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Which natural cosmetics eyelash serum is good?

Last revised 20 July 2019

Which is the best eyelash serum from the natural cosmetics? Is a eyelash booster without hormones, vegan and based on natural ingredients as good as its competitors from conventional cosmetics? Become Eyelashes really longer and the Eyebrows more dense?

Who does not dream of beautiful dense and long eyelashes as well as beautiful dense eyebrows? But what do I do if my eyelashes fail, do not want to grow anymore or just do not grow back as well as they used to? Right here you can Eyelash serum perform very well to give our eyes a little more beauty back.

Thankfully, there are also in the natural cosmetics great products which can do it Growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. The whole thing based on natural ingredients and without the use of hormones and other harmful substances.

In addition, the products are vegan and natural without animal experiments! So it’s worth taking a look.

Which natural cosmetics eyelash serum pleases well? Our top favorites

1. Junglück eyelash serum

The serum comes from the German natural cosmetics house Junglück. The serum is vegan, without hormones or other harmful ingredients and convinced through his efficiency.

The serum withstand yourself very well also with one delicate eye area. It is enough if it used once a day becomes. It is recommended that serum in the evening before bedtime apply so that it can unfold its full effect at night.

You can actually see it already about 8 – 10 weeks a first positive change on eyelashes and eyebrows.

The serum if necessary also in the Set of 3 or 4 be acquired. In the container are 4ml, that’s enough for one application from approx. 6 to max. 8 weeks. In addition, the serum is also ophthalmically tested.

Also the cosmetics brand Junglück waived completely on animal experiments as well as any harmful ingredients. The products are all vegan. In addition, at the company sustainability and the commitment to social projects written in capital letters.


I have this eyelash serum von Junglück has been in action for over a month and does not want to miss it anymore. Especially with mine eyebrows do I have a very positive change seen. These just did not grow after I got an eyebrow tattoo (permanent make-up) many years ago. However, after the tattoo had faded, the natural hair growth was unfortunately or was only extremely sparsely recognizable.

Thanks to the use of a eyelash serum I could mine eyebrows again to to grow bring. However it needs some patience. A first visible Result was pretty accurate after 10 weeks available. But patience was not only worth it for the eyebrows, also the eyelashes are now poet, something longer and well-kept. moreover fall she with me too Not more out.

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