What to do in the fall holiday in the Karwendel? Our autumn vacation tips

What to do in the fall holiday in the Karwendel? Our autumn vacation tips

Fall vacations

Autumn holiday in the Karwendel

What can you do in autumn in the Karwendelgebirge??
I love the autumn weeks in the Karwendel region. Autumn is the time when customs in Karwendel are particularly revived. As the days get shorter in September and October, only a few days go by without a folklore event. Celebrations are still celebrated on the pastures before the cows leave the Karwendel a few weeks later. Around the Almatbrieb and the harvest festivals is the time, where traditions and customs are in the focus. The second big theme is the enjoyment: enjoy nature while hiking and cycling and enjoy good regional food. You should see it for yourself and try it.

These are my top 7 for the autumn vacation.

Autumn holiday with Almabtrieb: The September in Karwendel

1) Almabtrieb in Karwendel
Everywhere in the Alps the animals come back from the alpine pastures in autumn, but in Karwendel it is something very special. Here are around Mittenwald and Krün large Almabtriebe, which are really organized very well and represent real festivals. Hundreds of goats, sheep and cows come from the alpine pasture into the valley and the festivals are traditionally celebrated in costumes with clichés such as alphorn horns, Goaslschnalzern and Schuhplattlern.

From the quiet side show the small and less organized Almabtriebe in the southern Karwendel between Innsbruck and Schwaz. Especially in Schwaz the Almabtrieb is a festival for the inhabitants. Particularly strong rooted here are some farmers who really take on foot with their animals, the long ways from the summer pasture on the mountain in the valley and refrain from transports. Of particular note is the farmer in Terfens, who takes two days to drive his cows from the Ahornboden to his farm in Terfens.

In autumn, there are so-called in Mittenwald for several weeks in September "Bauer weeks", where guests with the locals celebrate this special time very extensively and over several weeks.

—> All details and current dates for the Almabtrieb and festivals.

Autumn holidays with customs

2) Organic Mountain Farm Festival and Kiachl Autumn Festival in Hall
Two special dates around the good food will take place in autumn in Hall in Tirol. In the midst of the medieval cityscape with the 3 towers, surrounded by the mountain peaks of the Karwendelgebirge, the organic farmers from all over Tyrol will come to Stiftsplatz on the 8th of September. The mountain farmers show their different organic products.

You can try and if it tastes right on the spot buy. Of course, there is a program for the kids to eat music and many regional things. This is also the case on 22 September, where a band performs at the Kiachlfest on the upper town square. Tradition and culinary attract visitors every year to this autumn festival in Hall Karwendel.

3) Customs schnapps distilling
Also in the fall is the schnapps distillery in the Alps. There are four well-known traditional distilleries right on the edge of the Karwendel, which have committed themselves as the maxim of quality and the original product. They offer guided tours of the distillery, which of course are particularly interesting in the autumn when burning the fresh harvest. If you just want to stop by, you should write the second Saturday in October in the calendar: Every year, Brenner Toni Rossetti invites you to this event "Day of the open distillery". This is what schnapps distiller Rossetti looks like.

Autumn vacation: the golden autumn in the Karwendel

4) Enjoy nature in autumn: hiking holiday in autumn
After the Karwendelgebirge is very large, there are many beautiful corners to experience the autumn in its full splendor. The central point with the most visitors is the maple bottom. If the leaves turn yellow at the beginning of September, the number of day-trippers increases daily, until the golden leaves turn brown on the ground in October. But there are also many quiet spots where you have the Karwendel for your autumn vacation.

Autumn vacation at the Isar origin

5) The Isar origin in the Hinterautal
Among the quieter but absolutely worth seeing places is definitely the Isar origin near Scharnitz. The small town is the gateway to the Karwendel. From here, the wide and at the same time gently ascending path leads through the Hinterautal up to 1162 meters. Here, the Isar gurgles out of the rock – the birthplace of one of the most popular rivers in Bavaria. The Isar sources are still here in Tyrol. A beautiful place to be seen. Here are the information and pictures of the Isar origin.

Autumn holidays at the top: At the Top of Innsbruck

6) Take the mountain railway to TOP OF INNSBRUCK – 10% discount for you!
In the autumn the air in the Karwendelgebirge is particularly clear. It is all the more beautiful then to stand on top of the summit and enjoy the distant view. With three cable cars you can get up very high, without having to hike the altitude itself. This applies in particular to the Nordkettenbahn in Innsbruck. 1700 meters in altitude it goes with the gondola up to the "Top of Innsbruck". With my discount code, you can use the train even cheaper – you get -10% – the pictures and how you drive cheaper here:

Autumn vacation with enjoyment

Why just an autumn holiday in the Karwendel?
In the fall there are many warm days in the Karwendelgebirge, where you can still make the most of the heat in the sunshine. On the southern slopes, the heat is particularly good and you can sit outside in front of the mountain pastures for lunch. The pleasure factor is high! – It can be increased in one of the traditional dishes: game from the Karwendel is on the menu at the Tyrolean taverns. And then relax in the sauna in the warm spa area? The Karwendel is known for its excellent wellness hotels!

–> I like the spa hotel well

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–> Here is a small overview of which hotels in Karwendel I like.

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