Which shoes are best for day-care sports?

When the little ones go to kindergarten (or kindergarten), they often do sports there. When it comes to clothing, a t-shirt and training or tights are usually sufficient, as the sport usually only takes place indoors. It’s a little different with the shoes.

Important: Please contact your daycare center and ask which shoes Your child to Should wear physical education. It would of course be best if the child was active barefoot or at most with slip socks. Some daycare centers and kindergartens insist on sturdy shoes.

Hall sneakers

Our daycare center is one of those, for example, which is why we cannot avoid buying additional sneakers (which are used at most once a week).

So we searched, compared and exchanged ideas. The future footwear should then have the following criteria for us:

  • The shoes should be light and breathable.
  • The sole should be pleasantly soft and non-slip.
  • A Velcro fastener should be available for easy locking.
  • Even if not so important, the sneaker should look so cool that you would wear it yourself.
  • Tip: It is best to try it on in the shop and let the little athlete sprint through the shop and make his own decision.

Our choice for gymnastics in kindergarten – the Puma Cabana Racer

That’s exactly what we did and our choice fell on the Puma (unisex kids) Cabana Racer. We have not regretted the purchase, on the contrary. Children have this habit of growing so quickly, which is why we now have the second pair. Since we and especially our daughter are very satisfied with the We didn’t have to run into the shoe store a second time and were able to order it online. It is currently even significantly reduced on Amazon.

Find the right size

Size is always such a thing. For a rough orientation, here are a few numbers. My daughter is currently 6 years old, her feet are about 19 cm long and the shoe is size 30.

This gives your toes enough space in front and the shoe fits well and can still be used for a few months.

Gym shoes / slippers Turn

If it does not have to be a sneaker, you can also fall back on classic gym shoes. Basically, these are stockings with a somewhat firmer and non-slip sole. You can hardly get any closer to the feeling of walking barefoot with shoes.

Our daughter is still dancing outside the daycare and we buy these shoes for that. They are relatively cheap in the usual shoe stores or of course online.

gym bag

While we’re at it. T-shirts, pants, shoes and possibly a drinking bottle (and cable ties) also need to be stowed away professionally.

You can keep it simple and stuff everything in one bag. We were lucky and unexpectedly received a backpack, the “Lässig Mini Backpack”.

This backpack is not just nice, but also practical, since it has two compartments. A large main compartment for clothes, water bottle and possibly a small snack. Including a second compartment for the shoes.

Of course, the sweat formation in small children is manageable and since the sport mostly takes place in the hall, the sole does not get dirty either. But that’s a little more hygienic and everything has its place.

It is also large enough, which is why it can be used for a few years.


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