Why do we dream? In the

Healthy children between the ages of five and ten need about eleven hours of sleep.

We are all tired at some point, but we don’t just sleep, we dream. Even people who cannot remember their dreams dream. Most people dream in black and white, but there are also reports of people who say they always dream in color.

What do your dreams look like??

You can make your very own dream book and write or paint particularly beautiful or particularly exciting dreams. After a few years is this A great memory. You can also process stressful dreams by writing them down or drawing them on.

The imagination somersaults

The film in the head can only go crazy because our logic center in the brain is switched off while sleeping. So our imagination can live out limitlessly, we can fly, conjure, everything is possible in dreamland. Some people are affected by sleepwalking, they get up, run through the apartment and do all kinds of nonsensical stuff in their sleep. There are people who looted their fridge at night while sleepwalking and can’t remember it the next morning.

The ghost under the bed or the troll in the closet. All sorts of gruesome beings can accompany our dreams at night and thus disturb our peaceful sleep. If these dreams occur regularly and frighten us, the dream researchers speak of nightmares.

The other world
Nightmares are dreams that frighten people and that keep cropping up. For example, dreamers report situations in dreams where they keep falling from a huge tower, but they fall and fall and do not hit the ground. Or they wake up shortly before opening and are completely done. Some are persecuted by evil beings, are always late for school or experience other unpleasant situations that are completely removed from reality. Still other dreamers become heroes, they can fly, conjure, walk on the water, bathe in gold, drive as city racers or ride a unicorn through a wonderful dreamland and swim with dolphins in the sea around them bet.

How to tame wild dreams

The dream shapes can be tamed by paying attention to them during the day. It helps to tell the dreams of others or to write them down. If the dreams keep coming back and have a bad scary ending, you just think of a good new ending and tell this end to familiar people or write it new End up. This is how you reprogram your own dream world.

Lining for dream monsters
Wild dreamers should not watch exciting films or read exciting books in the evening, because they are processed at night and can lead to exciting dreams and restless sleep.

Learn with dreams

Some people can train newly learned knowledge in dreams. Since we process things experienced in our dream worlds, we also process new knowledge, which of course can be very helpful, especially with upcoming class assignments. Learning in a dream can be stimulated by thinking about the newly acquired knowledge when you fall asleep and trying to visualize the content. If you fall asleep with these thoughts, dreams can develop from them that treat the new knowledge.

Daydreams sweeten life

One speaks of daydreams when the alertness moves away from reality when awake. Daydreams can bring relaxation, but in any case also inattentiveness. As a child, the writer of this text often ran into a mailbox or a lantern for daydreaming.

Children can fall into daydreams, especially if the lessons are perceived as boring or constant repetitions are offered.

Animal researchers suspect that animals also dream, if you have a dog or cat as a pet, you can confirm that.

Many dogs or cats start to move their legs wildly as if they are hunting.


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