With children in Holland – our holiday on Texel

With children in Holland – our holiday on Texel

It’s going to Holland, baby! We have not been there for a long time, not with the children at all. The reason for that was, I think, above all, that you prefer the Baltic Sea or Denmark from Hamburg – and you know that I am a big fan of both destinations. I just like the Baltic Sea has such great bright, very soft sand and Denmark I love the dunes.

I do not expect white sand beach in Holland now, but a bit of dunes would be great. That should be on Texel, so our choice fell on the popular holiday island.

Hello Texel – I like you

Yes, Texel did not necessarily greet us lovingly, because it was pouring like from buckets. But the first supermarket visit has reconciled me right away. Yes, I like the Dutch food. Especially all these little mayo salads. Oh well, everything from the fresh food counter. Olives, hummus with dried tomatoes, carrot dip, and, and, and. Also with Vla in rough amounts, we have of course set the same, before it went to the house.

We were in the Landal Sluftervallei *, which immediately reminded me of Denmark. Our cottage is totally cute, with great Scandinavian decor and fireplace. That did not matter to me with the rain. The next day was great weather and we rented bikes and are first to the beach, then later to the lighthouse. I tell you, Texel is sooo beautiful! Nature is awesome. Dunes, heath, sheep, beaches. Going by on the bike relaxes immediately. Even our 5-year-old has participated in all tours. The little one on the bicycle seat. We just rented the bikes at the holiday park.

Activities with children

I would say, cycling and beach, that’s actually enough :-) In general, I’m more likely to let the guy drift. It is nice, of course, if you still something “special” undertakes. Therefore three tips for you:

  1. The lighthouse – at the very north end of the island and the part with probably the widest beach. The lighthouse is beautiful, you can walk up to 17 clock and children up to three years are free. Afterwards, make a picnic in the dunes. The part of the parking lot below you can enter namely :-)
  2. Horseback riding – we were in the manege Elzenhof. There are a lot of small and big ponies here. The small one can easily lead through the adjacent forest and from 10 years you can also make a beach ride. I have fulfilled this long-cherished wish and can say one thing: it is incredibly happy!
  3. Ecomare – Museum, marine aquarium and seal sanctuary. Especially the latter has cast us under the spell. Sooo cute, I tell you! It’s best to plan half a day and join in the feeding. Children up to the age of three are also free here.

But as I said, I find drifting the best. When sand games, landing nets, kite flying – children just leave time. I think that’s the best.

Where live – our holiday home in Landal Sluftervallei

We are big Landal fans. Nevertheless, I say it this way: I was a bit critical, if our 55sqm house would really be enough for 6 people (my parents still complied). Arrived I was soooo surprised how ingeniously it was furnished and that it definitely fit. Stefan said only “why, has always been good in the country …”. And yes, that’s true.

Breakfast can be booked. That’s what I think is worth gold. Have to say honestly, I do not like it on vacation in the morning to be big in the kitchen or to get bread. The service includes bread rolls, cold cuts, eggs (already cooked and still warm), yogurt and of course sweet things. We had Hagelslag in various variants, jam and Nutella. There is also coffee and tea. The best of all: freshly squeezed orange juice! By the way, more than abundant. In the evening I really enjoyed cooking. To be honest, that relaxes me totally again. When the kids were very small, I found that rather exhausting.

The park has different houses. So you can drive from 2-24 people. Camping is also possible and much more. Mini golf, rent bicycles, playgrounds, shop, restaurant – all there. Especially great we found the swimming pool. There is even sauna and wellness. So something for everyone.

In any case, we are big Landal fans and now also Texel fans, surely they will not have been on the island for the last time. I think that’s nice in every season.

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