Where to on the weekend? Tips and ideas

Reading time: 2 minutes The sun is shining and the wanderlust is picking up again. Fortunately, the weekend is just around the corner. But where do you go on weekends? Two days on to those there is the right kind of relaxation for everyone – how it works.

Where to go on the weekend? A little short trip guide

Last weekend! Where are you going?

Many people use the weekend to escape their own four walls for a short time and to get a breath of fresh air. But what if there is no creativity and Not you know where to go next weekend? Don’t panic, designing a perfect weekend is easier than you think.

Family visits on weekends

The classic among weekend trips are family visits. If you don’t know where to go on weekends, visit your dear relatives. The grandparents are always happy to have a visit. With delicious cakes and a colorful bouquet of flowers, you are guaranteed to be a welcome guest at the weekend.

Weekend: time for common activities

What often fades into the background during the hectic work week can finally be lived out at the weekend: do something together with your partner or your children. A sporty bike tour followed by a picnic, an entertaining mini golf competition followed by ice cream, or a brisk hike through the green spring forests. There are opportunities like sand by the sea.

For some, the sea is not very far either. Go to the Baltic Sea for two days. Here you can experience wonderful walks on the beach or let yourself be pampered in a wellness hotel. A visit to a delicious fish restaurant rounds off the weekend getaway.

Where to go on the weekend? The most extraordinary ideas

Plan something completely different with your loved ones for the next weekend. Where you go then is of course up to you. Maybe the following list of special weekend activities will inspire you:

  • Adventurous cave excursion: in the footsteps of the bats
  • Gathering mushrooms with the local hunter: Cooking together ensures a happy ending
  • Something new to learn: Find out about language or computer courses, for example
  • Joint gardening campaign: Make your garden fit for spring
  • Let the balls roll: A bowling alley is well received by everyone
  • Spring cleaning: clear out your closet and your basement
  • Only flying is better: Drive to an airport and dream of your next vacation

The weekend is unfortunately always very short. Wherever you go, remember that, that You will also find time to relax. Because the weekend is always over faster than you’d like. You can start the working week with full enthusiasm and look forward to another great weekend. Where to go this time?

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