What to do if a tooth breaks?

What to do if a tooth breaks?

Crack in the tooth:

A tooth crack is statistically less common, but it actually means a tooth filling defect. For example, tooth-colored plastic fillings are used in the front area of ​​the dentition. Imagine if you had unsightly amalgam fillings in the front of your dentition, that would most likely not be very aesthetic. A crack in the tooth does not occur that often, actually only in a few cases if the tooth concerned has been treated for a root canal.

This makes the tooth somewhat more fragile and porous. You probably know the classic cherry cake, which unfortunately still had the hard cherry stone. It is hard to believe how many tooth accidents result from food, mostly from food that is too hard. And if you bite or chew on such a hard object by chance, a tooth defect can occur. Teeth also become more susceptible if you frequently consume particularly cold and warm drinks. In many cases, the teeth are particularly sensitive to cold and it can happen that the tooth becomes brittle more quickly due to the regular supply of cold and heat.

The crack in the tooth can also be caused by a very large tooth filling. This means that it is actually not the tooth that has a crack, but the tooth filling contained on it. If a particularly large tooth hole is caused by caries, the tooth is not simply pulled by the dentist and replaced by an expensive dental implant or possibly by a tooth crown, but an attempt is always made to preserve the natural tooth in the dentition for as long as possible. A tooth filling, usually made of plastic, is then used for this. If the hole is very large, the corresponding tooth filling will of course be large.

This large filling will then be somewhat more susceptible due to its size, which can quickly cause a crack. If you have several large dental fillings in your mouth, which are often a bit cracked or slightly sensitive and susceptible, then you should consider inserting a tooth crown. If your bonus book is kept particularly well, you will receive a high subsidy for dentures from the statutory health insurance. If you place great value on beautiful teeth, then you should consider taking out private dental supplement insurance, because depending on the tariff, this covers almost 100 percent of the costs incurred by the dentist.

If your dental fillings occasionally fall out, it would be good if you got a cheap one dental insurance to lock. Because the statutory health insurance usually only covers the costs for amalgan that lasts the longest. Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance does not cover the costs for the aesthetically beautiful looking and no less durable plastic fillings. A crack in ceramic crowns or ceramic dental fillings can occur if you bite on a cherry stone. Unfortunately, this happens very often with fruit cakes when, annoyingly, the cherry stone was still present in the delicious cake and stupidly bites on this stone.

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