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One often hears that a good children’s desk should grow with the child and meet the ergonomic requirements of the child. But what exactly does this important statement mean when you buy your desk? In the following section we explain the question of the optimal height alignment of your children’s desk and provide you with a small guideline.

Decide for the perfect children’s desk from preschool to high school

Which height at the children’s desk is optimal?

In every age group, the children’s desk should have the optimal height position. Even if you don’t have to spend too much time doing your homework at a very young age, our little ones will benefit from one ergonomically correct workplace. This means a so-called growing table that can be individually adjusted to the height of the child. When studying or preparing homework, the correct sitting position at the right height should be ensured.

This means that both feet must be flat on the floor and the knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Both lower legs form a vertical line, the thighs a horizontal line. Does your child sit in upright posture at the table, the arms should be positioned as vertically as possible next to the child’s body. The elbows bent at an angle of around 90 degrees. This ergonomic sitting position is not always the case, because your child’s body grows rapidly and with it the demands on the table.

Combine the table with the child’s height

In addition to the conventional requirements for the children’s desk, which deal with the materials and quality standards, each children’s desk should be adjustable in height. Almost everyone good quality desk now offers this function, which promotes the health of your pupil. If your child sits in the wrong position for a long time, back pain, tension and headache can occur quickly or, in the worst case, permanent damage to the spine.

The correct height setting of the children’s desk

  • Height of 105 cm – table height = 46 cm – seat height = 26 cm
  • Height of 120 cm – table height = 52 cm – seat height = 30 cm
  • Height of 135 cm – table height = 58 cm – seat height = 34 cm


These standard guidelines can be used to set up the optimal sitting position in the first years of school. When buying your table, make sure that the height adjustment can be carried out easily and without problems. The crank should be smooth and adjustable without modification. Various offers should therefore be closely scrutinized, after all you care for the further health of your child.


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