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Do you want to know what’s going on today? You are lucky because there is something to do and experience every day of the week in Amsterdam. Here you will find information about the opening times and best nights of Amsterdam nightclubs and locations. What is happening today? Amsterdam. Below you will find the perfect locations for your visit from Monday to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to Sunday. Unsure of your plans for the exit? These clubs in Amsterdam will surely change that.

Good to know: Every experience, access to clubs and bars as well as extras are included in your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Find the best clubs and experiences for every day of your stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe. You will find countless districts, corners and squares that offer you as a visitor as well as the locals a leisure offer that covers everything from history to culture to music.

The colorful streets along the famous canals invite you to stroll and the lively squares such as the Leidseplein or the Rembrandtplein offer themselves to sit down in one of the countless cafés and watch the people and the hustle and bustle. The choice of restaurants in the city is huge – feast on Dutch cuisine or try an Indonesian rice table, a legacy of the colonial past. Discover the new trends in the music, art and fashion scene and celebrate in different clubs.

In addition to free access to over 30 clubs and bars, the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket also offers numerous experiences and extras, through which you can get to know the city better during the day or experience an entertaining evening of a different kind – at a reduced price and / or with included extras. There is, for example, the power zone where you can measure yourself with your friends with laser tagging, bowling or black light mini golf. During a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam you can see the most famous sights from the water. The Boom Chicago with its comedy shows ensures non-stop laughs and the Holland Casino not only invites you to play, but also for a free drink.

The extras included in your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket offer a colorful mix of useful, interesting and delicious treats. Dinner, snacks, transfers, beauty and a bit of history await you.

You can use and enjoy all of these additional goodies both during the week and at the weekend. You can find the opening times of the individual locations here .

So, now back to the evening entertainment in this exciting city! There is nothing easier on weekends than finding a party, club or event in Amsterdam where locals mingle with visitors and enjoy their well-deserved break. After dark, you will find bars in all streets, in all places and corners of the city, which will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Amsterdam is known for its lively and colorful nightlife and numerous of the clubs and bars included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket are just waiting to delight you with exuberant parties and special events.

During the week, business as usual applies to those who are not on vacation, but don’t worry – Amsterdam doesn’t sleep. There is no impatient waiting for the weekend here, because there is something going on in Amsterdam every day of the week! Here you will find information about which clubs are open on which days and which are the best nights to visit. What is happening today? Amsterdam. From Monday to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to Sunday, we give you the best tips here to plan your perfect party nights in Amsterdam.


Isn’t Monday your preferred day of the week? Let’s change that and give you a fantastic start to the week. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you have access to all participating clubs, bars and experiences in Amsterdam for € 10 for 2 days or for € 20 for 7 days. You also enjoy numerous extras that make your stay even sweeter. Find out what’s going on today, tomorrow, and over the next few days.

If you go out early in the week you will find some clubs closed or they are not as crowded as usual and the mood is a bit more relaxed than during the big night out at the weekend. Going out in Amsterdam during the week is a bit like shopping in a corner shop: a smaller selection, friendly service, no queues at the cheese counter and no queuing at the cash register! That’s exactly what Amsterdam offers you during the week! The selection of locations is small but fine and that makes the agony of choice and the challenge of finding a common denominator with your friends a lot easier. You can sit, you can talk, you have enough space on the dance floor and you don’t have to wait 20 minutes for your drink!

Please note that some of the locations have different opening times at the beginning of the week, i.e. they open and close earlier than on weekends. To avoid a disappointing surprise, it’s best to choose a club, bar or experience from the list below. These locations are open during the week and are usually well attended.

Our recommendations for a great evening during the week:

Start the evening in the power zone with a game of black light mini golf, laser tagging or bowling. Afterwards, you can also find fun and games in the De Heffer Sportsbar, where you can follow the team from Amsterdam with the crazy sportsmen on one of the 10 large screens scoring goals, accompanied by a burger and a cool beer. If you still have energy afterwards, make a detour on the way home to Candela or Club Hartje and enjoy a free shot! In addition, special events are held in many clubs during the week. Take a look at our calendar and find out what is going on during your stay.

  • Club John Doe(Club)
  • Club Smokey(Club)
  • Melkweg(Club)
  • Amsterdamned(Bar)
  • Prime(Club)
  • Club Hartje(Club)
  • Candela(Club)
  • Cafe Bubbels(Club)
  • Power zone(Gaming)
  • De Heffer(SportBar)
  • Hard Rock Cafe(Restaurant / bar / 2 for 1 cocktails)
  • Holland Casino(Gaming)

A small hint: We recommend that you visit these events and / or clubs a little earlier than usual. The Heffer is a great choice for beer and snacks from Monday to Sunday, for example, when it slowly fills up with guests around 9:00 p.m..


Thursday evening heralds the beginning of the Amsterdam club nights and the crazy nightlife of the weekend. We also call it “the calm before the storm”. Use Thursday as a warm-up for what’s coming up on the weekend. If you wander through clubs and bars on Thursday, the weekend feeling automatically sets in. The mood is generally good and the stress of the week also drops for those who are not visiting Amsterdam like you and are in the best holiday mood! The dance floors are not as crowded as on weekends, queuing is quick and then there is always the joy that two exciting weekend party nights will follow after this evening!

Although Thursday is one of the most popular and busiest nights, not all clubs included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket are open. Please check the list opposite to make sure that the clubs you and your friends have selected are open and there is nothing standing in the way of a great night out in Amsterdam’s nightlife.

Our tip for an exciting Thursday evening:

Try your luck at Holland Casino and who knows, maybe you will leave the place as a millionaire – or at least with a profit enough to buy your friends a round of cocktails! Speaking of donating: with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, not only is entry to the Holland Casino free of charge – the first drink goes to the house. Afterwards, the Amsterdam party world is at your feet and the choice of bars and clubs is almost limitless. If Fortuna didn’t have a hand in the Holland Casino, here’s a tip: make your plans for the rest of the evening in one of the numerous Burger King restaurants that can be found all over Amsterdam. With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you get a medium portion of fries and a medium soft drink with a whopper or chicken burger. Then you can continue the evening strengthened. Don’t forget: Many clubs also have special events during the week. Take a look at our calendar and find out what’s going on during your Thursday evening.

We also recommend that you check the dress codes of the individual locations and dress according to the clothing regulations.

  • AIR Amsterdam(Club)
  • Blue Ivy(Club)
  • Chicago Social Club(Club)
  • Escape(Club)
  • Nova Club(Club)
  • John Doe(Club)
  • Amsterdamned(Club)
  • Club Smokey(Club)
  • Holland Casino(Game experience)
  • Hard Rock Cafe

Please note: Weekends in Amsterdam are exciting, lively and fun. For the best experience, please don’t forget to dress fashionably, drink responsibly and be vigilant towards people trying to sell you drugs or other substances. Then nothing stands in the way of unforgettable nights with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket!


So, and then the weekend begins. The perfect weekend, we think! Find out what’s going on during the biggest nights of Amsterdam nightlife.

At weekends, visitors flock to Amsterdam from all corners of the world. Locals and visitors come together to enjoy the nightlife in the lively districts and celebrate life as such, turning night into day. But where are you going? To one of the many vibrant places or in the red light district? Do you want to start in one of the countless bars or prefer to enjoy one of the great extras of the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket before going to a club? Or both? With the selection of trendy bars, vibrant nightclubs and exciting experiences, the decision is difficult. We propose two directions: on the one hand, the personal favorites from the previous nights or one of our tips!

Please be aware that the whole city is out and about on weekends and the popularity of these nights can cause large crowds and long lines. In order not to spend your night queuing in front of a club, we recommend arriving around 11:00 p.m./23:30 p.m. or even earlier. This is especially true for the larger and more popular clubs like Escape or Panama.

Our suggestion for fun without limits at the weekend:

Start the evening with a bar hopping through the numerous bars included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Hard Rock Cafe, De Heffer, Stone’s Cafe and Players Amsterdam – each of these bars is worth a visit and some of them even offer you 2 for 1 drinks. As already mentioned, you should leave before 11:00 p.m. to avoid the queues that are slowly forming at the doors of the clubs. On the right you will find the best clubs for a great night out during the weekend. Don’t forget that many of the special events that take place in these clubs are included in your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Now all you have to do is find the club with your preferred style of music. Scissors stone paper! By the way: The first ride with Uber up to € 10 is another great extra of the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. If you don’t feel like walking or using public transport, just download the app and order an Uber. More information can be found here.

And finally the dress code. Clothing is very important in Amsterdam’s nightlife. The Dutch hosts like to see their visitors dressed fresh and clean. This means that dirty or too sporty sneakers, sportswear and hats are not allowed in the clubs. Please adhere to the appropriate dress code of your selected club so as not to be rejected at the entrance.

  • Escape(Club)
  • Panama Amsterdam(Club)
  • Blue Ivy(Club)
  • Claire(Club)
  • The Box(Club)
  • Nova Club(Club)
  • John Doe(Club)
  • Canvas(Club)
  • Chicago Social Club(Club)
  • Jack(Club)
  • Q-Factory(Club)
  • Club Smokey(Club)
  • Prime(Club)
  • Surprisebar(Club)
  • Cafe Amsterdamned(Club)
  • Candela(Club)
  • Feest van Joop(Club)
  • Bubbels(Club)
  • Club Hartje(Club)
  • Players Amsterdam(Club / bar)
  • Powerzone (game experience)
  • De Heffer(SportsBar)
  • Hard Rock Cafe (restaurant / bar / 2 for 1 cocktails)
  • Holland Casino

Our recommendation: The majority of Amsterdam nightclubs and bars are open, but please check opening hours anyway to be on the safe side. The clubs listed get crowded as the hour increases, so we advise you to queue up from 11:30 p.m. to midnight.

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