Where’s mommy by axel scheffler and julia donaldson

Good evening dear ones,

have you already read the bedtime? What was read out today??
Maybe something of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler?

In any case, the duo is always very popular with us!

And I noticed that I still had far too few books of the two on my blog. I love this team of authors and illustrators with their very special books full of Rhyme and the ingenious drawings!
So I have to change that directly!

I was quite shocked that I hadn’t yet blogged one of our favorite children’s books by the Gruffalo and Superworm duo Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Oh dear, dear – it could only happen to me? &# 128512;

I was able to read it to Ella over and over again for months. No other book. Only this!
I’ve read it so many times that I know it by heart – and yet I love it! ♥
This is the case with most Scheffler-Donaldson books!
And do you know what? The children also learn to reproduce the content of books 1 to 1 very quickly. It is always very remarkable how they suddenly sit in front of you with these children’s books and "read it out"!

Where’s mom?

Published is this Picture book already 2006 in the Beltz & Gelberg publishing house.
On 12 beautifully illustrated double pages you experience an exciting, funny and surprising story in which a monkey wonders "Where’s Mommy?".

Fortunately, a butterfly flutters by and promptly offers to help. It can’t be that hard to find the monkey’s mummy!

But what does it look like? Is it big or small? Does she have legs? Does she live on trees? Questions after questions.
And somehow the butterfly just doesn’t seem to understand.

So they end up with some animals that are definitely not the monkey’s mom!
Snake, elephant, parrot, spider …

What is wrong with the butterfly??

Does he have tomatoes on his eyes? It is clear that his mommy must look like him! The little monkey is about to despair. But then the two find their mistake together and we all learn: Communication and "not making conclusions about yourself" is very, very important! Even when helping!

Where’s mommy is wonderfully written or written, with great rhymes! It is also superbly illustrated, as we are used to from Axel Scheffler. A story with one Aha moment of the extra class!
Mum and dad will smile here too, because the twist of the story is so cute and well thought out that I was simply amazed when I read it out for the first time. Even after the 100th time, this book doesn’t get boring or too much for me!
Little friends of books from 1 1/2 years are already listening to this book with great interest and interest and love all the colorful ones pictures and drawings of the animals!
The Board book edition I can therefore highly recommend it to everyone &# 128578;


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