Why do children paint with watercolor in kindergarten

Parents’ evening on the subject of watercolor painting in kindergarten

Yesterday evening there was a very nice parents’ evening on the subject of watercolor painting in our kindergarten.

The children have a new painting cart and wonderful watercolor paints from the proceeds of the last bazaar to get. From now on, every Monday is watercolor.

Yesterday we parents of the children had the opportunity to lend a hand and paint their own picture while the teachers explained the educational background to us.

But let’s start with the preparation. Everything is prepared as for the children. The tables are covered with oilcloth. Small bowls with the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow) are provided. Each place receives a thick brush, a wet sheet of watercolor paper, a sponge to "moisten", a rag to wipe off and a glass with water to clean the brush when the color changes.

"The children always start painting straight away without thinking first"

We adults are a bit hesitant at first, do a brush stroke here and there, maybe already have an idea in mind what the finished motif should result in. Only with time do we become braver, more playful, our brushstrokes more experimental.
For the children, it is not so much about the finished picture, but rather the process of painting itself. They rarely paint objectively with the watercolor paints,
On the one hand, fine motor skills are trained by brushwork, on the other hand, the use of colors also appeals to the soul.

The color theory is playfully conveyed through the confluence of the colors. Since only the three basic colors are offered, the children quickly and firmly anchored which colors you have to mix together. Often the older ones also help the little ones.

The educators can often observe that a wonderful calm spreads from the painting table in the group room. In order not to disturb the process and the children not to influence in advance, no stories are read or told beforehand.
Nevertheless, the children are given impulses. This happens either through soft music in the background or through this really very nice book, which is unfortunately only available in the antiquarian bookshop:

“Red can be solemn, magnificent and majestic. It is strong, it has seriousness and dignity. It also gives us warmth. The red can also be proud. And angry. Lightened in rose red, it is graceful and mild "

Proud like little children

At the end of the evening we are all a bit inspired, a little inspired and even a little proud of our pictures.
I have made up my mind not only to paint watercolors with the children more often in kindergarten, but also at home. For everyone who wants to try it out, here is my list of things you need:
– a simple wax tablecloth to protect your table
– Lobes
– Sponges for moistening the paper
– Watercolor paper (is available in various price ranges, but is sufficient for spillage at home
definitely this cheap option (* affiliate link))
– Brush in size 20 for smaller children (* affiliate link)
– Watercolor paints – We have the pure vegetable colors from Stockmar (* affiliate link)
taken. The colors are very productive and have a wonderful luminosity

I hope you enjoy painting and I’m happy on a picture of your works!


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