUR 1

Stop line violation: The StVO determined the line

It can happen, that road users overlook a stop sign or a red traffic light. The Run over stop line and then to be flashed is sometimes unavoidable. It gets complicated when the vehicle but before the crossing to a halt comes. Because sufferers often do not know if it is even a red light violation These.

First of all, it is important that road users know, what meaning and function the stop line Has. This is defined in the notes to the Traffic sign 294. These are in the Annex 2 to § 41 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO) listed and determine that the stop line is a Bid to hold or wait represents.

The Marking in the form of a white line on the road will be additional as a supplement to traffic light, stop sign or barriers used. Annex 2 states that Stop the driver at this mark have to. This is independent of the view to do, if necessary must be held on the line of sight again become.

Road users disregard this bid, They commit a misdemeanor, which is punished with a fine. Expressly this is defined in § 49 StVO. Passing the stop line without stopping before stops So a violation dar. In accordance with the requirements of Fine catalog will be charged here 10 €. A punishment is therefore not to be feared, one Warning or fine in case of a hazard or causing an accident, however, already.

Stop line violation at a traffic light: Here it can be complicated

Centimeters can sometimes be crucial, so too at a stop line offense. Passing by at a traffic light the line, it depends on whether they come to a stop in time or not. Because that makes it then Difference between stop line violation and red light violation.

Will road users still before the intersection or a so-called pedestrian crossing to stand, it is usually around a stop line violation. Drive, however in the “protected area” of the intersection, This is usually considered a red light violation and thus has much higher sanctions.

What happens if at a junction two lines can be found on the street? is the traffic light is red, must be at the stop line before the confluence being stopped. Turn the traffic light while driving over this first line is to hold on to the second. If the first line is crossed over in red, then this is no longer a stop line offense, but is usually considered a disrespect of the traffic light.

Overrun stop line: Is an appeal possible in the case of a fine??

Have sufferers a fine for red light infringement received, though she just run over the stop line should they have one Objection pull. This must be submitted to the competent authority and also also reasons. Are you not sure if such a promising, the Support of a traffic lawyer be advisable.

A lawyer can be here by reviewing the files and evidence (such as speed camera photos) may determine if the protected area or just the line was run over.

FAQ – Stop line violation

No. Here is important, where the vehicle comes to a halt and whether the danger zone has already been traveled.

No, at least not in the legal sense. This is an administrative offense, which is punished with 10 €.

In this case, higher sanctions are due. A threat can result in a fine of 70 euros and a point in Flensburg.

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