Whatsapp hack and spy on mobile phone does it work?

Whatsapp hacking

Spy the phone and hack Whatsapp? WhatsApp has its weaknesses when it comes to securing the message history of a user.

Although efforts are being made to avoid leaks in the future, it is still quite easy to divulge a user’s messages only with his phone number.

If you want to check a user’s history on WhatsApp, our app can help you do it in minutes.

Fortunately, your message history is just 3 easy steps away. That’s what you have to do:


Enter the WhatsApp phone number associated with your user.

data collection

Wait a moment for our app to get the necessary data from WhatsApp.

All done!

View and access the messages on the WhatsApp Index screen.

Having no access to your own WhatsApp messages or losing some of them is not a pleasant feeling.

Feeling. However, with our app you need not worry anymore. With just one phone number, you can hack into the WhatsApp database with the application and find the information you need.

Hack WhatsApp – How It Works

With billions of users per month on every continent, WhatsApp is currently the largest messaging app in the world. Anyone with a smartphone will sooner or later install WhatsApp, if not first. It is the popularity of the app that prompted Facebook to acquire it as one of its own top brands. The app was already a hit and seemed safe. WhatsApp hacking is often offered, but is it really??

But with its growing popularity and presence on virtually every smartphone, WhatsApp has also become a hugely attractive target for hackers. They just want to spy on WhatsApp. While the popular communications app can use the latest encryption technology, there are numerous loopholes that can be exploited by unauthorized parties to gain access to your private messages. Read here how you can protect against such often unnoticed interference with your privacy, so that your personal WhatsApp chats or outgoing messages can not be read.

Whatsapp spy without access to the target phone

Hacking WhatsApp and hacking computer systems like smartphones in general is punishable in most industrialized countries, but the number of cases is constantly increasing everywhere. The good news is that a potential attacker usually needs to get his or her victim’s smartphone for at least one or two minutes so he can read the news later. From this point of view, protecting yourself against hacker attacks on the smartphone is almost as easy: never leave your smartphone unattended and never put it in the hands of strangers! Caution: Even an access PIN can be bypassed! Hacking your phone is no longer hard these days!

The bad news is that with just one minute of physical access to your smartphone, someone can hack into WhatsApp without the need for a computer science degree. Special hacker software tools are not needed to spy on WhatsApp.

Hack phone to read news? That’s how it’s done!

In fact, a second smartphone is the only thing you need to hack your WhatsApp account. It does not even have to insert a SIM card and it works just as well with a tablet. All you need is an active internet connection via a WiFi network.

WhatsApp Hacking is not based on any special tricks or software bugs. Instead, hackers simply take advantage of the integral principles of the app itself. Unlike most similar applications, WhatsApp does not require a username or password to run. Instead, the connection is based on your phone number. And that’s the weak point of the system!

To hack WhatsApp, the hacker only needs to know your phone number. Then he only needs 1 minute of physical access to your smartphone – even if the smartphone is still locked! Even biometric fingerprint protection does not itch the hacker to unlock the smartphone! But how does it work on an Android device to spy WhatsApp?

Step 1

For a successful hacker attack WhatsApp should also be installed on the second smartphone. If the app is started there, the user will be asked for the phone number. Here the hacker enters the number of his victim! If necessary, he then waits until he has access to the Android phone for the specified minute.

step 2

The point of attack is the confirmation process initiated in step 1. The app now sends a text message to the specified number. If this does not work, an automatic phone call can be requested. The highlight: both text messages and automatic calls can be received from the victim’s smartphone even in the locked state, so that the confirmation takes place! Very few people make these special security settings on their smartphone that can prevent this!

step 3

If the confirmation via SMS or automatic call was successful, the hacker has basically already recorded the WhatsApp history including the victim’s messages! The good news is that as a victim, you can quickly spot the tampering: when you unlock your already-compromised smartphone, you will first be greeted with an error message that indicates that you are no longer logged in. Whether Android and iPhone or Windows Phone, a re-logger finally throws the hacker out, because WhatsApp can not be used on two different devices at the same time and under the same number and thus he could not hack WhatsApp, but then it is usually too late.

Mobile hack on Android and iPhone via WhatsApp Web

Using WhatsApp Web offers hackers another way to gain unauthorized access to your smartphone. In fact, this method is even more popular because it does not log the victim out of WhatsApp. Instead, hackers and victims use the same account.

Hackers especially prefer this method when it is their goal to regularly listen to the victims’ messages unnoticed. Such an eavesdropping can take weeks and months without you suspecting anything as a victim! However, the hacker will need 1 minute of physical access to your smartphone to read WhatsApp messages

Step 1

The hacker needs access to the target phone. This hacker attack only works with unlocked devices!

The hacker starts WhatsApp and calls up the app settings. One of the settings there concerns WhatsApp Web. When this option is selected, a QR code scanner will appear. The code can be scanned and gives the hacker access to the WhatsApp account! As simple as that!

Read WhatsApp methods without
access to the phone

Of course, the company behind WhatsApp invests a lot of money and energy in securing the service. Any hacking method that requires even the shortest physical access to the target device will most likely cause the hacker to be at least a casual acquaintance of the victim. After all, nobody leaves his smartphone alone with a complete stranger, right? If you add 1 and 1 now, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that these hacking methods are very popular, not least among jealous partners.

Without physical access to the target device, hacking WhatsApp is very difficult. Nevertheless, there are professional hackers who can handle it. Usually, however, they do not seek random casualties from the masses of users, but prefer directly more rewarding goals.

Guard against spying WhatsApp

For private traffic and other sensitive data exchange via smartphone or app, security must come first. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that people with unfair intentions detect small quirks and pitfalls in the software that can be misused for dubious purposes. But there is a little WhatsApp monitoring help. Fortunately, it is not that difficult for the average consumer to protect themselves. There is an important safety attitude that is often neglected. You can set the lock screen to allow no further interaction, such as reading incoming notifications, until the smartphone is unlocked.

But you should pay even more attention to the notifications that you receive from WhatsApp during normal operation. Did you just receive a confirmation message or confirmation request without initiating it yourself? Then there is good reason to believe that something is not completely kosher and WhatsApp has been hacked. If you suspect something like this, take a look at your phone’s call history. If you suddenly find an unknown number in it, this is another indication that someone has tried to hack your WhatsApp account, and probably does so successfully, to spy on your Whatsapp.

WhatsApp tries to limit such hacking attempts by, among other things, requiring newly registered users to wait at least one minute before they can start the verification process. If the confirmation message fails for any reason, you can request a confirmation call, but you must wait another minute. In practice, most amateur hackers can easily find out who‘s behind the attack on your WhatsApp account. Unless the attacker attacked the WhatsApp Web and deleted the message or invoked the confirmation process from the log.

Prevent spies from hacking WhatsApp –
with the two factor authentication!

Two Factor Authentication is one of the best security options for security conscious WhatsApp users. First, set a six-digit PIN that will be entered every time you change or update your smartphone when you first install WhatsApp, making hacking your phone almost impossible.

Step 1

Start WhatsApp.

step 2

Click the three-dot icon in the top right corner, open the menu, and then go to Settings.

step 3

A small dashboard will appear for your WhatsApp profile. Select the top dot to see some settings of your account.

Step 4

Choose the two-step verification.

Step 5

Enter your six-digit PIN code and confirm it. (The code must be exactly six digits.)

Step 6

Enter an e-mail address if you do not remember the PIN code and confirm it as well.

Although a two-step review is an excellent way to prevent hacking attempts through the registration process, it does not help you hack your cell phone.

Security tips against spying WhatsApp

Encrypting conversations

By default, WhatsApp encrypts all conversations between users. However, it has been a good practice to quickly review the security settings before exchanging sensitive information such as bank details or private confidential information.

If you started the conversation with a trusted contact, click the appropriate username in the window, then select Encryption. A QR code and a corresponding 40-digit character code will appear. Ask your conversation partner to scan the QR code and make sure everything is properly encrypted.

Turn on security alerts

If WhatsApp has just been installed on another smartphone, both contacts will receive a new security code. Most people do not even acknowledge this, but you can have WhatsApp automatically notify you when it’s time! Go back to your account settings, find the security button, and turn on security notifications!

Disable cloud backups

WhatsApp recommends that you back up your data to Google Drive or iCloud from time to time. So you can find their messages later. Please note that the backup data is not encrypted! We therefore recommend completely deactivating the backup function. If you have already backed up your messages, this can also be undone.

Protect your privacy

WhatsApp may seem safe, but all in all, this messenger app is not an example of data security! Fortunately, here are a few things you can do. It’s all about which functions are turned on and which are turned off. For example, you can set when, where, and to whom you want to see the most recent activity time, your profile picture, your live location, your status, and your profile information. You can also disable the Receive Notification feature so that no one can see if you have already read a message or not.

Beware of tricksters

Tricks are common in WhatsApp, so your WhatsApp can be hacked. In general, you should ignore users who are not already in your address book. Although there are countless different types of fraud, two types are very common: the Premium version type and the Account flow type. No matter what you say to them, WhatsApp is and remains totally free! Even if a possible contrary message should be 100% genuine, make sure you get the information you need and, if in doubt, always check to see if it really is on the ground!

Third-party applications

It’s obvious that PIN code and password alone are not enough to protect your WhatsApp account from attackers. So you can protect yourself if WhatsApp hacking is possible? If you have not made the exact security settings, it is easy for beginners to manipulate the system within 1 minute. However, there are some third-party applications, such as our mobile app, that makes your life easier by giving you additional password protection for applications


Overall, WhatsApp offers a lot of attack surface. But the good news is that you have some ways to make it safer and more user-friendly!

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