Wicked chili rearview mirror for bike

Wicked Chili 843153 – The additional rubber pad prevents unwanted slipping and guarantees a firm and secure hold. Using the rear-view mirror increases road safety and ensures an optimal overview. Scope of delivery: 1x wicked chili rearview mirror with gooseneck for practical tube mounting on the bike / scooter / stroller / wheelchair Mirror surface: 104 x 42 mm, Made in Germany.

It is characterized by good aging and UV resistance and excellent warp resistance. Equipment features – stable rear-view mirror for bike, wheelchair, moped, scooter, stroller etc. Practically the gooseneck bracket can be attached to handlebars and tubes with a diameter between 22 and 27 mm and is therefore suitable for bicycles, e-bikes, mopeds, e-scooters, Wheelchair, scooter, racing bike, stroller, mountain bike, moped, scooter, rollator golf cart etc.

Wicked Chili rear view mirror for bike / e-bike / scooter / moped / wheelchair / rollator / stroller / golf cart with gooseneck mirror size: 104 x 42 mm, tube mounting, Made in Germany – Wicked chili bike mirror safe – Quality Made in Germany The mirror holder is made in Germany and is subject to strict quality controls. The field of vision becomes through the expand convex mirror. 26 cm long gooseneck has an inner aluminum profile and can be individually adapted to your own needs.

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Signal Pod Wireless bike signal system

Gift House International Ltd. GH-AE12 – This bright light will make motorists and pedestrians your intentions and keep them safe. 4 seats! 4 seats! : p3: bright led arrow lights up and even a hazard warning light: p4: contains the brackets for the front and rear lights for easy on your bike: P5: requires 3 x AA batteries Transmits wirelessly with a range of 3 meters great if you have one ride a bicycle.

. By controlling the lighting From their handle bars you can light the left or right arrow LED on the back. It is a very safe and clever system than the traditional ‘arm’ method. The best way to stay visible while cycling on the streets during dark nights and winter evenings is to use the signal.

Signal Pod Wireless Bicycle Signal System – It is required with both brackets to keep it on the bike and only requires 3 AA batteries for operation. P1: on the dark winter evenings! : p2: transmits wirelessly with a range of 3 meters great when you are on a quandem bike. Has bright led arrow lights and even a hazard warning light.

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