Witches party perfect – decoration, ideas, tips, games

Celebrating a witch party is not just a good one for Halloween />
With this article we would like to give you the best ideas, suggestions and tips so that you can organize and organize a perfect witch party. So get to the brooms and the stake, it’s Walpurgis night.

Good to know: The Walpurgis Night was a festival in the Middle Ages as a souvenir of the holy Walpurga, which is known today as the "Dance into May".

The best party locations for witch parties

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At the beginning you should start with the selection of the party location, because it depends on how many guests can come and what can be decorated in which form.

Each location has and understandably its peculiarities, its individual />

  • Dark party room
  • Old barn
  • forest clearing
  • burgruine
  • allotment

If you are celebrating at home, you should make sure that the windows can be darkened, because no witch likes bright, bright and glittering.

You can also celebrate a witch party in the forest, but this requires some research where you are allowed to or where nobody notices. There are also questions about how guests should come to the location. But if you have found a chic clearing where there is possibly still a possibility for a barbecue and for an open fire, this place is basically predestined for a real witch meeting with a party. But keep in mind that electricity is rarely available here. Music must be in the form of ghetto blasters and batteries. Chilled drinks and food can be transported using cool bags.

If you do not know any forest or lake where the witch event can take place, you still have the opportunity to celebrate in an allotment garden. Usually you can make a campfire undisturbed and make bambules properly, because allotment gardens are rarely inhabited at night. Electricity is also here and neighbors are guaranteed not to be disturbed.

Witch party decoration ideas and tips

A real witch party depends on the decoration. Even if the guests don’t pull everyone along and don’t disguise themselves as witches or witches />
Align your decorations />

  • Dark room
  • Creepy elements
  • Medieval and dusty-rustic
  • Here are a few special decorations />
    Decoration /> Modern lighting elements are completely unsuitable for every witch party. Alternatively, choose many candles, tea lights and antique candlesticks and place them specifically on dressers, tables, window sills and co. Candlelight is perfect for a good scary mood.

    Decoration /> Finished spider webs are available to buy, you do not have to wait until it has been spun by a real spider. You can place these on entrance doors, connecting doors or windows and ceilings. A guaranteed scary effect.

    Decoration /> If you have space in the garden, you can build a real funeral pyre and ignite symbolic ones in fire. If you want, you can make a creepy speech.

    Decoration /> Avoid />
    Decoration /> Other useful decorative elements for a creepy mood are skeletons, bones and rubber bats, which can be distributed anywhere in the party location. Of course, the obligatory witch broom must not be missing and can be placed in a corner.

    Decoration /> Turn a bloody punch bowl into a real witch’s cauldron and just decorate it as scary as possible. Covers it with a black, holey and frayed sheet and tries to illuminate the kettle from below with indirect lighting.

    For children, a witch party is a welcome event to lend a hand and to create and design creepy things, even if it is only a question of celebrating and decorating a child’s birthday. This is best done a few days before the party. The best pieces are then used for decoration.

    If you like it more child-friendly, you can use balloons with scary motifs, dark streamers and witch garlands.

    Creepy food and drink for witch party nights

    The scary effect can of course also be carried away wonderfully in terms of food and drink. A blood-red punch bowl can be made to drink, which can function as a witch’s cauldron in a chic decoration.

    You can serve toad juice, dragon’s blood and witch’s brew, the design and recipe of which is known only to the oldest witches, but can now be found in various forms on the Internet and mixed yourself.

    Stick with the drinks in dark, brown, black or blood red colors if there should be cocktails. decorated she with Skull ice cubes or cocktail skewers in the form of a witch’s broom.

    Due to their color, fruit juices can also serve as a blood drink if no alcohol should be involved. When eating, you can fall back on traditional and traditional food and simply rename the meals. This is how goat sausages are chopped off with ketchup and spaghetti become worms. A half-hollowed-out pumpkin, a pumpkin pie and a few creepy decorated muffins complete the offer.

    Classic jelly always looks good at a witch party because it is usually green or red in color and can also be decorated as creepy.

    Witches Party Games – Ideas and Instructions

    Just meeting in witch costume, listening to a little music and dancing around the campfire is not a real witch party, because what is still missing are typical party games that fit the theme of witchcraft. We have a couple of games here for you />
    Game /> Here, all players dance around the fire or optionally around the cauldron. A witch hat is always passed on to the next player, who has to put it on, perform a dance pose and then pass it on to the next player. If the music stops while the witch hat is on, you lose and have to leave the dance group.

    Game /> According to a secret recipe, which is presented to the players, all the ingredients must now be found in a kind of scavenger hunt and then mixed into a magic potion. The team that has the original drink first wins the game. It can be very entertaining if you also choose a little nasty ingredients like spiders, woodlice or worms.

    Game /> Red groats should be prepared for this and filled with spoons in two bowls. Two players sit across from each other at a blindfolded table and have to feed the player across the table with a spoon and dragon blood (the red groats). Of course it will be a huge mess and a lot of fun. The winner is the player who has emptied his bowl first and has spilled the least.

    Game /> For this purpose, a small course is set up, which all game participants have to cross, with a broom between their legs and a spoon in hand, on which a witch’s egg is balanced. The egg must not fall down. If this happens, the course must start again. Whoever finishes first wins the game.

    Game /> All game participants lie down on the floor and pretend to be asleep. The top witch now has the task of getting one of the sleeping witches out of sleep. It can tickle, jokes tell or try anything else. As soon as a sleeping witch laughs or moves, it is lost.

    Game /> 5 shrink />
    The winner of a witch game receives a special witch certificate that is already prepared. So only the Surname be entered.

    Witch music for parties – the right background music

    For a witch party you would not necessarily have to have a certain music genre and play. Anything you like is allowed. However, it is advisable to have a few scary songs with you, such as Michael Jackson’s thriller.

    Music for dancing is always very good for children, because after all the horror, witches in particular can really celebrate and dance.

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