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In front bleaching Treatment at the dentist’s office in Essen should be one Professional tooth cleaning respectively. The coffee, tea and tobacco stains on the teeth are removed before the whitening. Professional tooth cleaning not only has the advantage that the teeth become whiter, but the gums are cleaned of bacteria. Inflammation of the gums can thus be preempted and even reversed.

According to the PZR, the Dental practice Dr. Hayim in Essen Tooth whitening performed. Teeth get their original color back, or they become a few color shades whiter than before. The teeth become lighter

When whitening, teeth whitening is advisable?

An aesthetically well-groomed appearance also requires white, healthy teeth. Teeth whitening is recommended if you feel the daily desire to have whiter, lighter teeth. In today’s society, pearl white teeth convey the image of success, make you look healthier and younger and contribute significantly to a well-groomed appearance.

If you are planning a filling or crown in Essen that matches the current color of your teeth and you want to do a whitening later, keep in mind that a filling or crown cannot be whitened later. So you would have to do whitening before the dental treatment and then wait 14 days and then start with the denture or filling.

As a rule, whiten the teeth first and then start with the crown, bridge, veneer or plastic or ceramic filling.

Dentist Dr. Hayim and his team in Essen will advise you in detail on your whitening procedure in his modern dental practice in Essen Rüttenscheid .

In-office or home whitening?

In our dental practice in Essen Rüttenscheid we mainly work with in-office bleaching or power whitening, that means directly in practice in one session. The advantage of this procedure is that the entire treatment is completed in one hour. Above all, the result is immediately apparent.

At your request, we can also make two plastic splints (upper and lower jaw) for you, so that you can carry out home bleaching yourself at home. However, experience has shown us that the home bleaching method, although it can achieve good results, is not pleasantly accepted by many patients. We recommend home bleaching only if you have enough free time and consistently go through the lengthy process in the long run.

How does the whitening gel work??

The active substance is hydrogen peroxide. The UV light supports the penetration of the hydrogen peroxide into the tooth surface. When hydrogen peroxide decays, oxygen penetrates the enamel and dentin and whitens the tooth without changing the tooth structure.

Process of a whitening treatment:

Before power bleaching in practice, it is particularly important that the teeth are thoroughly examined beforehand. The bleaching gel is highly concentrated and could lead to tooth irritation if teeth have cracks or leaky fillings. It is recommended to have a professional tooth cleaning done in advance. With power whitening, we whiten your teeth within 60 minutes. We use highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide (39%) and activate it with UV light. Depending on the initial color of your teeth, very good results can be achieved. This method has proven its effectiveness and safety in many scientific studies and has another positive effect: the fast-acting, effective and gentle bleach contains fluoride to prevent demineralization and caries.

We use Opalescence Boost in our dental practice. Opalescence Boost is a 40% hydrogen peroxide gel with neutral pH for maximum effectiveness and safety. Two 20-minute applications are recommended per session (total treatment time 40 minutes).

    Highly intensive: 40% hydrogen perox >

We look forward to welcoming you to a detailed consultation in our modern dental practice in Essen. We offer you uncomplicated and effective tooth whitening so that you can show your teeth again without shame.

Correct behavior after bleaching in Essen

After bleaching, you should always keep your teeth moist. You should drink a lot. Within the next 24 hours after whitening, you should follow a so-called "white diet". That means you should avoid coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, cola and similar high-dye foods. The teeth are very sensitive to new stains during this time. As usual, dental care should be carried out twice a day. Teeth and gums are often a bit more sensitive during and after whitening. Burning of the gums or occasional light picks on the tooth are typical. This is normal and usually cannot be avoided. This does not damage the teeth. These symptoms disappear after a maximum of 12-24 hours. At the end of power bleaching, the teeth are sealed with a highly concentrated fluoride solution.

How often should bleaching be done??

In many cases, the desired whitening is achieved individually after a whitening session. With a particularly dark initial color of the teeth, it may be necessary to repeat the bleaching in individual cases.

How long does the bleaching result last??

How long the bleaching result lasts depends on both eating habits and the structure of the teeth. This varies from person to person. As a rule, Dr. In his dentist’s practice in Essen, Hayim did a refreshing whitening after one year. Repeated bleaching is possible without problems in most cases.

When is bleaching unsuitable??

• with carious teeth or faulty fillings

• during pregnancy and breastfeeding

• Patients under the age of 18

• Taking antibiotics

Internal bleaching

Internal tooth discoloration can occur if teeth are dead or after a root canal treatment, if dyes contained in the blood get into the interior of the tooth. In addition, tooth discoloration can also be caused by accidents caused by an impact on the roots. Certain illnesses and taking certain medications can also cause unsightly tooth discoloration.

In the dentist’s office Dr. At Hayim in Essen, such tooth discoloration is lightened by a new process: the so-called “internal whitening”. Internal whitening is a method in which a bleaching agent is filled into the tooth. This sets internal bleaching processes in motion. In most cases, the dentist is able to restore the natural color. This eliminates the need for expensive treatment methods such as crowning the teeth or Verneers. The price for internal whitening depends on the degree of discoloration and the effort involved in removing it. The best thing is for us to advise you individually and without obligation.

How does internal bleaching work??

After a thorough investigation and professional tooth cleaning in the dental practice Dr. Hayim in Essen removed the old tooth fillings. An x-ray shows the status of the root canal. To prevent bleaching gel from penetrating into the root area, the tooth root is protected with plastic. Afterwards dentist fills Dr. Hayim in Essen put the whitening gel into the tooth, which is then sealed for 7 to 8 days so that the active ingredient can develop. This process is repeated about three to five times and depends on the bleaching result achieved.

For detailed whitening advice you can contact dentist Dr. Visit Hayim in his modern dental practice in Essen. We look forward to welcoming you to Essen Rüttenscheid.

The bleaching systems that are offered on the Internet are cheaper than treatment at the dentist, but their effectiveness is often low and they involve other dangers that can damage the tooth structure and gums. The over-the-counter bleaching systems do not contain any individual bleaching splints that have been adjusted by the dentist, so that undesirable complications such as burns on the gums can occur if the gel is swallowed. The gums are not covered with a protective bandage like in the case of power whitening, so that burns to the gums can also occur. White spot lesions also belong to other known side effects of these cosmetic products. Since such tooth whiteners are approved according to the Cosmetics Product Act and therefore may only contain a low concentration of the bleaching agent, the bleaching effect is relatively low. This deficiency is often compensated for by the fact that they add a dye, usually titanium oxide. This lies on the teeth like opaque white, which then looks brighter for a short time. Bleaching sets of this type do not have a long-lasting effect because they do not actually bleach, but only "whitewash". All products that contain or release more than 0.1 percent to 6 percent hydrogen peroxide may only be used under direct dental supervision. Only products that contain less than 0.1 percent H2O2 are still freely available. So far, teeth whitening products with a concentration of up to 6 percent H2O2 were freely available on the market. For example in supermarkets or drugstore chains. This is no longer possible. Products with a H2O2 concentration of less than 0.1 percent are still freely available for sale, however the effectiveness is questionable here. Bleaching products with a concentration of more than 6 percent H2O2 were considered a medical product even before the new EU regulation and were therefore always subject to dental practice (“Power Bleaching”). Dentist Dr. Hayim and his team will be happy to advise you on all other questions in the dental practice in Essen about: Power whitening in the dental practice or “at home” application.

What happens during bleaching??

When bleaching with the help of Perox >

The cost is 295 euros for effective dental power whitening.

Disadvantages of bleaching cosmetic studio

Anyone who can differentiate between the different types of tooth substance and who is responsible if something goes wrong can do tooth whitening. Self-appointed beauty specialists in cosmetic studios who have no background in dentistry are not allowed to do whitening because no one can be held liable in the event of damage.

The Bundeszahnärztekammer has created a leaflet on the legal situation of bleaching treatment in cosmetic studios: Bleaching statement by the Bundeszahnärztekammer

The Zahnärztekammer Nordrhein also checked the legal situation of the cosmetic bleaching and wrote the following article: Bleaching-Zahnärztekammer

Your contact person for effective tooth whitening in Essen Rüttenscheid

If unsightly discolouration, which can be attributed to the regular consumption of coffee, tea or cigarettes, prevents a radiant smile, tooth whitening in Essen is an option. The teeth are whitened. To carry out bleaching, you should definitely contact an experienced dentist who has the necessary specialist knowledge.

Whitening with toothpaste

The whitening toothpaste can by external factors reduce and even remove discoloration. A clear brightening is only possible after six weeks. Unfortunately, the whitening toothpastes have a high proportion of abrasives (abrasives). The abrasives clean the tooth surface thoroughly, but they scratch the enamel and lead to enamel damage. Whitening toothpastes should therefore never be used for a long time. In addition, it must be taken into account that more discolouration can occur on a roughened enamel surface. The use of whitening toothpastes is therefore very questionable in the long run. According to Stiftung Warentest, the following toothpastes did well: Lidl / Dentalux Seidenweiss Plus Complex 3 offers very good cleaning with high abrasion. At 44 cents per 100 milliliters, it is also very inexpensive. Who likes it a little gentler: Some cleaned very well with medium abrasion: blend-a-med Pro Expert tooth enamel shield, blend-a-med 3 D white, Sensodyne Pro enamel soft tooth whitening and Theramed Perfect anti-staining toothpaste. All prevent tooth decay with fluoride.

Behavior immediately after bleaching:

The whitening treatment removes moisture from your teeth. This is harmless. Your teeth will absorb lost fluid in the next 24 hours and may darken a bit.

During this time, your teeth are more susceptible to external influences, for example, color pigments can accumulate in the tooth enamel. For this reason, you should avoid all colored foods during this time: These include, for example: cola and other soft drinks, coffee, any type of tea, red wine, mustard, ketchup.

Do not smoke and use a white toothpaste without streaks. Do not use an oral rinse solution, as these are usually colored.

Even if it appeals to you to emphasize your white teeth with a dark red lipstick: you’d better wait another day.

You can safely resort to the following bright foods: water, milk and milk products, fruit such as bananas or peeled apples, pasta, white rice and potatoes.

After bleaching, the teeth can sometimes be a little more sensitive for a few days, which usually subsides on its own.

We support a fluoride gel or give you a corresponding product. In addition, you can use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth in the next two weeks.

Tips for permanent white teeth:
As a rule, the brightening lasts for up to several years. This depends on the individual nature
Your teeth, your dental care at home and, last but not least, your lifestyle.

There are a few things you can do to keep your radiant white:

Regular professional tooth cleaning is recommended. All deposits and staining deposits on your teeth and in the interdental spaces are removed – good protection against tooth decay and gingivitis.

Coloring components from foods such as coffee, tea or red wine can re-deposit in the tooth over time, but above all cigarette smoke can discolor your teeth.

It therefore makes sense to do little or not at all smoke and reduce your coffee, tea or red wine consumption.
Under favorable conditions, it is possible for your teeth to keep their new, white shade for several years. If they darken later, you can easily lighten them again.

If you have any further questions, Dr. Hayim MSc personally available in his dental practice on Rüttenscheider Str. 194-196 in Essen.


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