Which stroller to buy? What you should pay attention to when buying

The time before the baby is born is probably one of the most exciting times for Boy Parents. The anticipation is great and especially in the last months before birth one realizes that there are still a few things to prepare for the arrival of the new family member. A stroller is usually part of these purchases. Therefore, in this article we want to deal with the question of what you should pay particular attention to when buying a new stroller.

Knorr Baby combi stroller

Because there are now numerous different types and designs and you can quickly lose track of them.

But that’s what they have us for. We test strollers any color and choose our test winners every year. Therefore, we also know which stroller you should buy.

New strollers constantly on the market

Because of course there are always new models on the market and we also have to be careful to stay up to date. An example of this is the increase in the number of so-called Designer strollers.

When using this stroller, almost more value is placed on the appearance than on the functionality. We can only say: do not be tempted by a model only to buy because of its appearance! The most important thing is that your baby drives safely and has a pleasant experience in his car from six months onwards.

Functionality before design when buying

Because it does not help you if your design stroller looks great but turns out to be relatively unsuitable in practice. Of course there are models in this category that are really excellent, but if the design is more important than the function, then some strange creations come out.

The parents’ individual preferences

Many fathers always think: I’m going to go and buy a stroller! What should be so difficult about it? At the latest in the children’s equipment shop or in the online shop, they are astonished to find that there are thousands of prams. And unfortunately in all possible types and categories. Then they quickly no longer know exactly which one to buy.

Combi, buggy or a tricycle stroller?

Maybe a buggy after all?

From combination strollers to buggies to joggers and designer strollers, everything is included.

Removable baby seat or not, Interchangeability of the attachment, for example, to be able to take a seated posture later, for example in combination prams, or not?

Or should it be the classic with which you can transport the baby lying down until the sixth month.

All of this has to be decided and at the latest it gets confusing.

Therefore there are some questions to be clarified before buying:

Purchase criterion 1: On which surface will you be most often outside (concrete, forest floor or maybe cobblestone)?

Pay attention to maturity when buying!

In this case, you have to make sure that the tires and suspension of the stroller are adjusted accordingly. If you are driving on bumpy ground, large pneumatic tires with good suspension are recommended. If, on the other hand, you are only on concrete roads, which we would not recommend, you do not need good suspension or large pneumatic tires.

Purchase criterion 2: Do you want to go jogging with your toddler later??

Here the is recommended so-called tricycle strollers, also called jogger. These models have very large pneumatic tires, three wheels for better maneuverability and speed and very good suspension systems so that they can go jogging with their toddler even on uneven forest surfaces.

Purchase criterion 3: What accessories does the stroller offer??

Accessories: shopping bag integrated

At the beginning you don’t worry about it, but at the latest when you are in the supermarket with two shopping bags on the right and left you wonder how you should do it all. The bag in the left hand, the shopping in the right hand and the stroller in between. Now it’s getting tricky!

Therefore, when buying, make sure that integrated a shopping bag is. Or at least there is the possibility to hang one on the car. However, we recommend the integrated shopping bags because in practice they are much easier to handle.

Buying criterion 4: how heavy is the model?

Also a fact about which you do not worry much at the beginning. At the latest when you have folded your animal-heavy pram for the tenth time and have to haul it into the car, every young mother is annoyed.

Because if the model is too heavy, this is a very annoying task and especially with young mothers, no heavy loads should occur.

That is why they always make sure when buying that the trolley is as light as possible (aluminum frame) and can be easily lifted up!

Buy the car online, then take a look at the weight and we recommend that you go to a specialty outfitter and try it out for yourself just how heavy the car is.

Because it is clear: for the man it is not a problem, but for the woman it is something else. If you still have a small car and have to put it in exactly, then every kilogram of extra weight is a problem.

Purchase criterion 5: collapsibility and compactness

Another point that you should definitely pay attention to: how easy it is to fold and unfold the stroller. Because you will have to do this a couple of times a day and it becomes extremely annoying in the long run if it is difficult to fold up and open.

The easier it is, the better. Ultimately, they can only try it out in the store. Once you have found your model, you can still order it cheaper online. Doesn’t like a dealer, but young families in particular simply have no money to give away. Because most of the time, the pram models are much cheaper on the Internet than at specialist retailers, at least in our experience.

Purchase criterion 6: sun protection and rain device

At the very beginning, you have to protect your baby and toddler from excessive sunlight! Then it is important to have an easily mountable sun device. Make sure that it is easy to attach and easy to remove.

It is also advantageous here that you have a pocket on the stroller in which you can easily take the sun protection with you. The same applies to the rain device: it should be easy to assemble and easy to remove again. If both are the case, it is excellent. If not then keep your hands off the stroller.

Purchase criterion 7: breathable fabrics

Breathable fabrics in the pram model are extremely important for the well-being of your baby and later your toddler. Depending on the temperature, your child may not sweat too much and of course not freeze.

Therefore, the processing in the tub should be designed with breathable fabrics so that there are no problems. If the information is not available, you can assume that it is not. Any brand manufacturer who has installed breathable fabrics will definitely point this out. If he doesn’t, then you can assume that savings have been made here, and of course this is also the case with very cheap prams.

In addition, we have found that the quality of these breathable fabrics generally improves significantly as the price increases. Because here too there are significant quality differences and you cannot expect the same for € 150 as for € 800.


Which stroller you buy of course always depends on your own budget. If you are looking for a model, you can use our purchase criteria as a hint. Rarely do all cars meet all requirements and you sometimes have to compromise. In our stroller test reports you will find excellent models at a fair price. Just take a look.

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