Why are beautiful teeth important? Dentist rheinauhafen

Why are beautiful teeth important? Dentist Rheinauhafen

It only takes a few seconds to get the first impression of our counterpart. And yes, this usually has something to do with superficial aspects, although often only subconsciously: With a look at the clothes, the posture, the hair and the face, we decide whether we find this person attractive, competent, personable or credible. An important criterion here: beautiful and well cared for teeth.

What makes beautiful teeth??

Clearly: beautiful teeth are straight and even, are in a perfect row. They are neat, bright white and remind us of the pretty smile of Hollywood stars.

Beautiful teeth are not only considered attractive – they automatically let us infer other properties: flawless, attractive teeth stand for vitality, youth and health. Characteristics such as strength, intelligence, competence, authenticity and balance are also connected.

On the other hand, crooked, unkempt teeth look unattractive and dingy. According to an English study, many people conclude that a conversation partner with unsightly teeth is less intelligent and popular.

Speaking of attractiveness: what else does it include? If you use purely external values ​​here, it is aspects such as the average face (in the sense of combining all the details that are perceived as attractive), symmetrical facial features and certain sexual maturity characteristics that make a person look “beautiful”. People are also perceived as attractive if they look healthy, have a well-groomed appearance and have a positive appearance.

The look: the key to success?

The general appearance and condition of the teeth can act as a “door opener” in various areas of life. The attractiveness of people can have a direct impact on their careers. Because: Pretty people are rated as sociable, creative, intelligent and hard-working.

This is also confirmed by a long-term study by the University of Hamburg, in which executives were repeatedly asked over a period of around 20 years how high they assessed the influence of the external appearance. The participants ascribed more influence to beauty than personal contacts. This also means that attractive people are more likely to be invited to an interview and have significantly better career opportunities.

But beautiful, straight teeth are not only important in the professional environment of the working world. They also play an important role in the search for partners. We all know that ourselves – a neat bit and a fresh breath make the other person more and more attractive!

How do I get beautiful teeth?

Dental care at home
The first step is regular and thorough dental care at home. In addition to the toothbrush, dental floss should also be used regularly!

Dental check-up including PZR
You should come to us for dental prophylaxis once or twice a year. It represents, so to speak, an "inventory" of your current tooth condition and serves to control the health of teeth, gums and the oral mucosa. Any diseases or damage can be discovered in good time and treated if necessary.

You should also have a professional tooth cleaning (PZR) carried out during these appointments. This removes tartar, plaque and deposits that can make your teeth sick and make them look dull. After the treatment, the teeth shine again, are clean and smooth. PZR removes pathogenic bacteria even from the hard-to-reach interdental spaces.

Aesthetic dentistry
If you do not have beautiful, shiny teeth by nature, we can help you with aesthetic dentistry.

Bleaching bleaches discolored teeth by applying a special whitening gel. The result is pearl white teeth.

An alternative to this are wafer-thin veneers made from a fine special ceramic, so-called veneers. They are glued to the tooth, make it white and can also hide small flaws (e.g. larger gaps between the teeth).

Should it e.g. If one or more teeth are lost due to an accident or illness, the missing teeth should be replaced. Closing the tooth gap is not only useful from a visual and aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional point of view. A gap can lead to misalignment of the other teeth, restrictions on eating, speaking and laughing as well as feelings of shame. Dentures are ideal for this, e.g. implants.

Dentist Cologne

Reaching beautiful teeth is not rocket science. We help you get an attractive, radiant smile and take care of your dental health.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment!

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