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Which iPhone Holder for Jogging: Our Top Favorites

Last revised 29 June 2019

Whether for new iPhone Xs, Xs Max, XR, X, 8, 7, 6 / 6s, SE or a older model, a good and secure iPhone holder for jogging is an important accessory. Which models are among the most popular?

Because it is definitely more pleasant if you keep your iPhone safe and comfortable during the sporting activity Attach arm can. Thus, one has his hands free while jogging and prevented so that one has to hold his iPhone in sweaty fingers.

Best universal iPhone mounts for the sport

1. Bovon Universal Mount for iPhone Xr, Xs, X

Very practically and simple in the handling Do this sports mount for the iPhone Models Xr, Xs, X good services to one good price / performance ratio.

The bracelet will over velcro fastener closed and therefore fits for narrow wrists or arms without problems.

After that just that iPhone in the elastic silicone loops lay and already it is safe on the bracelet fixed. It can then if necessary even order Turned 180 degrees become.

That’s the way to be iPhone display while jogging very well in the view, It can turn as needed and quickly lose weight again.

2. Universal Mount for iPhone X, Xr, Xs, 8, 7, 6 / 6s, 5, SE

This iPhone Universal mount for jogging or any other sporting activity is off soft lycra material and will for different arm circumferences offered.

Just the Measure the circumference of his upper arm and the appropriate size to order.

After that it will be running bracelet on the arm pulled up until it stops and that iPhone in the corresponding bag pushed.

The only disadvantage in the system that is that display Not right in view has, that’s why iPhone good, though protected in the opening of the bracelet.

2. Quad Lock Universal Bracket for all iPhone models

The Quad Lock Sport Armband is with all iPhone or all Smartphone model compatible. Because that Sport Armband can be used in conjunction with a Universal adapter For all smartphone models quite easy to use and keeps moreover bombproof on the arm.

requirement so that the iPhone or smartphone can also be attached to the sports bracelet or turned up, however, is the additional use of the small one Quad Lock Universal Adapters .

Of the Universal adapter becomes easy either on the Back of the smartphone or on the Back of a smartphone case (smooth surface) glued. It is better not to stick the adapter directly on the smartphone, because it holds very well and can not be easily removed. Therefore, it is better to attach the adapter to a hard and smooth surface (no silicone) and then snap it into the strap.

Best iPhone 8,7, 6, 6s, SE mounts for the sport

1. QuadLock Run Kit iPhone 8, 7

The Quad Lock Kit certainly appeals to everyone qualitatively quality and durable Version of a iPhone 7 and 8 bracket to the to jog or for sports use.

The Kit includes a thin and yet robust iPhone shell which with the iPhone 7 as well as 8 compatible is.

behind on the thin one shell is located adapter with which one Case with iPhone with a Click and turn on the bracelet fix can.

So fast like the iPhone attached to the jogging bracelet was, so fast you can easily do it again if necessary lose weight.

The running bracelet will over velcro fastener closed and holds bombproof on the arm. The Size is adjustable, it fit also for very thin arms good and does not slip.

The case can be used as an everyday cover despite the adapter on the back. But who wants to put them on the iPhone 7 or 8 only when he starts to sport.

The iPhone 7 or 8 can – once attached to the bracelet – when needed Rotated 360 degrees become. The interesting one Quad Lock is also that all systems among themselves compatible are.

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