Which car suits you better: buying a diesel or a gasoline engine??

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Which form of propulsion is chosen does not always have anything to do with the purely technical side of things. on the one hand, the diesel has been the focus of public attention for many years, it is dubbed a "climate killer" and is discredited. On the other hand, the choice between diesel or gasoline also has a clear financial impact. Diesel vehicles are usually a bit more expensive, at the same time the fuel type taxed lower. Petrol cars on the other hand are a bit cheaper, at least when it comes to new cars.

Ecary.De shows the similarities and differences to answer the question: "buy diesel or gasoline? What is more worthwhile?". Let’s go!

gasoline-powered vehicles in germany: registration statistics provide clarity

It is clear that gasoline engines are by far one of the most popular types of engines. 2019 are about 31 million. vehicles in germany belong to this category, whereas only 15 million. diesels were registered. The number of diesels is stagnating, while gasoline engines and hybrid and electric vehicles in particular have increased. So that we have a basis for comparison, let’s first work out the advantages of diesel and gasoline drives.

  • Diesel

Diesel powered vehicles are generally considered to be more "economical, because they are more economical in consumption and the fuel is also subsidized. Also in terms of the CO2 emissions the diesel can score points, because according to individual studies it regularly underperforms gasoline-powered vehicles. However, more soot and other pollutants will be emitted, which will result in higher vehicle taxes.

Purely practically, a diesel can be considered more powerful, since the torque due to compressors (or turbochargers) is significantly higher. Especially with driving in the low speed range shows up in an overall "smoother" ride. In winter, however, it takes longer for the diesel to reach the necessary operating temperature.

  • gasoline

Gasoline-powered vehicles can be recognized by the fact that they are regularly noticeably cheaper to buy than their diesel counterparts. For many years, there has been increased investment in optimization, which means that the advantages of the diesel in terms of fuel consumption are steadily dwindling. The longer the driving distances, the smaller the differences are. The CO2 emissions are higher.

A gasoline engine comes quickly at "operating temperature, can therefore be used more easily, especially for shorter trips. the government subsidizes gasoline engines through lower car taxes, and the same is true for insurance premiums. However, the efficiency of a gasoline-powered vehicle is generally considered to be less pronounced, so fuel consumption is higher – while at the same time higher price per liter. in addition, there is more condensation in the exhaust system, which makes small-meshed check-ups necessary due to the risk of rusting.

Which car suits you better: buying a diesel or a gasoline engine??

Buying a diesel or a gasoline engine: a question of faith? Rather not!

You decide for yourself which type of drive you would like to have. However, there are clear recommendations depending on the amount of use, which we at ecary.De can pronounce here. After all, it always depends on the total costs over the running time. So the sum of purchase costs, taxes and insurance as well as the consumption and maintenance costs.

  • For higher mileage: go for a diesel rather than a gasoline engine

Diesel vehicles are more economical in terms of fuel consumption, which is particularly evident when driving longer distances on a regular basis. This is due to the better efficiency of the diesel drive, you can assume about 1/8 more energy in a liter consumption. So you get the same performance in relation to a gasoline car with use of the diesel car "cheaper".

  • For the small budget: better choose the gasoline engine

You want to get on the road easily, comfortably and relatively cheaply? Possibly even for small trips close to town? Then you should rather consider a gasoline engine, because the lower purchase price is not counteracted by the higher fuel costs.

  • Loss of value? A question of model and drive

The discussion about the future of diesel, especially in connection with driving bans, has led to certain price reductions for diesel vehicles. It is not quite clear or. Uncertain where exactly the journey will go. If you currently want to buy a diesel, you are definitely better off this way. However, purely from the point of view of value retention, gasoline vehicles are more advantageous, as their depreciation is lower.

Buying a diesel or a gasoline engine? Critically examine your own usage behavior

The car has to be right for you, not only in terms of fuel consumption, but also in terms of type and body. If you use the car more practically and drive it a lot, you might be better off with a diesel. The car needs a little more "maintenance", so just getting in and driving off would be more of a payback. A gasoline engine is ideal for short distances, as it is less expensive and has a better overall mileage.

Tip: first have a look with an open mind and then compare the models in question in more detail. So do not exclude any type of drive in principle. This gives you more options to decide later on whether to buy a gasoline or a diesel car. Use the ecary search engine, we will find the right car for you all over germany!

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