Which supplementary health insurance fits, shows dr

The supplementary health insurance – meaningful extra for your health

What services does supplementary health insurance include and which of these do you currently need? We give you all the information about the additional insurance cover.

With Dr. Small to complete the ideal supplementary health insurance.

That brings you a supplementary health insurance

After an urgent operation, you must spend a longer period in the hospital. After a few hours the bed-neighbor, who at first seems likable, transforms into an unbearable chatterbox, and the daily, hours-long visits of her spreading family do not contribute to your relaxation and recovery. If you want to stay in a quiet single room during this time as a statutory health insurance, a so-called supplementary health insurance is recommended, which pays for the additional costs incurred.

The supplementary health insurance is offered by private insurance companies and provides legally compulsory insured the opportunity to acquire additional services such as accommodation in a single room or a chief physician treatment and thus close gaps in the catalog of benefits of the statutory health insurance.

The benefits of supplementary health insurance

The supplementary health insurance benefits differ according to the policy concluded. There are supplementary insurances for the hospital stay, dentures, visual aids, the treatment by non-medical practitioner, daily allowance, spa services, medical aids such as prostheses or bandages and physical-medical treatments such as massages and baths. Travelers are covered by a special health insurance. These options make it possible to adapt existing statutory insurance to individual needs.

The benefit of each insurance depends heavily on personal needs. If you do not need a visual aid, you do not need additional insurance to pay for glasses. On the other hand, anyone who sees poorly at an early age should consider graduating. The same applies to the dentures and a corresponding dental insurance. Patient daily allowance is especially recommended for the self-employed and freelancers, as this can at least partially offset loss of earnings during illness.

The contributions of supplementary health insurance

The contributions for supplementary health insurance depend on the respective service package. Entry age and health status of the insured play a crucial role in the calculation of the tariff. A detailed comparison of the offers and a degree at a young age are therefore recommended.

As a guideline is: An additional insurance, which ensures the accommodation in a single room and the treatment by the chief physician at a hospital stay, costs about 30-year insured approximately between 25 and 55 euros per month.

Additional health insurance despite previous illnesses

When concluding supplementary health insurance, information about existing medical conditions often has to be provided. Here you should necessarily play with open cards: If the health insurance discovered in case of need previously secretive diseases, they can refuse the payment. The contributions paid are thus lost and there is no longer any insurance cover.

Apart from that, it is of course possible to complete a supplementary health insurance despite pre-existing conditions. In most cases, however, these become more expensive for the claimant, as the likelihood that the insurance will have to provide benefits in the near future is higher than for insured persons without previous illness.

Whether property insurance, health insurance, pension or pension – with Dr. med. Small you will always find the right insurance. Our more than 550 local consultants will show you how to protect yourself and compare the various offers for you free of charge. Just contact us!

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