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Traveling with children on the Moselle? Here are 34 tips and destinations

Traveling with children and skittles on the Moselle? Here are 34 tips for activities, sights and attractions. Many of them even for free.

Soapbox races in Klüsserath.

01 soapbox races in Klüsserath. Who needs Formula 1 when they can have soap boxes? Families with children meet for the race every third Sunday in May.
But in Klüsserath not only chic Bols wave >50 kilometers per hour. But also cakes, sausages and fries. More info "

02 Moselle Balloon Fiesta in Föhren. Every year in August pilots from all over Europe travel to Föhren. Because for a weekend, everything revolves around the popular colorful giants.

Mass start at the Moselle Balloon Fiesta

At this special meeting around 80 hot air balloons go up in the air at the same time. A great spectacle. And if you don’t just want to watch but take off yourself, you can book a trial flight. More info "

03 Mini golf in Trarben-Trarbach. Mini golf offers families with children great cinema for little money. Because malicious joy and outbursts of anger are included free of charge. The Kautenbach Valley has been playing for over five decades. Because the park-like square in Traben-Trarbach is the oldest in the republic.

Mini golf course in Traben-Trarbach.

04 Adventure golf Kobern-Gondorf. A round of mini golf was actually planned, but would it rain from buckets? No problem, because in Kobern-Gondorf, adventure golf is played in the hall according to the same rules. Only the imaginative decoration is different.

Adventure golf, Kalkofen 2, 56330 Kobern-Gondorf

Walking with children

0 5 Elf trail in Traben-Trarbach. Huh, what’s that? All sorts of mythical creatures have found a home on the Elf Trail. Transformed animals can be seen as well as elven dwellings and the Oberon seat. You just have to look closely!
The approximately five-kilometer route is intended for families with children, but is not suitable for prams.

The entrance is behind the Moseltherme in the Kautenbach valley.

The wheel of fortune on the roadside.

06 Kulturweg Mesenicher Steinreichskäpp. Is hiking boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. After all, you can even weigh your weight in stones on this trail. If you want, measure your strength in stone lifting and turn the wheel of fortune to pick up a spell.

07 Conquer via ferratas. For several years now, the vineyards have also been attractive to families with children from around 10 years of age. Because in Calmont between Bremm and Ediger-Eller, footsteps and ladders were driven into the rocks. An almost alpine pleasure.

Experience nature with children

08 Lavender terraces in Lehmen. Not only lavender has spread in the Razejungwingert. In the meantime, over 160 different plant species grow on 14 rock terraces. Bees and a vineyard educational trail for children have also found a spot in the neighborhood. More info"

Lavender, bees and herbs in the Razejungwingerert

Attractions for children

09 City tour with the Römer Express. Too lazy to walk through all of the Roman buildings? No problem, because the tourist train takes you to the most important sights in Trier in half an hour. Tickets are available from the conductor, further information can be found here.

The rich interior of the Porta Nigra.

1 0 Discover Roman buildings. The Romans left exciting traces along the Moselle that want to be explored. These include the remains of settlements, villas or castles that show how luxuriously many Romans once lived. More info "

11 Roscheider Hof open-air museum in Konz. In the museum you can walk, play and see how the children used to live. A 4000 square meter exhibition and the reconstructed Hunsrück village are waiting for visitors. More info.

A cat in an alley in Ediger.

12 riddle rally in Ediger-Eller. With the puzzle game "Discover with Sophie Ediger" little guests get to know the medieval Ediger with pleasure. But adults also like to explore the alleys and old walls with the questionnaire.

Tourist information of the Mosel Calmont region, Pelzerstraße 1, 56814 Ediger-Eller, www.ediger-eller.de

Watching animals with children

13 Klotten game and leisure park. In the wildlife park on the Moselle near Cochem, children can also pass the time on water slides and roller coasters. Information at www.freizeitpark-klotten.de

14 Birds of Prey Show in Koblenz. From mid-April, the Lords of the Skies will take their courses at Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. Every weekend and on public holidays, a pair of falconers shows the world of birds of prey and falconry. More info "

1 5 Aquarium Wasserbillig. About 20 minutes by car from Trier, you can reach a colorful underwater world with coral reefs in neighboring Luxembourg to watch piranhas while feeding. There is also a restaurant, playgrounds and boules slopes. More info

Discover castles

16 Ehrenburg in Brodenbach. Whether burger exploration, archery or historical craftsmanship. Every Sunday from Easter to October, the lively castle offers a large program for small castle guests.

Ehrenburg, 56332 Brodenbach, www.ehrenburg.de

Mont Royal fortress; Eifel; Kletterwald

17 Mont Royal fortress in Traben-Trarbach. The fortress was blown up thoroughly over the Moselle. But there are still underground passages that you can explore with a flashlight today. No entry. More info

Sport and shipping with children

18 canoeing on the Moselle. A cruise is of course part of the Moselle holiday. Boats and canoes are available from over ten rental companies to experience the Moselle water route. More info

Seen? Mosel 2.0 is also available as a magazine!

Over 110 pages full of stories, tips and photos from the river.

Moselle. The magazine for explorers
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More info here.

19 Cochem Leisure Center. The adventure pool for families with children scores with its children’s area, outdoor pool and wave pool.

Cochem Leisure Center, Moritzburger Strasse 1, 56812 Cochem, www.moselbad.de

20 Panoramabad in Leiwen. The fun pool, equipped with all chicanes, shines with its giant slide and panoramic view. More info

Climbing and cycling with children

21 High ropes course in Traben-Trarbach. Climbing artists like Tarzan can swing from tree to tree on the ruins of the Mont Royal fortress. However, fear bunnies in the Mosel Adventure Forest also learn to whiz through the forest on a zip line.

Mosel Adventure Forest, Mont Royal, 56841 Traben-Trarbach, www.adventureforest.de

Mont Royal, climbing forest

22 Maare-Moselle cycle path. You cycle from Daun to Bernkastel-Kues along a disused railway line. Eleven kilometers of the roughly 6 0 kilometer route are designed as children’s cycle paths. More info "

23 Skate park in Bernkastel-Kues. In addition to the outdoor swimming pool in the Kues district, skaters will find the area with quarter pipe, fun box, curp, spine, ramp and pyramid. free entry.

Peter-Kremer-Weg 2, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Museums and exhibitions for children

24 Fell visitor mine. Whether heaps, long tunnels or the underground cathedral. Around 70 meters underground, visitors experience the hard work of the slate miners up close.

Visitor mine Fell, On the slate pits, 54341 Fell

25 DB Museum in Koblenz. Hobby railroaders will enjoy the DB Museum in Koblenz-Lützel. For example, saloon cars are on display in a former locomotive hall, in which the Beatles were already rolling over the rails.

DB Museum Koblenz, Schönbornsluster Straße 14, 56070 Koblenz, www.dbmuseum-koblenz.de

26 Mosellum in Koblenz. If you dive into the Moselle, you can see about 32 species of fish. However, there is less going on in the Moselle than in the Saar. This is mainly due to the turbines of the hydropower plants. Therefore, a modernized fish pass was built at the barrage in Koblenz, where – with a little luck – you can see eels swimming past behind the huge pane.

Moselle barrage, Peter-Altmeier-Ufer 1, 56068 Koblenz, www.mosellum.rlp.de

Camping with children

27 sleeping in a barrel in Traben-Trarbach. In the huge barrels you not only sleep well, but you can also sit together and play board games.

Mosel Camping Rissbach, Rißbacher Str. 155, 56841 Traben-Trarbach, www.mosel-camping-platz.de

Tiny, cuddly, close to nature: the tiny mill houses.

28 Vacation at the Tiny House in Brodenbach. The tiny houses are very trendy. Spending the night there is an adventure for children. Now you can also rent the mini format for vacation. Ecological, homely, in the middle of green nature.

Historical mill Vogelsang, Rhein-Mosel-Strasse 63, 56332 Brodenbach, www.muehle-vogelsang.de

Even more excursion destinations with children

29 Dinosaur Park in Ernzen. Everyone knows the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But what about the Eifelosaurus? Because this prehistoric animal is also represented in the Ernzener Park. After all, more than 100 realistic reconstructions lead to the times of mammoths and Neanderthals.

Dinosaur Park Teufelsschlucht, Ferschweilerstraße 50, 54668 Ernzen, www.dinopark-teufelsschlucht.de

30 Geierlay suspension bridge in Mörsdorf. Less than 20 kilometers from Cochem, there is a building in the Hunsrück that is more likely to be expected in the Himalayas. Who dares to cross the suspension bridge? No entry.

The Geierlay suspension rope bridge shortly after the opening

31 Devil’s Gorge in Ernzen. This landscape could be the perfect setting for a film with trolls and elves. No wonder that even lazy children like to hike there. More info "

32 heritage head. The highest mountain in the Hunsrück at 816 meters is not a giant. Nevertheless, the Erbeskopf offers ski slopes, a walk-in sculpture and a summer toboggan run that you can board down. Information at www.sommerrodelbahn-erbeskopf.de.

The natural swimming pool in the Schalkenmehrener Maar

33 Maare in Daun. Most of the maars are protected. But natural swimming pools were included in some of the extinct volcanoes. For this reason, children can practice ass bombs with a run-up, for example in Schalkenmehren and in the Gemündener Maar in Daun. More info here

34 Butterfly garden in Grevenmachern. In the Luxembourgish town of Grevenmacher, a good 20 kilometers from Trier, exotic butterflies flutter around visitors’ noses.

Jardin des Papillons, 56 Route de Trèves, 6793 Grevenmacher, www.papillons.lu/de

Mosel 2.0 is also available as a magazine for leafing through!
Over 110 pages full of stories from the river.

Moselle. The magazine for explorers
242 river kilometers told differently

ISBN 978-3-943123-32-6
€ 8.90, Eifel Verlag
Available wherever there are books.

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