Who has experience with nitrous oxide sedation? (Dentist, anesthetic)

Who has experience with nitrous oxide sedation? (Dentist, anesthetic)

Who has experience with nitrous oxide sedation?

who has experience with nitrous oxide sedation at the dentist? Do you still get local anesthesia on the tooth to be treated? What about side effects? Do you have to pay anything for this sedation?

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A few additions and corrections to the previously registered items:

Laughing gas is an anesthetic that has an analgesic effect, but is hardly asleep, so it does not raise consciousness to the extent that is necessary and customary for general anesthesia. The effects are dose dependent. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen. A 25% share of nitrous oxide loosens, relaxes, tingles in the body, 50% has a pain-relieving and even more mood-enhancing effect, sometimes to the point of euphoria and enthusiasm, the concentration is increased, dream experiences can occur, but it can also lead to that the memory is completely gone, like a sedation with Dormicum.

The maximum concentration is around 75%. Awareness is limited most of the time and you are not fully there, but looks like something in a trance, but remains largely addressable, but memory gaps can occur depending on the concentration. Therefore, as far as I know, the anesthetist can be dispensed with. Because of the euphoric effect, nitrous oxide sedation is mostly perceived as pleasant. So you should give it a try: :)

Nitrous oxide is not broken down in the body, as was told here, but simply exhaled again, just as it was inhaled.

With nitrous oxide sedation, the treatment is very pleasant, calm and stress-free! There are no side effects and almost no contraindications! There are not many options in Vienna yet! One of them is Dr Kurz in Meidling.

So in order to provide information here. Nitrous oxide has become the absolute standard in the United States and there are reasons for that.

Laughing gas is quick but very pleasant and relieves anxiety patients of the fear, you feel safe and very relaxed, the pain sensation is also reduced, the laughing gas usually includes a local anesthetic (attention normal anesthetic by injection into the gums). You are always fully responsive and can speak and think clearly, except that you are not afraid and completely relaxed.

An anesthetist is definitely not necessary for this, your dentist learns the correct and risk-free application through further training.

Laughing gas is ideal for anxiety patients and has no side effects or risks.

In most cases, nitrous oxide sedation has to be paid for by children, which costs about 55 euros. The tooth is also anesthetized locally. The laughing gas relaxes, which means that the patient is not anxious and more cooperative. Nitrous oxide is broken down by the body immediately after the supply. Under laughing gas, you are addressable all the time not as under general anesthesia.

Talk to your doctor.

wow, very helpful answer.

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I was at the dentist this week Tuesday (March 5th), it was drilled and my molar in the lower jaw got a filling. the ZA said that it is normal for the tooth to hurt a little when the anesthetic wears off. (Got local anesthetic) really hurt, then took a toothache pill.

It helped – the tooth itself doesn’t hurt anymore – but it still hurts today (after 4 days) when I want to open my mouth wide. Is that normal ? I cannot imagine that it should hurt for so long. and it is only on the side where my tooth was treated – in the lower jaw. so I can’t open my mouth wide.

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I am afraid of syringes because I am afraid of the side effects of the syringe. That’s why I’m wondering whether it’s possible to have a tooth pulled without anesthetic injection. The tooth’s nerve is already dead, according to my dentist, does that mean it doesn’t hurt anymore when it pulls the tooth? When the tooth nerve is dead? And what side effects can anesthetic injections have at the dentist???

Hurts tooth pulling?

I asked a question on a similar topic a few minutes ago, but now I have another question:

Does it hurt to have a loose tooth pulled at the dentist? You may get anesthesia?

Twilight sleep in wisdom tooth surgery

Soon all 4 wisdom teeth will be pulled, all still in the gums & pretty push. Since I’m really afraid of the procedure, I googled. Local anesthesia is mine "little", cannot taste blood in the mouth or see / hear what the doctor is doing. Then only wanted a general anesthetic but I think it is too risky & too expensive. Then I read that there is something like a twilight sleep.

Does anyone have experience with this? How does that go? Do you get an additional local anesthetic? I read horror stories so that they woke up in the middle and felt everything. Recommended yes or no?

Thank you in advance :)

Anesthesia at the dentist does not work?

I M / 21 was at the dentist and he gave me 3 injections, 2 local injections and 1 in the jaw canal, but none of them worked

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hello people on 10/22/2013 I get a local anesthetic at the dentist because I have a hole in my tooth and therefore I get a local anesthetic I am really scared and so because this is my first local anesthetic at the dentist so I ask you if I have a dentist the local anesthetic hurts

Good afternoon, I was at the pine surgeon last Thursday with a referral that my wisdom teeth should be operated on. Now he has taken a new x-ray and informed me about possible dangers and side effects. He also explained to me that they can only be operated on with an anesthetic, sedation or anesthesia. Anesthesia is out of the question because of the heavy price (€ 250). Sedation is much cheaper (€ 55) and should not have as many side effects. Do you have any experience with sedation? And how do you get the surgery without sedation or anesthesia, so only with anesthesia? All 4 wisdom teeth are to be operated on and I am 14 years old.

Hello, tomorrow all 4 whitening teeth should be pulled, but since I don’t feel like taking the local anesthetic (yes I’m a little afraid of it) I decided to sedate. However, I have now read several times that the anesthetic did not work in some cases. Who has experience with sedation routing? Do you feel pain during the operation? I have to pay 80Euro for the anesthetic due to the insurance. Now I have read that there is sedation and analgesia where painkillers are used. Do I feel the pain during sedation or how does it work??

I would now have my preliminary talk because I would like to have the Gynefix set. The doctor I actually wanted to go to (recommended by my FA) said that he either does general anesthesia in his practice or doesn’t use local anesthesia. I would have liked to be sedated because I know the risk of VN very well because I work in the hospital myself.

I already regretted local anesthesia in a previous operation. I would like to have the chain put in this practice because he probably has a lot of experience and placing it on my uterus could be a bit tricky. I am really afraid that the local does not work or that I still feel something.

So my question is for women who have had a vaginal exam with local anesthetic and who have only had a gynefix with anesthesia.

How does it feel? Does it hurt a lot? Have you taken painkillers before??

how long does a local anesthetic from the dentist in the upper jaw (molar tooth) last approx?

I will soon get all my wisdom teeth out (i.e. 4), local anesthetic is out of the question for me because I am quite afraid of all the noises etc..

But I don’t know whether to take sedation or anesthesia, since both have their advantages and disadvantages. Does anyone have any experience and can help me there?
Anesthesia is very risky?
Ps. I am 15

My question: if something is done on a lower tooth, you always get the syringe at the back, but I heard that you can also numb the tooth individually, but the effect of the anesthetic is not so strong. Has already had experience with this?

How was it with you after a general or local anesthetic with the side effects, pain, etc.

You get general anesthesia from a cardiac catheter?

I was just at the dentist and got an anesthetic. are there ways to get rid of them faster than just waiting? i hate that numb feeling

Alsooo. I (13) was at the dentist yesterday and after an X-ray was taken, it was immediately clear: the wisdom teeth have to be removed! The teeth are very good (but have not yet broken through the gums) and the operation would only take about 5 minutes per tooth. In two months I have the appointment at which the two right teeth are to be extracted under local anesthesia. Two months later, it’s the left side. Now to my problem: I am incredibly afraid of this procedure. If I just have to go to the dentist for check-up, I almost vomit there. Whenever I get an injection (with local anesthetic, there are 2 in each tooth), I pass out and / or vomit. Therefore it is clear to me: I do not do this operation with local anesthesia. I would do it under general anesthesia, but the health insurance only pays the costs up to the age of 12 and (understandably) my parents do not agree to pay € 350 for a general anesthetic. Now I am struggling with myself whether I pull it twice under local anesthesia or leave it in. I tend to do the latter because I’m so terrified of dentists and syringes. Only when I don’t remove them will my other teeth shift because I don’t have enough space in my jaw. Today I heard from a friend at the same doctor that there is also the laughing gas (€ 80) + local anesthetic option. Would that be a conceivable alternative for me??

hello :) do you get a completely narcotic or local anesthetic when putting on your ears? does it depend on the doctor, age? can you usually choose something like this, if so, what would you do? experiences? :) thanks in advance :)))

What do you think, where can you read these funny things better? Especially when you are afraid of the dentist and therefore also of pain ?

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