Why do conflicts arise between parents and children

The family – the bulwark of human civilization. Culture and attitudes to the life of every person is often put to their relatives and loved ones. Unfortunately, none of the unification of people, including family, is not without conflicts and arguments. Mutual resentment can build up in people’s minds over the years, leading to indifference or even hatred between family members.

To understand why conflicts between parents and children arise, we need to look objectively at this problem. The first and most important step in solving problems between family members – stopping the flow of negative emotions, soberly assessing the situation, listening to the child or spouse. Only a joint solution to the conflict can bring satisfaction to both sides.

Conflicts between parents and children. reasons

The most burning issue for most families – the problem of relationships between parents and their descendants. Disputes and clashes between adults and children are inevitable, but the wrong methods are often used to solve a resisting hostility between people that can last for decades. Your ego satisfaction is worth it?

Conflicts between parents and children are inevitable> Forcing a child to obey them all, trying to enforce their views on the world. Such a relationship is sure to bring authoritarian parents satisfaction, but eventually their offspring will begin to moral values to take over in adults and he becomes a selfish bully, leading to unsolvable conflicts. But too mild a child’s parenting attitude cannot bring less bitter fruit.

excessive care

Some parents take so much care of their children that they cause irreparable harm to their characters. These children are unable to take care of themselves. Caring parents for a lifetime in them a sense of uniqueness, instilling singularity. But if such a special one Child in the World is coming, it seems that others unwilling to make concessions cause a lot of negative emotions in a spoiled child.

Of course, negative, at school or on the street, bringing a small family pet home safely leads to the inevitable quarrels and conflicts. Overprotection – one of the reasons that there is conflict between children and parents.

Resolving the conflict in favor of the parents

If there are conflicts between parents and children, resolutions are usually either for the children or for the benefit of the parents. Be /> Many adults mistakenly believe that such an attitude teaches the minds of the child’s character and him in court. But in fact the child is only learning to solve all conflict situations based solely on their desires, ignoring other people’s desires. Such a selfish attitude towards people sooner or later will have an effect because one day a child will pay back the same coin to their strict parents.

If authoritarian parenting methods, serious conflicts between parents and children are inevitable. In addition, the cold and alienation that accompany the relationship between the children and their parents for the rest of life. So that means that it is necessary to indulge in all children, and they go to make concessions everywhere?

Conflict resolution in favor of the child

Many wonder why conflicts arise between parents and children. But few are eager to learn how to fix these problems. As we have seen, some parents try to resolve conflicts with their children primarily in their favor.

It is the truth, and those who try to do everything for their beloved child are constantly sacrificing their interests for the good of the child.

This approach makes the child accident egoists incapable of understanding other people and establishing normal communication with them. It is also good for victims to be unable to resolve conflicts outside the family because people in school or on the street do not make concessions that lead to child spoiling parental goodness in a depressed state.

The common solution to the conflict

The conflicts between parents and children have a great influence on character development. The causes of disputes as a process for their permission leave an indelible impression in the human soul. Le /> But a common solution to conflicts is the only solution! After talking to each other and trying to understand and accept the wishes and interests of the conflicting parties, the conflict can be resolved so that everyone was in the black. This will not only save your nerves and strengthen relationships, but also to teach the child to properly solve problems in the outside world.

Is it possible to avoid conflict

It is a normal phenomenon – the conflicts between parents and children. The problem in such situations is that the conflicting parties do not want to listen to each other, which leads to a lack of understanding between them. And only speak from heart to heart. It is much easier for many to guess why conflicts between parents and children arise than to just ask.

Do not be afraid of open discussion, as such moments help to create trust relationships between different generations. Modern parents simply don’t consider it necessary to recognize their children as equals, as a result many of them are waiting for a lonely age.

The closest family circle is impossible to avoid the conflict because they are an integral part of human interaction. If you however, decide unpleasant moments together and constantly consult with each other, the negative of the conflict will happen quickly, leaving no trace.

At what age are most often there are conflicts

The most violent and ruthless argument starts when children grow up. It was during this time that they often tend to express their anger from being under parental control. Young people are imposed on new, strange tastes or desires crazy about fashion.

It is not necessary to get your child scolded for a tattoo or piercing, it is better to start a conversation, knowing what prompted him to take this step. Explain that in adulthood the child begins to be able to do what he wants, because in this old wave of teenage maximalism, the person’s taste becomes less extreme. Why are there conflicts between parents and children? Because of a misunderstanding. Adolescence – is the time when children need to understand most, do not forget about them.

Why do conflicts arise between parents and children

Lack of understanding and unwillingness to take into account the interests of others are often the cause of family conflicts. In the end a happy family life is transformed into a slow consume. All of this can be avoided by building a relationship of understanding and mutually beneficial cooperation. Most conflicts can be resolved so that everyone was satisfied, just have to stop being guided only by their wishes and interests. Build a democratic and respectful relationship in his family now and you will be able to avoid conflict in the future!


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