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What natural cosmetics help with couperose?

Last revised 29 June 2019

Anyone who suffers from a couperose skin knows how exhausting it can be to get a grip on the complexion or calm it down. It is not so easy to find the right care program for the special needs of the skin.

But why not try something with products from natural cosmetics? From personal experience I can only say that my Rosacea skin has been in contact with natural cosmetics for more than 20 years and the success can be felt and seen on the skin. Since then, my skin looks much better and more balanced.

However, there is no patent solution here, too. a single cream that works wonders is hard to find. In addition, every skin is as complex and as different as the human being associated with it. Therefore, try it out and see which products are good for your skin. After all, stress, certain foods, alcohol and cigarette consumption can also cause couperose.

Nevertheless, one can oppose the annoying Rosacea also and especially in the natural cosmetics quite something. Of course, it depends heavily on the expression of these, but the chance that one manages to soothe the skin with a product from natural cosmetics very high.

Calming the couperose starts with the cleansing

A gentle cleansing is the absolute most important basis for a beautiful and balanced complexion; This is often forgotten or overlooked. Because without a thorough and at the same time very gentle cleansing, the following care can develop its effect much less well.

Especially for a skin that suffers from rosacea and thus usually very sensitive to just about anything you do what you apply, a gentle cleansing is a very important basis.

For example, peels and abrasive cleansing products are absolutely taboo. They only irritate the skin even more and, in the worst case, even attack the skin’s hydrolipid coat. The result is even more redness and capillaries and too dry skin.

In addition to a gentle cleaning product but also the use of washcloths, cotton pads, sponge, facial brush, etc. plays a crucial role. Because it is extremely important for a skin with couperose that the cleansing is gently massaged in and gently removed from the skin or washed off.

Cotton pads and washcloths often irritate the skin additionally! Soft face sponges are an ideal alternative here. It can also be used longer and cleaned from time to time in boiling water.

Gentle facial cleansing as a base

All the products presented below are mutually used by myself. All products are vegan, contain organic ingredients and of course are free from any potentially harmful ingredients. Even animal experiments are strictly rejected in natural cosmetics.

SantaVerde Aloe Vera cleansing emulsion

The cleansing emulsion is especially suitable for dry, sensitive and slightly more mature skins. The emulsion is made on the basis of aloe vera juice. Apple juice as well as oils from coconut and sesame with a moisturizing effect help to cleanse the skin gently and yet thoroughly.

The hydro lipid coat of the skin is not attacked. Thus, you have no feeling of tightness on the skin even after cleaning. The emulsion has a soothing effect and also makes it possible to remove make-up from the pores. The skin is petted after cleaning.

Cleansing Milk Dr.Hauschka

The cleansing milk from Dr.Hauschka cleans gently, yet deep in the pores. With her make-up can be removed very well. It does not attack the skin’s hydrolipid, soothes the skin and leaves skin that neither tenses nor burns. Because the secret of the products is u.a. in the use of medicinal plants from the in-house biodynamic garden as well as over forty years of experience in the production of natural cosmetics.

Spread the cleansing milk gently on your moisturized face and remove with lukewarm water and preferably a facial sponge.

The product is enough for an application of about 5 months.

Dr.Hauschka washing cream

The washing cream is one of the pioneering products from Dr.Hauschka or WALA. The washing cream has the property that it cleans very deep pore-deep, while it is very gentle on the skin. It is also based on medicinal plants and has a soothing effect on the skin. However, the cream is not suitable for removing make-up, but should only be applied after make-up removal.

The washing cream leaves a very pleasant feeling on the skin. Again, the skin does not stretch or burn at all. The cream leaves a very slight moisture film on the skin. It does not dry out the skin but helps it regenerate better and compensate.

The application of the washing cream is as follows:

Put about 2 cm of the washing paste in your hand and then mix with a little water to a “porridge” before spreading it over the face and gently working it in with your hands.

Watch out: Do not rub or rub! Only press with your hands on the face and then wash under running lukewarm water.

Really important when using the washing cream is that you – once on the wet face – gently pressed with your hands on the skin and this repeated about 30 to 60 seconds. Only then can she develop her pore-deep cleansing and at the same time stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate these accumulated toxins.

Regular use of the washing cream actually creates a visibly more balanced skin appearance. Anyone who has started with it and uses the paste correctly would not want to miss it any time soon.

The product is sufficient for approx. 6 – 8 weeks application.

Lavera 2in1 Cleansing Milk

The 2in1 Cleansing Milk from Lavera can also work very well for a rosacea skin. It cleans pore-deep and can also be used for make-up removal. Apply to the damp face, massage in gently and gently remove with a facial sponge. The skin does not stretch after cleansing and feels good. Make-up can be removed well with the cleansing milk.

A soothing tonic after cleansing

Dr.Hauschka facial tonic

A product that has accompanied me for almost 15 years in almost all living and skin conditions is the Dr.Hauschka facial tonic. It is one of the products I would take to a desert island.

The tonic has the property that it moisturizes without having a greasy effect on the skin, it also calms the skin very well and at the same time helps to balance itself. Especially for sensitive skin, the tonic is very well suited. In addition, it also has a vitalizing effect on the skin.

Even against sunburn, the tonic can perform very well. A rapid decrease in redness is possible through the facial tonic.

The tonic is sprayed on the skin in the morning and evening after cleansing and gently incorporated with the hands. Thereafter, the day care or night care is applied. The tonic can also be used alone as a non-greasy and soothing night cream.

If you suffer from rosacea as well as unclean skin, you can use the variant clarifying facial tonic instead of the facial tonic. In addition to an invigorating, soothing and moisturizing property, it also has an anti-septic, i. has a slightly disinfecting effect on the skin.

Skin calming day care

MeraSan: soothing day cream based on healing chalk, perfume-free

A extremely positive experience I have also done with this day cream. The North German companies offers small but very high quality range on Natural cosmetic products on. It will strict on sustainability respected and the most Products are vegan.

The vegan MeraSan Day Cream is on Base of the Rügen healing chalk produced. This chalk also helps with eczema on the skin very well and has many other great properties for the body and skin.

The cream is beautiful rich and Nevertheless wonderfully easy in your consistency. You completely odorless, leaves on instant fresh and especially calming feeling on the skin. Through her slight consistency attracts she Well and fast on; you just have to massage them in a little bit.

Just a sensitive one Couperose skin will from this cream really good calmed down; I could do this experience after a short period of use. The vanishing cream can also be problem-free as night care Apply as you in spite of of their richness no greasy film on the skin leaves.

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