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What to do in case of flight failure? Rights in flying and how to get compensation with Flightright! (Advertising)

Advertising: the following article was created in cooperation with Flightright *

More than 200 million flights are handled annually in Germany. Especially at holiday time is busy at the airports and a large part of the passengers needed after a first long flight also a connecting flight or a train journey, and then finally to be at the destination. But what if the flight is delayed? Then the customer is in many cases to compensation and in the settlement comes the provider Flightright into play!

Connecting flights are often a time issue

Not everyone books with a tour operator, with today’s possibilities can be very well organize everything themselves. We also take care of our flights to Thailand or other countries ourselves. In Bangkok we landed mostly with a domestic flight to Chiang Mai. This means for us, in Bangkok, once the immigration, get the suitcases from the treadmill and then check in again. Of course, we always install a time buffer so that everything runs smoothly.

We are Victoria, Chris and Liam and want to tell you about our life in Thailand, Germany and the rest of the world.

But he should not be too big, because who wants to wait for hours at the airport for the onward flight. Most of the time everything works just fine, but if the luggage does not arrive, the first flight fails or has a massive delay, and then it can be expensive and expensive. All of a sudden, there are costs for a new flight and possibly also an unscheduled hotel night plus transfer.

Now the good news, you are not completely on your own in such cases. You can try it on your own or use Flighright to take care of your compensation. Flightright shows you very simply how much money can be claimed in your particular case as a claim and takes over the entire process, that is the annoying paperwork.

Flightright – the leader in flight delays and flight cancellations

Quite simply, you can order the compensation process on the Flightright website.
The site is really easy to use, you only need the flight number and the date. Then you click on and answer simple questions such as:

  • Was the flight canceled??
  • What happened after that on the part of the airline and how did it continue for you?.

Before you finally enter your required personal data for the settlement, you see already what sum you are entitled. So you know quickly and easily whether it is worthwhile for you to take advantage of this service. So that you can get a picture of the simplicity directly, we have some pictures of the process.

It starts with the flight number and the date

This is followed by the selection of the problem

The indication of when one was informed about the delay

And you get an estimate of the amount due

Flightright takes care of the rest

Once entered, you no longer have to worry about it, but you can relax and enjoy your holiday or your trip. Therefore we have a clear thumbs up for this service. Because who of us already knows whom to focus on for adequate compensation.

By the way, there are no costs for you. If you receive compensation, Flightright will receive 20-30% of the amount paid to you.

As luck would have it, we currently have a case for Flightright

By the way, you do not have to fly far to experience something like that. On July 28, 2018, there was chaos at Munich Airport for many hours, Terminal 2 was closed and thousands of passengers were stranded. It was the second holiday in Bavaria and you can imagine what has broken out there for a mess.

Many flights could not start even after hours, people slept in cots at the airport, suitcases were lost and for many this has certainly caused trouble for days afterwards. A little bit of relaxation brings it with security, if you at least get the additional financial burden replaced. We were also affected in the family, with a massive stress due to a canceled flight and a lost suitcase and therefore I can recommend Flightright also from personal experience.

For your information: This article has a link to Flightright for which we were paid. The article was written by us and in terms of content there is no influence by third parties.

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