What is the benefit of a professional tooth cleaning? Dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

What is the benefit of a professional tooth cleaning? Dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

Professional teeth cleaning (PZR)

How teeth get their shine again

plaque make the surface appear dull and dull. Nicotine, tea, coffee, red wine, cola and certain medications can be clearly visible dark spots on the teeth. They can not be removed by even the best cleaning.

Here it helps Professional teeth cleaning (PZR) in practice. It is carried out by specially trained professionals. After that, your teeth are back free of dental tissueG. You look shiny again and with your tongue you can feel how smooth they are again.

Why the regular PZR has double benefits for you .

With the PZR disturbing visible coverings are removed. The tooth surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and polished. After that, the teeth will be visible again shiny pure from and with the tongue you feel the pleasant smooth surfaces. You can feel the feeling of the again Freshness in the mouth.

What many do not know: The regular PZR also serves your health! It removes debris and bacteria in places you never reach with your brush. These bacteria can Caries (Holes in the teeth), periodontosis (Tooth loosening) and halitosis cause. Dental caries and periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss in the long term.

You also protect your teeth and yours with the regular PZR gums and keep them healthy for as long as possible. That can give you later high Dentures costs save.

What is done at the PZR??

First, of course, the teeth are examined for any damage that may need to be rectified. Then the pads are stained with a special method to make them well visible.

Then all tooth surfaces are thoroughly cleaned – even the places that you can not reach with your toothbrush. Various instruments are used for this purpose: Ultrasonic devices for removing tartar and plaque. Hand instruments for cleaning the interdental spaces. And if necessary, the so-called Air-Flow (a powder jet device) to remove stubborn discoloration.

In addition, the Interdental spaces cleaned with dental floss and special space brushes. There often sits plaque, which can cause halitosis.

Then the teeth are brought to a high gloss with a fine polishing paste. You will feel the result with your tongue! Finally, your teeth get a special protective varnish, which protects them from caries for up to three months.

What is the cost of professional teeth cleaning??

The price for a PZR depends on the time required and the number of teeth remaining. You will receive a price information tailored to you in advance. Just ask us about it!

Please note that statutory health insurance does not cover the costs of a professional dental cleaning. Private insurers and some dental supplement insurance usually reimburse the costs. Many statutory and private health insurers have bonus programs to encourage and reward their regular participation in prophylactic measures. Check with your insurance company!

Why are more and more people going to the PZR on a regular basis??

Word has gotten out that regular professional teeth cleanings are the Keep teeth and gums healthy longer. Those who keep their own teeth until old age have later less or no denture costs.

As a result, more and more people are increasingly investing a small amount in their health care plans on a regular basis. The cost savings is not the only reason: With your own healthy teeth, it just lives better than any kind of dentures. There are also other advantages:

Those who have beautiful teeth and healthy gums simply feel safer when dealing with other people. With fresh breath you can come closer without any shyness .

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