Why does my child have dark circles, the best remedies for dark circles

November 9, 2013 By Lucia

The presence of dark circles under the eyes in children creates the impression of poor health.

When children have dark circles, the contradiction between their youthful years and the lean appearance appears worrying.

Dark edges under a child’s eyes are the cause of a number of negative conditions. Most of the time, however, these can be fixed easily.

Stuffy nose and allergies

The most common cause of bluish circles under the child’s eyes is nasal congestion.

Inflammation and congestion in the nasal passage cause the veins around the child’s eyes to enlarge and become darker, causing the dark color to appear. Here the cause is often hay fever and an allergy.

A cold can also cause inflammation and also causes mouth breathing, which can lead to dark circles.

As a result of the treatment for the common cold, the rings should also disappear.


Children with eczema, a skin inflammation with redness, itching and swelling, can get dark circles under the eyes if the eczema affects the area under the eyes.

A study conducted in 2007 showed that 6 to 17% of the population are affected.


Dark rings with children can also have genetic causes, which can be seen in dark pigments directly under the eyes.

Hereditary conditions can have an effect on men, women and children. If the pediatrician does not find an underlying illness, the dark circles under the eyes of her child may be inherited.

If the parents or several close family members also have dark circles, inheritance is relatively certain.

The problem can be easily remedied in these cases with make-up, laser therapy or a small surgical intervention.

However, it should be noted that cosmetic surgery produces a limited improvement in appearance when the child e.g. has a protruding forehead or deeper eyes. In these cases, the dark rings are simulated by shadows.


Children from parents of other races, such as Asians or Africans whose skin If there is more pigmentation, irregularities in the pigmentation in the area around the eyes, which appear dark circles under the eyes leaves.

For example, Japanese children have dark shadows under their eyes due to a so-called "Mongolian spot", the cause of overproduction of skin pigments.

This cause can be treated with laser therapy.


Different ways of lifestyle can cause dark circles to appear or disappear.

Too much time in the sun creates additional pigments that make dark circles even clearer. Your child should always wear sunglasses or sunscreen when you go outside.

Chronic lack of sleep can produce paleness on the skin, which makes shadows under the eyes clearer. Help your child get healthy sleep.

Bad hydration can create dark circles.

Monitor your child’s fluid intake and keep them well hydrated. Additional weight loss or lack of nutrients – especially iron deficiency – can cause dark rings to appear.


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