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Winter boots comparison 2020

The 8 best winter boats at a glance.

Not only cars need winter tires in the cold season to get through traffic safely – too You should have the right profile under your feet for icy flooring. A robust sole is an absolute must, when it comes to good winter boots for women and men.

Now you can find different winter boots in our comparison table in quality and materials differ. We’ll tell you, which type of closure is particularly practical and which winter boots pass each heat test.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

1 cm
2 cm
2 cm
2 cm
1 cm
2 cm
2 cm
2.5 cm

Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model BOWS SUSI winter boots women Sorel women’s winter carnival boots Polar women’s snow winter boots Spiral winter boots Moon Boot nylon unisex snow boot Polar mid calf winter boots Timberland Women’s 6 Premium Waterproof SAGUARO outdoor winter shoes
on Amazon
209 reviews 16 reviews 107 reviews 21 reviews 5 reviews 341 reviews 623 reviews 521 reviews
Boots Type Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Outdoor Cold Weather Boots Everyday winter boots Everyday winter boots Everyday winter boots
uppers synthetic synthetic nylon synthetic nylon synthetic leather leather
Lining Faux fur Faux fur Textile Faux fur Textile Faux fur leather lining Feed Mix
Workmanship and quality
warming particularly warm particularly warm particularly warm particularly warm particularly warm very warm warm warning
Waterproof particularly waterproof particularly waterproof particularly waterproof particularly waterproof particularly waterproof very waterproof very waterproof permeable to water
fit particularly good particularly good very good very good satisfactory particularly good very good particularly good
Firm sole
Insulating rubber sole
With laces with winter boots Laces can be tied particularly tight guarantee such a individual fit and a lot of support.
velcro fastener on the other hand has the advantage too opened with mittens or thick gloves to be able to – but can also after a while Lose liability.
Size and colors
Available sizes 36-42 36-42 36-42 31-47 35/38 – 45/47 36-40 35.5 – 42 38-48
Available colors
  • brown
  • green
  • Green Beige
  • red
  • Mountain-Red
  • black
  • Gray
  • Gray
  • black
  • White
  • brown
  • Gray
  • black
  • green
  • brown
  • blue
  • red
  • White
  • pink
  • black
  • Black with leather inserts
  • yellow
  • black
  • tan
  • dark Blue
  • absolutely waterproof
  • particularly warming
  • with calf-high shaft for more warmth and support
  • particularly good profile
  • with side buckle to adjust shape
  • particularly warming
  • high shaft for more warmth and support
  • non-slip profile
  • particularly easy to put on
  • especially non-slip rubber sole
  • particularly waterproof thanks to the raised rubber sole
  • particularly firm and thick sole
  • particularly insulating inner and upper material
  • extremely waterproof
  • particularly high shaft
  • particularly high shaft for a lot of warmth
  • strong hold
  • good profile
  • with removable footbed
  • with recyclable PET laces
  • with padded shoe collar
  • particularly light
  • particularly good fit
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about BOWS SUSI winter boots women Questions and answers about Sorel women’s winter carnival boots Questions and answers about Polar women’s snow winter boots Questions and answers about spiral winter boots Questions and answers about Moon Boot Nylon unisex snow boots Questions and answers about Polar mid calf winter boots Questions and answers about Timberland Women’s 6 Premium Waterproof Questions and answers about SAGUARO outdoor winter shoes
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  • Winter boots should do one thing above all: keep your feet warm and dry in the cold season. That is why shoes made from a water-repellent material such as nylon, rubber and leather are particularly suitable. Fake fur warms from the inside.
  • Since the cold heats up from below, the sole is also crucial. Most winter shoes have a rubber sole. The rule here is: the thicker, the more stable and heat-insulating.
  • There are winter boots for women and winter boots for men. The main differences are in the design. Many winter shoes are equally suitable for women as for men.

With low temperatures and wetness in the winter months, you should especially keep your feet warm and dry. Because: Cold can quickly drag from icy soils into the body and cause colds.

That is why it is particularly important that your winter boots have a thick and insulating rubber sole, have a water-repellent upper material and ideally with warm synthetic fur on the inside are fed. Cold-resistant soles and a good profile are an absolute must. The thicker the sole, the more distance there is between minus degrees and your feet.

Features of winter boots and ankle boots:

Shaft is enough up to the ankles

usually with feeding internally

with grip sole for safety when walking

from warming and waterproof material

Of course, the shoe should also appeal to you visually. There are many different models and the number of brands is large. From modern winter boots for women in black to mid-height winter shoes in an authentic leather tone: The choice is great!

The winter boot buying advice 2019/2020 from includes information about winter shoes for women and winter shoes for men. Many models are even unisex, which means that the footwear is suitable for both women and men.

We compared the different models in the Categories materials and fit. You will also learn which type of closure can be used particularly well with thick gloves and how to care for your winter boots.

1. Outdoor cold protection boots for freezing cold days, lined winter boots for everyday wear

Before you buy a winter boot, you should be aware, the purpose of the shoe. There are winter boots for extreme weather conditions, too promise warmth down to -40 ° C. Other winter boots do their thing Purpose in rainy and cold everyday life and have a stylish design.

To what extent are insoles for winter boots worthwhile??

Insoles provide more comfort in the shoe. These soles promote an individual fit and can reduce misalignments and foot pain.

Particularly heatable soles are suitable for winter, which thanks to an integrated battery ensure warmth at the push of a button.

What connects all winter boots is the structure: each shoe consists of different elements. The sole is the basic building block of every shoe. Often the sole of the shoe is made of robust rubber that is heat-insulating – and durable at the same time.

The shape and the profile determine the comfort when walking. A sole that is rounded to the front allows it to roll smoothly over the ball of the foot. A pronounced winter profile is important in order not to slip on smooth surfaces.

The shoe itself consists of an upper and an inner lining. The Above all, the upper material should be waterproof, to prevent liquids from getting into the shoe. in the Inside ensure soft and warm materials, such as an artificial fur mix, for warm feet.

Shoelaces are particularly suitable as a closure. The Lacing of stable shoe straps through multiple eyelets guarantees an individual fit. It is important that your foot is firmly in the boot so as not to bend or slip out of the shoe. Velcro can lose its grip after a while and can no longer close properly. On The advantage of Velcro is that it can be easily opened and closed even with thick gloves can be.

The The shaft of winter shoes should cover the ankles, to ideally store the heat in the shoe. Some winter boots reach down to the calf, which ensures even more heat storage. The best winter boots have one Padded shaft that offers additional comfort. has the Characteristics of the two most important types of winter boots summarized for you:

Boots Type characteristics
Outdoor Cold Weather Boots

Suitable for heavy snow, heavy rain and freezing cold.

  • uppers: Synthetic nylon is extremely waterproof and durable
  • Lining: Faux fur, polyester and felt keep you warm
  • sole: raised, heat-insulating and abrasion-resistant rubber with at least 2 cm heel
  • profile: strong profile for good and sure-footed grip
  • shutter: Velcro can also be opened and closed with gloves
  • shaft: extra high shaft for more insulation
Winter boots for everyday life

Suitable for everyday use in winter.

  • uppers: Leather adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot
  • Lining: Faux fur or polyester keep you warm
  • sole: robust and abrasion-resistant rubber with at least 1 cm heel
  • profile: Anti-slip profile
  • shutter: Laces for tying shoes individually
  • shaft: medium-high, padded shaft to protect the ankles and for an optimal hold

Tip: For additional protection To prevent slipping, there are so-called spikes that you can pull over your winter boots. This gives you even more grip – for a safe walk even in snowy areas. Take a look at our shoe spikes comparison!

2. Materials: Synthetics are completely waterproof, while leather promises more comfort

The best winter boots not only keep you warm in the test, they also offer optimal support in ice and snow. Our winter boot comparison showed that Synthetics in particular is a popular material for winter boots is there waterproof, robust and durable at the same time is.

Various synthetic and chemical fibers fall under the generic term synthetic. Nylon, polyester and rubber are popular. Another advantage of winter boots made from synthetic upper materials is that they particularly easy to clean are. Since liquids cannot harm the material, the shoes can simply be washed off with water.

The synthetic materials are contrasted by leather, which consists of chemically preserved animal skin. Leather is particularly durable and breathable. Another advantage of leather is that it is adapts to your foot shape over time and is therefore particularly convenient.

The Advantages and disadvantages of winter boots made of synthetic materials compared to leather boots can be found here:

  • are synthetic materials absolutely waterproof
  • especially easy to clean and dirt-repellent
  • low breathability
  • very stiff: take a long time to be run in

3. Winter boot tests show: more weight does not necessarily mean better quality

Various consumer institutions have dealt with sol >Winter boot test that Winter shoes with a raised rubber sole promise a lot of water resistance.

Moreover does not necessarily determine the weight of a shoe, how robust the processed materials are. Light hiking shoes, for example, also demonstrate high weather resistance – and with a very low weight.

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a winter boot test and has therefore not yet chosen a winter boot comparison winner.

4. Questions and answers about winter boots

You can find topics that may interest you in relation to winter boots for women, winter boots for men and winter boots for children.

4.1. How do I care for my winter boots?

Every shoe needs individual care. It depends on the material. While Leather carefully and carefully cleaned should be able to synthetic fibers can be washed off safely with water.

On some models you can remove the insoles in the shoe, which is particularly practical for cleaning the inside of the shoes as well.

tip: If your Maintain winter shoes and at the same time extend the lifespan recommends your Treat winter boots regularly with waterproofing spray. We have already compared the best impregnation sprays for you. The impregnation spray comparison can be found here.

4.2. There are also winter boots for children?

Yes. Of course there are also footwear for winter that is tailored to children’s feet. Winter boots for children are almost always made of rubber, because the material is particularly robust and can be easily cleaned. recommends for children’s boots in everyday life no leather materials to buy, as these have to be cleaned laboriously.

The winter boots for girls differ from the winter boots for boys in their design and colors. The quality of the winter shoes is often identical and in the end your child has to decide which pair appeals to them most.

4.3. How do I know which size is right for me??

Many manufacturers advise, Winter boots to take a shoe size bigger, so you can put on thick socks in your shoes as needed. Basically, your toes should have enough space in the shoe. As a rule of thumb, there should be a thumb’s width between the toes and the end of the shoe.

4.4. There are special heated insoles for winter boots?

Heated insoles for shoes are particularly worthwhile in cheap winter boots, to reinforce the thermal insulation. You can find soles in various sizes and shapes on the Internet or in drugstores such as Rossmann or dm.

If you have diagnosed malpositions, we advise you to request customized soles from an orthopedic surgeon.

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