When to get pregnant overview of temperature slime method

Pregnancy is always a small miracle: not only do countless factors have to work together, but the timing has to be right too. After all, there is only one day left for fertilization. There are several ways to determine when you can get pregnant methods.

On average, couples wait about half a year for the desired pregnancy. The desire to have children relaxed and without time pressure tackling it has a positive impact on fertility. Nevertheless, many couples want to use a certain cheapest time and have the pregnancy come as soon as possible. The first step in finding out when to get pregnant is to do so, to recognize the fertile days.

Determine fertile days: when does ovulation take place?

The female cycle is in phases. Fertilization can only be done in the ovulatory occur. This starts ovulating and lasts for about a day on. At this point, the woman’s egg cell is ready for fertilization and has already migrated from the ovary into the fallopian tube. The cervix is ​​permeable so that sperm can pass through and fertilize the egg. This phase is usually 10 to 14 days before the next menstruation begins.

With a regular cycle, gynecologists tend to assume 14 days. However, the cycle can vary from woman to woman. The fertile days (ergo: the days on which a woman can become pregnant) can be narrowed down based on the previous cycle lengths.

  • With a cycle length of 26 days, ovulation falls on the 12th to 16th day.
  • With a cycle length of 30 days, ovulation falls on the 16th to 20th day.

While the female egg cell can be fertilized for only 12 to 24 hours Sperm three to five days survive in the woman’s body. So if you want to get pregnant, that’s it Best time to have sex during ovulation or a few days before. However, ovulation can only be roughly limited using a calendar. You can get more precise information about when you can get pregnant with the slimy method and the measurement of body temperature.

Determine fertile days to become pregnant with the slimming method

The body produces the so-called in the womb during the female cycle cervical mucus. It seals the cervix and protects the uterine cavity from bacteria that could rise from the vagina.

The remains from the last cycle are only excreted with the menstrual period. In the days that followed, very little mucus was initially produced, and the ovaries of the cervix started producing again after ovulation. Before ovulation, the cervical mucus has a whitish-yellow color and is quite viscous.

Shortly before ovulation, mucus production increases, the cervical mucus becomes fluid and transparent. This change is important, so that the sperm can reach the egg through the cervix.

But how can women use the mucus method to find out whether she is pregnant? Quite simply: With one finger, women can remove some mucus from the vaginal entrance and use it to check which phase of the cycle she is in. Around ovulation, the mucus is more fluid, crystal clear and "spinnable", which means that it pulls threads between two fingers. This is a sign of fertile days.

Get pregnant using the temperature method

The temperature method provides more precise information about when you can get pregnant. The basal body temperature documented by the woman. It is meant Body temperature immediately after waking up in the morning. The measurement is always carried out at the same time at the same place: under the tongue, in the vagina or in the rectum.

For many women, that falls temperature shortly before ovulation and then gradually increases again. However, the temperature rise is more important for determining the fertile days. A rise in temperature is mentioned when the measurement is taken over three consecutive days at least 0.2 degrees Celsius higher is the highest value in the previous six days. Ovulation coincides with the time the temperature rises. From the third day of a higher basal body temperature, the woman is no longer fertile in this cycle and could therefore only become pregnant in the next cycle.

How reliably ovulation can be determined?

The temperature method is very reliable if it is carried out in a disciplined and precise manner, but there are factors that distort the results:

  • alcohol consumption,
  • Medication and
  • upcoming colds

can also lead to an increase in temperature. This may incorrectly assume an infertile phase or ovulation too soon. It is therefore sensible that Temperature and the slime method to combine.
In addition, there are now technical aids that have made it easier to recognize the fertile days of becoming pregnant. Hormone computers, for example, measure the concentration of luteinizing hormone in the urine. This hormone is increasingly released in the first half of the cycle to trigger ovulation. However, the forecasts of the hormone computer are adulterated by drugs such as psychotropic drugs or antibiotics.


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