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Composite fillings are a good alternative to amalgam and simple plastic. (© Sandor Kacso – Fotolia.de)

The perfect filling


Composite fillings are a mixture of 80% ceramic powder and 20% plastic. The ceramic used for the fillings provides stability and shine. The plastic holds it together.

The advantages of composites

Composite fillings last much longer than simple plastic fillings and wear less quickly. They are firmly bonded to the tooth and are therefore safer. Composite fillings can be chosen in exactly the same shade as your own teeth.

Costs of composite dental fillings

The statutory health insurances only pay for simple plastic fillings. Composite fillings usually require an additional payment. We can clarify this directly on site.

Alternatives to composites

Simple plastic fillings do not last long, discolour and form marginal gaps.

Simple plastic fillings last only a few years. They discolour darkly over time and can form marginal gaps into which bacteria can penetrate. This can lead to marginal caries.

Amalgam Amalgam is another dental filling alternative. It is a very dark filling. Many patients therefore reject it. In addition, some people classify the filling as harmful to health.

The treatment of composite fillings

Curing of a composite filling with a special light.

The tooth composites are inserted into the tooth as a paste and then shaped. The filling is then hardened with a special light.

The composite is firmly bonded to the tooth so that no marginal gaps are formed. Composites are the best alternative in most cases. They last longer and look better and more natural.

Durability of composite fillings

Composite fillings last longer than simple plastic fillings.

Composite fillings usually last 8 years and longer. This is a great advantage compared to the durability of simple plastic fillings (3-4 years).

Although amalgam fillings can last longer (8-10 years), they are optically very dark and pose a health risk. Ceramic inlays are a longer lasting and aesthetic alternative to composites.

We will be happy to advise you which type of filling is best for you.

You can ask us for detailed advice on all options for filling your teeth.

Tooth fillings and alternatives to amalgam

Services/beautiful teeth

I had 1 implant made and I am very satisfied with it. The color was chosen extensively. It looks absolutely real. I am very enthusiastic. The long way was worth it.

This is the third time I’ve been to the von Wittken in Pasing. The reception is very courteous and Dr. Lothar von Wittken is always friendly and kind and explains everything understandably. For me the best dentist in Munich. I can really recommend it.

The best in Pasing!

Really a detailed consultation and implementation. Here I will stay.

Very good dentist

I’m not really a dentist anymore. I go only if something hurts and I can no longer. My wife also says every time go to the tooth cleaning I push it out as long as possible. I had to make an appointment and after I did not have any has my wife made me one :) I came to the practice and was also very nice and friendly received. Who knows what my wife told me. During the treatment I was very well. My teeth feel much better after the dental care. and next week it goes on . Today’s visit was a little bit queasy. Not because of the nice lady at the reception that everything fit only I was a little afraid, because today they drill :) But during the treatment I have noticed everything runs quietly the dentist has done this with a coolness. I am thrilled I come back when my wife tells me :)

Mr Wittken really knows how to take away the fear. It all went very well and very pleasantly thanks to His advice. Many thanks for everything.

I can highly recommend Dr. von Wittken, for over 2 years already with him as a patient. He is a very good and competent dentist, who takes time for his patients and gives good advice, the waiting times are short and also the staff is always friendly.

Its me a grain the Thin-King tja das mit dem Zahnarzt sollten man nicht zu literal nehmen hahaha

Top. Dentist of trust

Very, very VERY bad dentist, makes diagnoses that are not true, absolutely NOT RECOMMENDED. A joke. CONFIDENTIAL CONDITION UNDERIRDICAL BAD, BETTER 2-, Or 3 Get an opinion.

Great dentist! Very friendly staff and short waiting times. Everything to my satisfaction, gladly again.

The dental practice in Munich Pasing, which convinces me the most by the competence and humanity of the team and the dentist Dr. Lothar von Wittken. Here time is taken and everything is explained in a very understandable way. All in all a great, modern and well organized dental practice. Very recommendable!

I have been a patient here for several years now and feel well looked after at all times. No matter if dentist or helper, everyone here seems to be competent and always in a good mood. The first dentist’s office that has managed that even I now regularly go to the dentist.

I have had very good experiences with the practice. I got an appointment very soon. The consultation was very friendly and competent. I can say about the treatment that the dentist took a lot of time. I was therefore positively surprised. A great service, generally recommendable.

The team is very friendly and competent. Waiting times are reasonable and appointments can be made very quickly. The advice is also so understandable that you really understand what needs to be done and why.

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