Wimmelburg app for children in the test

The Wimmelburg app for children in the test – by Ravensburger Verlag

✔ iPad + iPhone ✔ Android ✔ Kindle Fire – app for kids 2-5 years

Welcome to the Wimmelburg or to be precise in the Wimmelburg App, because the Wimmelburg actually existed once in the parish of the same name. Now, of course, we are not looking at the village, but the popular and award-winning children’s book app by Ravensburger Verlag.

Beautiful illustrations

The Wimmelburg app is clearly one of the most beautiful children’s apps ever. Rarely does one encounter such loving and detailed illustrations that create a large panoramic landscape that scrolls and lets zoom. All the inhabitants of this large medieval castle are interactive and surprise with lovingly designed animations that tell little stories.

Fairytale Wimmelburg

Over 50 residents populate the Wimmelburg, including numerous figures from well-known fairy tales. Recognizing and naming these fairy tale characters is one of the favorite pastimes of the Wimmelburg app. The children discover u.a. the Frog Prince, the Puss in Boots, the Hunchback of Notre Damm, Sleeping Beauty and many more …

Three mini games

Three characters and animals in the Wimmelburg app have been marked with an exclamation mark, indicating a special game opportunity. As extra games will be a little Melody stoppage-Wish Game offered and two special search games, including one on behalf of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, where once again the fairytale relation becomes wonderful.

Preview video of the Wimmelburg App

In our preview video we take you on a short tour through the Wimmelburg app. We recommend you to watch the video in full HD and in full view, so you can discover the subtle animations and haunting details.

Wimmelburg App | Kids App Review

The Wimmelburg app is a particularly beautiful Wimmel app for children. It takes quite a while to discover all the secrets of the app, and even then you always like to return to the Wimmelburg to serenade Sleeping Beauty or shoot an arrow in the buttocks of the house painter. Funny scenes like these spread a sudden good mood and let not only children laugh heartily.
Praiseworthy we also find that the developers have expanded the Wimmelburg last year with three mini-games.

(+) Beautiful panoramic landscape
(+) Funny animations tell little stories
(+) Discover fairy tale characters
(+) Simple control also suitable for small children

(-) No universal app (iPad / iPhone)

Download Wimmelburg app for your children:

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Wimmelburg App Developer: Ravensburger Verlag / Wolkenlenker

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