Winter at Lake Constance

10 reasons why you should come to Lake Constance in winter

Winter at Lake Constance has to struggle with some prejudices such as constant fog, grey days and extinct villages and regions. Throw the prejudices overboard! We’ll show you that winter at Lake Constance is definitely worth a trip. Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful winter landscape, unique leisure activities and various festivals and customs!

1. the christmas markets at the lake are simply great

Fresh dinnele, a cup of mulled wine and a breathtaking view of the smooth lake or the winter landscape of the region – you can only get this combination at Lake Constance! From November it’s finally time: mulled wine is sipped with friends, roasted almonds are nibbled and when your stomach is full, you can browse the market stalls for little things for your loved ones or train your kilos on the ice rink right by the lake. You can find an overview of the Christmas markets in the region in our events section. Tip: It is worth making a small Christmas market tour around Lake Constance and combining it with a leisurely boat trip.

2. you can also cross the lake in winter on an Advent trip

You shouldn’t miss the Advent cruises of the Lake Constance shipping companies. Make yourself comfortable on board and enjoy the delicious cake and hot cocoa or coffee while looking at the enchanting winter landscape. Everyone is dreaming and looking forward to Christmas. When you’re back on land, luckily you won’t be far from the Christmas market.

Tip: On 09 December the ships of the Lake Constance shipping companies will be visited by the Nicolaus. Meet him personally in the ports of Konstanz, Friedrichshafen & Lindau.

3. with any luck you can skate on the lake

If the temperatures then really fall into the cellar, there is still reason for joy at Lake Constance. Because at the edges of Lake Constance, where the water is shallow, the lake is now frozen over. Of course you have to be careful: if you go on the ice, only where the ice layer is thick enough! If this is the case, then let’s get going – grab your skates and experience Lake Constance in a whole new way.

Tip: If the lake doesn’t freeze over, you can shoot pirouettes on the outdoor skating rink in Überlingen during the Christmas season.

4. the best ski resorts are close by

The Alps on the lake are not only beautiful to look at, but are also great for a fast downhill run! While in summer the water sports attract the guests to the lake, in winter the skiers and snowboarders get their money’s worth. At Lake Constance you have a fantastic choice: either you set off for the higher ski areas of Vorarlberg and eastern Switzerland or you enjoy the magnificent snow-covered landscape of cross-country skiing in the Allgäu.

5. there are great toboggan runs

Yay – snow at last! Instead of sinking into melancholy and wishing for summer, you should make the most of it now! And what belongs to winter like nothing else? Exactly – sledging! At Lake Constance there are many smaller hills or even real toboggan runs where you can experience a fantastic descent. It’s best to take a thermos of tea with you to warm up in between while enjoying the great view of Lake Constance.

Tip: In Oberstaufen-Steibis you can take the Hochgratbahn up to the Hochgrat, rent a sledge at the top and toboggan down the whole mountain again. It’s a lot of fun – and you have a unique view all the way to Lake Constance!

6. the view from the spa and sauna to the winter lake

While it’s snowing and cold outside, there’s nothing better than sweating in the sauna and relaxing in the hot whirlpool. So let’s go to the thermal baths at Lake Constance! The children can let off steam to their heart’s content, while you switch off from everyday life in the outdoor area at the massage jets, with a view of the winter wonderland by the lake.

7. the Lake Constance region offers you pure enjoyment

Kässpätzle, apricot dumplings or Swiss chocolate – there are countless hearty, sweet and salty delicacies in the Lake Constance region. While you’re holding back in summer for the sake of your bikini figure, you can really dig in in winter. The winter bacon also keeps you warm! If you want to experience a special kind of culinary feast, you can take part in lama and alpaca trekking with outdoor fondue. In the Principality of Liechtenstein, after a guided hike accompanied by llamas and alpacas, you can look forward to a delicious cheese fondue under the starry sky. The cute four-legged friends are unfortunately not allowed to eat, so there’s more fondue for you and your family!

8. the carnival – it is a unique event here!

At Lake Constance, the fifth season of the year, also known as carnival, is celebrated in all towns and villages. Instead of falling into hibernation, the whole area is bathed in colourful colours and provided with lots of music and ruckus for a good mood. In colourful costumes the fools roam the streets and the cities become celebration miles for all ages. If you’re not familiar with carnival yet, you should come even more. It’s not for nothing that the “Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht” has been included in UNESCO’s national list of intangible cultural heritage.

Tip: Don’t miss the street carnival in Konstanz! From the grouchy Thursday to Ash Wednesday you can celebrate it every day with locals and guests in the pubs, wine taverns and on the street.

9. the museums at Lake Constance await you with exciting themes

A trip to the museum in childhood was for most of us connected with yawning boredom. Today it looks completely different! At Lake Constance, the museums are arranged in such a way that you can hardly get your children out! In many of them you have to become active yourself and can go on a voyage of discovery. In the Museum Ravensburger the history of the games is not only illustrated, you can or should also try out the different games! If you are travelling without children, the same applies to the Vineum Bodensee – find out everything about wine and try it afterwards! Especially in winter the museums will attract you with special guided tours.

10. indoor-action is enough here

Anyone who thinks that in winter you can only hide in front of the fireplace is clearly wrong about Lake Constance! Around the lake there is not only a lot to discover in summer, but also in winter. For example, you can get plenty of power in the arena geisingen, let your adrenaline flow at the indoor kart track, go shopping in seemaxx Radolfzell or immerse yourself in the underwater world at SEA LIFE. Well, what are you waiting for?

Still not enough?

You’ve already ticked off all our tips? Don’t worry – there’s still no such thing as boredom! Simply order the Winterseeson issue of the Bodensee Ferienzeitung and browse through what winter has in store for you at Lake Constance.

Let us convince you that the Lake Constance region is an attractive holiday destination even in the coldest seasons, because Lake Constance is anything but asleep. In the winter edition of the Bodensee Ferienzeitung we give you tips for fascinating excursion destinations, cosy Christmas markets and exciting leisure activities for you and your family. A unique, snow-covered natural landscape makes winter at Lake Constance a very special experience. In the Winterseeson we will show you how.

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