Wild guys cake

A very special recipe for a children’s birthday cake – a wild guy cake.

This cool birthday cake will surely make boys’ hearts beat faster.
He is the hit at every child’s birthday, a wild-guy party or other occasions.
The children will be thrilled.

And so the Wilde Kerle cake is baked …

Wild guys cake


Ingredients for a sponge cake

couverture chocolate
powdered sugar
an orange smartie
a brown sugar stick


Find a sponge cake recipe that you find delicious and bake a sponge cake from the ingredients required in a round springform pan.

You can find delicious sponge cake recipes here:

Let the cake cool down and remove it from the baking pan.

Brush it with a chocolate glaze.
Wait until the glaze has dried.

Make your template for the Wilde-Kerle logo from cardboard or photo cardboard.
Cut out the inside with a utility knife or carpet knife.

You can find the template for the Wilde-Kerle stencil here:

Place the stencil on the chocolate cake and hold it a little and dust it with powdered sugar.
Carefully remove the stencil from the cake again so that the powdered sugar teeth can be seen on the cake.

Glue on the orange smartie with sugar and finally paint the pupil on the eye with brown sugar color.

Wild guys cake

The cool wild guy cake is ready.

Have fun baking, decorating and feasting.

Now the Wilde Kerle party can begin.

You still need the right invitation cards?
Then we have the right thing for you …

Wild guys invitation cards

Wild guys invitation cards

The detailed crafting instructions for these cool Wilde Kerle invitation cards can be found at: Wilde Kerle invitation cards

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