White tooth filling without uv light: which one is it? (Dentist, health insurance, dentistry)

White tooth filling without uv light: which one is it? (Dentist, health insurance, dentistry)

White tooth filling without UV light: which one is it?

Hello, I got a white tooth filling (cash benefit) from two dentists at my current dentist. This filling was filled into the tooth with a special large syringe without UV light, I was then allowed to bite on a finger-thick balloon with cotton wool inside. After about half a minute this came out and ready..

Who knows this type of tooth filling, which one is it? VG..

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cement. that’s what it is called. you use it to build teeth or to fill it up if you want a crown later. there is no need to remove any plastic or amalgam fillings. this is the same or similar cement with which you also glue crowns.

For me it was the wisdom tooth in which the ZA removed the old filling and a new filling. As I read from the Internet, cement only has a shelf life of 1-2 years? There are other fillings that are free of charge?

Yes, I know, only this was not offered to me. Does a dentist have to fill amalgam if the patient insists? I mean, renewing the same tooth filling every year is probably not an option..

If your dentist does not work with amalgam, he has to offer another equivalent product as a cash benefit. Maybe you first ask him why he took cement. Sometimes a tooth is built up with it if it is unsafe to hold the filling and the patient still needs some time for further measures such as crowning.

similar questions

How much does a whiter tooth filling (baking yahn) cost without health insurance??

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to find out how much a white filling in a molar tooth would cost if you didn’t have a KV.

I live abroad and will be visiting soon. The tooth has already been treated and all that is left is to fill it in.

Does any of you know how much that would cost?

Tooth filling that still hurts?

I got a tooth filling 4 days ago. It went to the nerve. Then she put in a medication and then the filling over it (I took a better one). Since she had to puncture very often until it was numb from the syringe, the inside of my cheek is slightly blue and you can still see the puncture site. Only now I have a dull pressure on my tooth in the morning and especially in the evening. It is uncomfortable. Have now taken ibuprofen. Is that still normal? Who had that too? And does anyone have any tips? I’m afraid that the nerve has become inflamed.

Medicine instead of filling teeth – severe pain

My mother was at the dentist two days ago for a toothache in the molar area. According to my mother, the doctor had to drill two molars. And she said she couldn’t make a proper filling in the tooth (s) while it was still there "muckert" so it hurts and just put one drug in the hole. Lt. to my mother a white crumbly substance. This should remain so for 2 weeks until a proper filling should be made.

So after a day yesterday, this drug dropped "filling" – oh wonder – out and my mom was in a lot of pain, she had to take a pill to endure it. (The doctor herself had not prescribed pain medication, we had to take what was there – paracetamol).

So this morning she was back at the dentist and the doctor made the same statement as the first time that she could not put any filling in until it calmed down. So she just put the medicine back in. She didn’t prescribe any painkillers and gave no clues as to whether my mom can eat everything normally or not, etc.

I think that it will not last 2 weeks as expected. It will definitely fall out again. I thought my mom should get a second opinion, but she is against it and trusts the doctor. Despite the still severe pain.

Does anyone have any advice? Is the doctor’s approach so correct? I mean, the tooth can calm down as long as it is open?

Tooth filling durability

I recently got a plastic filling on a molar. Now I have read that dental fillings last about 6 years. What happens when these years are over? Does the filling fall out? Or is it just worn out? Does chewing gum shorten shelf life? Because I’m afraid to bite something hard at some point. Maybe someone knows about it?

Tooth filling always hurts when chewing?

I got a small plastic filling in my lower molar 3 weeks ago. The dentist said that I had a crack in my tooth that had already developed a little tooth decay. He also said that the filling only becomes very small and that he only has to drill on the surface. For this reason, I did not get an anesthetic at the time, which then hurt quite a bit when drilling.

Well. With the tooth everything was fine for the time being, until 3 days later the filling always hurt when I chewed something on the side. Funny, usually fillings hurt at the beginning, but not after a few days. I waited a bit at first, but the pain got worse, so I’m back to the doctor. Then he said it would not be too high, but apparently a small air bubble has formed inside. So he drilled it out again and made the part where the blister was new. Then I was back home but it still hurt the same as before, which is why I went to the dentist again the week after.

I was pretty frustrated because I had only been able to chew on one side for two weeks, which of course is very annoying. So the doctor looked at it again and again and again said that he didn’t understand it himself, because the filling was super dense and not too high. He then asked me whether he should still take it out completely and do it all over again. I agreed because I hoped it wouldn’t hurt anymore. He then started drilling again without anesthesia, but this time it hurt so bad that I couldn’t take it and he had to give me an injection. Everything was all well and good, so the filling was new inside and it didn’t hurt anymore.

That was a week ago now and now the filling hurts again when chewing, just like the first one.

Maybe someone can tell me why this could be? The filling always only hurts when chewing and otherwise not at all. I’m getting really desperate, because the dentist himself is at a loss and thought that he had never experienced anything like this, especially not with such a small and superficial filling ..: ((

Thank you for your answers!

Fear of dentist, filling is imminent. What to do?

have a little problem and I will get a tooth filling shortly. It’s not bad at first, but the injection (s) I will get for it panic.

I am and have always been afraid of injecting and I imagine it terribly in the gums.

Do you have experiences How is that? Any tips to avoid fear?

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