What is good toddler toys?

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The selection of children’s toys is very wide these days. Too much toy is not appropriate and is a burden on the child. The child is not using the toy properly because he has too many toys and is sure that new toys will be added.

Children are able to play with almost everything, such as cans, pots, clothes pegs, egg boxes, etc. Good toys are diverse and can be used and supplemented in different ways. Building blocks made of plastic and wood, for example, are excellent and activate the child’s imagination. When choosing the toy, attention should be paid to the material and design.

It has to be stable and resistant. In addition, it is imperative that the toy has a hundred percent is safe so that the child cannot get wounded or health is not threatened by possible swallowing. Despite the seal of approval, you have to make sure that there is no risk with the toy.

The toy should neither overwhelm nor underwhelm the child. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the age of the child and to buy a toy that matches the age. Above all, attention should be paid to what the child is currently enjoying, what he is good at and which topics he finds exciting. The child’s wishes are essential when choosing a toy – even if they cannot yet express themselves properly.

Appeal to the senses and activate fantasy

First-class toys stimulate many senses, are creative, gender-neutral and useful. Playhouses that the child can change are an excellent example of a high quality toy.

The toy should not be so much fixed that the child plays with it carefully and attentively and that it does not quickly become monotonous. Abstract toys activate the child’s imagination and make the child productive and creative. Crafts, building and painting, for example, activate the imagination. The more options and independence the child has, the more productivity is stimulated. A good example of this is Janod toys. This manufacturer convinces with imaginative toys such as workbenches and wooden ball tracks or haptic puzzles.

In the first months of the child, wooden chains are suitable for the stroller and music boxes. Feel books, teething rings and wooden picture books are recommended from the age of six months. From one year old, picture books, wooden and haptic puzzles, building blocks and sand toys are suitable. From the age of two, the children are interested in trucks, toy kitchens, children tool as well as toy excavators. From three years old, doctor’s cases, wax crayons, cardboard puzzles and finger puppets are interesting and popular for children. They are interested from the age of four Children for Doll houses, Lego bricks and painting things. From the age of five, children like to play board games and handicrafts.

With the right toy, it is imperative that the toy is secure, stable and varied, that it corresponds to age and that it fosters the child’s imagination.


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