Where to go on family vacation? Our tips for you

Family vacation wherever

Family vacation where? – Our tips for a vacation with children

Family vacation spring? Family vacation autumn?
If you are not yet dependent on school holidays, it is worth going on a family vacation outside of these core times. On the one hand, there is much less going on in family hotels and holiday apartments outside of school holidays and the holiday resorts are less crowded. On the other hand, the price is also lower. So you can go on holiday longer with the same holiday budget or book a better hotel. The sun and the beautiful weather do not stick to vacation times! It is often nice and warm in spring, while there are some rainy days in August.

Family vacation wherever at Easter and Pentecost

It is also not so hot in spring and autumn. For smaller children, these temperatures are much more pleasant than 35 degrees. We parents are also more happy: the cycle of the little ones is stressed less. They cry less and are happier. This is also vacation for us parents.

Our tips for Easter holidays with children and a Pentecost holiday

TIP Family vacation: Feel the nature when you wake up in spring. The blooming meadows and the fresh green are particularly relaxing. And on a family vacation in autumn there is also the special attraction of nature with the colorful play of colors.

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Family vacation – our Austria tips: The Almlust

Great travel destinations in Austria
Holidays with children in Austria are very popular. The range of destinations for family vacations is huge and there are many different activities and opportunities. It is therefore difficult to find the right destination as a family. And then there are different demands within the family. Some want a sporty family vacation, while the kids want excitement and entertainment.

And what do dad and mom actually want? – Maybe enjoy nature a bit and go hiking with the kids? Or even have the opportunity for the children to use the childcare program in the family hotel and enjoy a little time together. Maybe even in a family hotel with wellness or in a rustic alpine village like the Almlust?

-> Here are our tips for family holidays in Austria

Family vacation somewhere in Germany

Family vacation Germany
Because of the usually shorter journey, family vacation Germany is a big topic. More and more hotels in Germany are also geared to the needs of families with children. If you appreciate the nature of the mountains, the Bavarian Forest area is an option. Family holidays on the beach are becoming increasingly popular in Germany with a family holiday on the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea with children: There are also some recommendable family hotels here. All in all, the family hotels in Austria are usually even better prepared for holidays with children. Finding an apartment for a vacation with children is no problem. We enjoyed that very much in Rügen with children and Usedom with children!

Family vacation on the Baltic Sea

Our overnight stay at the castle was unique and very affordable. We stayed with the children in the JUFA Hotel in Kronach. The huge fortress towers over the city and modern family rooms have been built into the medieval walls. We recommend! Here are the pictures from JUFA Kronach.

Our ideas for family holidays in Germany

  • Jufa Kronach with children

  • In the old town of Kronach

Where to go south with kids?

Family vacation Greece
Sandy beaches, sandy beaches, sandy beaches – the Greek island of the Cyclades is blessed with this and with many of the spherical white churches. The islands of Milos and Paros in particular have many beautiful beaches for a family holiday in Greece. Many of the beaches are so impressive in terms of landscape that they are definitely recommended as a day trip and sight with children, in addition to the bathing experience. The islands can be reached by ferry and plane from Athens, so you can also use your stay for a short visit to the city of Athens. Here are our first-hand tips: Family vacation Greece

Where to go for a cheap ski vacation with children?

Ski vacation with children
Where to go for a family vacation in winter? Especially in winter there is the question of the right goal with children. After all, in winter you don’t spend the whole day outdoors, you are more indoors. The destination and the accommodation should fit there. And what do you do with children on a winter vacation? Let’s go skiing with the kids?

We’ll show you where there are attractive ski areas for children. Or are you looking for a quiet family hotel in the mountains to enjoy the winter landscape while the children learn to ski with other children? – There are regions that are fully geared towards children’s ski courses and child-friendly skiing holidays.

There are now many offers for family vacations. Everything sounds good in the brochures, but what is it really like? Here you can find out firsthand in our travel reports what it really was like on a family vacation in family hotels and family regions.

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