When do you need braces? Dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

When do you need braces? Dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

Adult dentistry

Up to what age braces can be used?

There are serious cases in which you can not correct crooked teeth or gaps with veneers or crowns. In some people, even the jaws are not in the right proportion to each other.

This can have a negative effect on the appearance: For example, if the chin is very far forward or if someone has so-called “roach teeth”. In such cases, only orthodontics can help. At what age is this possible?

Basically you can today at any age orthodontic regulations and many adults take that too. Only they do not like the clearly visible braces in the mouth. No problem!

Braces that are barely visible

With completely inside (ie on the palate side) lying bows, the teeth can be regulated, without that is visible from the outside. If the bows have to be mounted on the outside of the teeth, you can weaken the optical conspicuousness with transparent fastening parts (see photo above).

Another variant is the so-called Invisalign technique. These are transparent plastic films that you can put into your mouth when needed. They are designed to gently regulate the teeth gradually.

Medical reasons for dental regulations

In dental and jaw malpositions, there are often problems with the jaw joint and the jaw muscles. These can express themselves in TMJ cracking, frequent a headache, tension in neck, neck and shoulder to complete postural.

An orthodontic treatment can bring great improvements here: If the bite is right again, also the muscles and spine can return to normal.

If you feel that your teeth are not fitting together, or if you have tension and pain in the musculoskeletal system, you should have a dental check-up.

We can use simple tests to find out if your teeth should be regulated. If necessary, we refer you to a specialist dentist for orthodontics, who will advise you competently and treat you if necessary.

Questions and answers on adult orthodontics

Health insurance companies pay for orthodontic treatment (KFO) in adults?

Statutory health insurance companies reimburse orthodontic treatment only for adolescents up to the age of 18 years. Not in adults. For private health insurances reimbursement is possible if there is a medical necessity and if the agreed tariff provides for this.

How long does an adult orthodontic treatment take??

Unfortunately, this can not be answered flat rate, because every situation is different. The duration also depends on which treatment method is chosen and how the condition of your jawbone and teeth is.

Harms Orthodontics in Teeth?

Usually not. However, if teeth are damaged by periodontitis, they can be made even looser by orthodontics. The teeth must be checked, x-rayed and treated beforehand.

Not only the teeth, but also the gums have an influence on the good appearance of a mouth. On the next page you will learn why bleeding gums is a warning sign and how gum infections are treated.

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