Who is rosamunde pilcher? A portrait of the queen of love

Who was Rosamunde Pilcher??

Rosamunde Pilcher is dead. You may wonder why this post is worth a blog post, as it’s usually pop culture rather than romance. I’ve been working with the author for a while, I’m very fascinated and when I got this news message from two different friends today, I was actually touched by it.

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Who was Rosamunde Pilcher??

Rosamunde Pilcher was a British author, who achieved fame in Germany mainly through the ZDF films of her romance novels. She was born in Cornwall in 1924, she died today on February 7, 2019, probably in Scotland, at least she has lived there recently near Dundee.

In the 94 years that Rosamunde Pilcher spent on this earth, she had a rather varied life. She is famous, but not at all. “The Pilcher” is a synonym for an ideal world, for a picture-book-England consisting of small fishing villages, stately mansions and lovely landscapes – with friendly locals and beautiful people of the English upper class.

Rosamunde Pilcher: kitsch and clichés

She was accused of a reactionary understanding of roles in which women, above all, look good, the husband must be a good lover and the children a good mother. Maybe you’ll smile at the people who come to the cliched stories about love, betrayal and the eternal struggle between good and evil at 8:15 pm on Sunday evening.

Of course it is a bit silly when English lords and ladies are portrayed by well-known German actors, who sometimes do not even speak the English “th”. I can remember some “Miss Russerfords” who should have been called “Rutherford”.

Rosamunde-Pilcher-Filme: Happy pill against the daily blues

Just as some people switch off while running, mantra singing or paint ball games, these 90 minutes of Pilcher are pure relaxation for many people. A small escape from everyday life, embedded in an environment that lets one dream away from the dingy February weather in the Swabian Aalen or in the Baden Tettnang.

Because, and this is now highly scientific and not empirically proven, but the statistics for my blog article to the Rosamunde Pilcher filming locations say quite clearly that this is mostly read by people from the southern part of the Republic. No idea why, but “heart cinema” seems to be pretty good down there.

Rosamunde Pilcher and Cornwall

I’ve always imagined that Rosamunde Pilcher sits by the sea in her little blue fisherman’s cottage somewhere in Cornwall, writing her novels. Meanwhile, the friendly village baker walks by with rubber boots and brings her some scones, Jam First, of course, the Cornish way.

My shock was quite great when I learned that Rosamunde Pilcher had not lived in her homeland ever since her marriage in 1946. With her husband, for whom she took her maiden name Scott, she lived in Lonforgan near Dundee in Scotland.

Rosamunde Pilcher travels to Cornwall

Nonetheless, the novels of Rosamunde Pilcher and, above all, the film adaptations brought a huge boom for trips to Cornwall. There are several providers for “Travels on Rosamunde Pilcher traces” and, guessed correctly, here are the Germans who have fallen in love with Pilchers Cornwall and absolutely want to see in real time.

All Cornwall – just a backdrop?

In Cornwall you can see – as probably everywhere the situation is similar – both sides of the coin. On the one hand, boosting the economy and tourists bringing money, on the other hand, the typical consequences such as displacement of the locals, skyrocketing rental prices, maybe even the sale of Cornwall.

There is talk of a “Rosamunde Pilcher industry”, while the true Cornwall, which is structurally weak and poor today despite the tourist boom.

Both Mrs. Pilcher and the ZDF received their blessing from the most official position, in the form of the British Tourism Award 2002, for “the impressive presentation of British landscapes”. (Source: Wikipedia).

Rosamunde Pilcher: big in Germany

… but not in Cornwall. Pilcher is something like the David Hasselhoff of love literature: not known to many in their homeland, a superstar in Germany. So it is hard to imagine that in Cornwall today national mourning prevails, while in this country, the press agencies sent breaking news on the death Rosamunde Pilcher.

Nevertheless, Rosamunde Pilcher is not mistaken in her English homeland: in 2002 she was awarded the OBE title, “Officer of the Order of the British Empire” and in 2016 Prince Charles personally thanked her for her merits and over 100 novel adaptations.

Romance is a tough job

The Rosamunde Pilcher films usually stop when it’s actually going to be exciting. That a long-standing marriage, as Rosamunde Pilcher led her with her husband Robin until he died in 2099, is anything but romantic, the writer knew only too well from personal experience:

Marriage is not a love affair. It is not even a honeymoon. It’s a job. A long hard job, at which both partners have to work, harder than they’ve worked at anything in their lives before. (Source: http://forreadingaddicts.co.uk)

We could not watch the protagonists of their stories doing this job, but it’s good to know that the Rosamunde Pilcher’s seemingly healthy world also had a good deal of reality.

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