When is it fever? (Health)

When is it fever? (Health)

When is it fever??

Hello says from when do you have a fever or already elevated temperature as an adult?

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You always talk about fever. But from when do you really have a fever, according to medicine. The following guidelines are given: at 25 ° C death due to hypothermia; up to 36.3 ° C lower temperature; 36.3 ° – 37.4 ° C normal temperature; 37.5 ° – 38.1 ° C elevated temperature; 38.1 ° -39.0 ° C mild fever; 39.1 ° – 39.9 ° C high fever; over 40 ° C very high fever and from 42.6 ° C death due to protein coagulation in the body. From these values ​​you can now always know whether you have a fever.

from 37 degrees upwards increased temperature, from 37.8 – 38 degrees fever (does not apply to children).

from 37 ° elevated temperature from 38 ° fever

Up to 37 is normal body temperature from 40-42 degrees it gets hot because our body consists of protein and similar to fried egg.

similar questions

A cold without a fever lasts longer?

I have had a cold for a few days but have no fever but only an elevated temperature (always fluctuates between 38.0 and 38.3). Does it mean that the cold lasts longer because I don’t have a fever? I have heard that this is the case and hope that is not true

When should an increased body temperature be lowered? ?

I had 39 fever this morning, in the afternoon the temperature dropped to 38.4. Now it is back to 39.2, now I am amazed that I am totally fit, since I am really depressed at the slightest increase. It’s been like this since yesterday.

Should I lower the fever?.

Just ask because I’m so insecure because I feel completely fit &# 128514;.

Thank you in advance.

I have an elevated temperature of 37.5?

I’ve always had a temperature of 37.5-37.6 for a month.

that’s a reason to worry ?

it is said that prolonged elevated temperature is a bad sign

the normal temperature is 37.3 my doctor said

When to give child antipyretic?

Hello, my little one (8) has had an elevated temperature – over 38 times less since yesterday – the body needs a fever to train its immune system —- from when do you give your kids longer chemical clubs (no temp. Specification) but leave it at that them a day or sen-"feverishly" Please read carefully – no moral apostles — because of that raven mother — :-)

What can I do if I have a fever in adults??

Had a 38.5 fever and after a Dolormin it went down to 38.0 so far. When should you go to the doctor and what else can you do about fever??

Should you let someone who has a fever sleep or wake him up to measure the temperature again?

"Just" increased temperature / no fever – still feel totally bad!

I am currently sitting on my bed and feel totally miserable – even sitting is incredibly exhausting, I am dizzy, I can not move my head properly because it then pulls completely, I have body aches and I am totally limp – all of this speaks for itself severe fever, but only have an elevated temperature, if any, even normal values ​​in between. (is not due to the thermometer, I tried 3 different ones)

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I always had a slightly elevated temperature, but I was still okay, but since I really sweated tonight, I feel totally bad. I took another measurement last night when I was on the threshold "correct" Fever: 38 degrees, I sweated a lot at night.

How can it be that today I feel so bad and totally after a fever, even though I only have a minimal fever? Could it be because you’re sweating so much? I’m already drinking hard by the water. (:

When will that be over? The day after tomorrow at the latest I have to be fit!

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