Where are the best dentists in the world? (Medicine, doctor, pain)

Where are the best dentists in the world? (Medicine, doctor, pain)

Where are the best dentists in the world?

I just read that German dentists have a bad reputation internationally. Probably like to pull healthy canines and such.

But which country has the best dentists?

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it is probably not the country that is decisive, but the competence of the dentist concerned. you can rivet anywhere or find luminaries .

I also think that the United States dentists are not necessarily the best. they like to make crowns quickly and wherever fillings are still used in europe

I think you can never say that exactly. Every country has surely good dentists, after all a dentist is studying his area of ​​expertise. But I think that the best dentists in the USA are celebrity dentists who serve the rich and beautiful.

In Germany you can look for ratings on the Jameda.de rating portal.

As far as I know, Germans have a good reputation, because many German dentists go abroad, so we have foreign dentists who are not so good.

My dentist is very good.

they are spread all over the world

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