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Wine and hiking alone is a pleasure. But if you want to learn more – about our wines and their origins, about our winegrowers, our wine culture and above all the Württemberg way of life – you will join a wine experience guide.

The wine experience tours – mostly offered as a guided wine walk – bring you closer to the country and its people, history and stories from the wine south of Württemberg and the HeilbronnerLand. The whole thing is always garnished with a wine tasting between the vines and one or the other “Versucherle” from the regional cuisine.

Wine Experience Tours – Offers in HeilbronnerLand

Bookable from 01.01.19 to 31.12.19 Gundelsheim

Wine experience tour “Of steep slopes and knights of the Teutonic Order in the Kingdom of Heaven”.

from 17 € per person

Have you always wanted to know what awaits you in heaven? Then go on a discovery tour with a real Württemberger Wengerter to the Gundelsheim terraced steep slopes on the Neckar.

The Gundelsheimer Himmelreich is one of the most impressive steep slopes in Württemberg and the HeilbronnerLand. This steep slope directly on the Neckar has some superlatives to offer: In the kingdom of heaven, dry-stone walls up to six metres high tower on top of each other, regularly interrupted by crossbars and connected by a maze of squadrons and stairs.

These ancient dry-stone walls are not only beautiful to look at, but also offer optimal conditions to grow a first-class wine. Let these special qualities convince you during a wine tasting directly on the vine.

The impressive scenery of this wine experience tour is complemented by the historic lanes of the Teutonic Order town of Gundelsheim am Neckar and Horneck Castle, the largest of the Neckar castles after Heidelberg.

Before the ascent to the Kingdom of Heaven, you will get to know the historical and historically rich city of the Teutonic Order on the Neckar River during a city walk.

And by the way, you will gain exciting insights into the work of the Wengerter people as you ascend into the kingdom of heaven, and you will be overwhelmed by fantastic views over the Neckar valley. As a souvenir you will receive a beautifully designed certificate.

Provider & Contact

Supplier: Certified Wine Experience Guide Armin Englert

Address: Burghalde 13, 74831 Gundelsheim, Germany

Phone: 06269 427240 or mobile 0151 56375740

Conditions of travel: The AGB of the organizer apply.

offer details

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Bookable from 01.02.19 to 30.11.19 Brackenheim-Houses

Wine Experience Tour “Lauffener Stäffelestour”

12 € per person

The Lauffener Stäffelestour leads treppauf´ and treppab´ into the best locations of the Swabian Trollinger – the Katzenbeisser Steillagen – and grants unique insights and views in the Neckar valley.

This tour is also suitable for less sporty people, as the Stäffele are easily accessible and the ascent takes place at the shallowest point of the steepest slopes.

On this wine experience tour you will be accompanied by a certified wine experience guide to the terraced vineyards of Württemberg’s largest steep vineyard community. And above the little river Zaber you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the Neckar town of Lauffen.

Here you will learn how this cultural landscape was first formed in thousands of years by the natural forces of the Neckar and then created by the hard work of many generations of our winegrowers in centuries from mighty and innumerable stone blocks. Whereby the winegrowers in Württemberg are called “Wengerter”, i.e. winegrowers.

Maybe you will shoulder a butte yourself and get an idea of the performance of the Wengerter people, who bring them out of the steep vineyards all day long, fully loaded during the harvest. This wine experience tour gives you a very clear idea of the often arduous work that is carried out in all seasons, especially on the steep slopes. And which special tools and implements help the Wengerter.

Depending on the season, your path will be lined with vineyard lilies, prize money and wall lizards. At the end of the ascent you will be rewarded with a small tasting of the finest drops of Lauffen’s steep slopes: taste how the sun, Lauffen’s shell limestone soil and the Neckar landscape with its very own smells and taste nuances can be found in Lauffen’s cat biter, whose various grape varieties you can now get to know on site.

  • sturdy shoes required
  • weatherproof clothing recommended

Provider & Contact

Supplier: Wine experience guide Gudrun Link

Address: Nordheimerweg 6, 74336 Brackenheim-Hausen, Germany

Phone: 07135 13409

Conditions of travel: The AGB of the organizer apply.

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