With credit card withdraw money – for free and worldwide!

With credit card withdraw money - for free and worldwide!

Withdraw money with credit card and save money – (Update 2019)

On our first long stay abroad in 2006, we were armed only with debit cards and the seven-month withdrawal fees in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand were in the three-digit range. Next time, we were already smarter and knew the opportunity to withdraw money with credit cards for free. Meanwhile, we have several cards of this kind, but especially in Thailand, there is an additional tip to follow, to really get for free on the hot coveted Thai baht. We would like to share our experiences with you.

Important note: the conditions change frequently, all information is given without guarantee. As of: 1/2019

tl; dr: Our credit card recommendation compact

Whether as a family or a single traveler, one is always well advised to carry more than one credit card. It has often happened to us that we have forgotten a card in the ATM or the machine has withheld the card for no reason. Stupid situation, but even more uncomfortable, if you do not have a replacement card. Also this time an automat has moved one of our maps for some reason. The second unfortunately got a crack on the magnetic stripe, so we are glad to have another one to fall back on.

Each of the credit cards we introduce you benefits when traveling. As the maps are slightly different in detail we recommend you to combine at least 2 of the 5 presented maps. In detail, the following cards are involved:

  1. payVIP Mastercard *: One “Real” credit card, no debit card. Free payment abroad, very good even with flight hotel bookings. Attention: Better to settle the balance on time, otherwise there will be high costs due to the debit interest
  2. 1Plus Visa *: Free payment abroad, becoming the only provider ATM fees refunded. Daily withdrawal limit is somewhat low at € 300.
  3. N26 with Mastercard *: user friendliness from the application to the first card use, free payment abroad. But: Withdrawals abroad only with monthly fee of at least 9.90 € for free, whereby still other advantages are linked like a travel insurance
  4. DKB Cash with Visa Card *: As active customer you get the withdrawal fees still refunded.
  5. comdirect checking account with Visa Card: Currently there is one Premium on new contract and free payment.

With the right combination of cards you can withdraw the fees for the money and save money with the credit card.

The common ground of all cards is that no annual fixed costs arise.

The Main differences for us are:

  • Free for foreign assignment in non-euro area as means of payment only in the case of N26, 1PlusVisa and payVIP.
  • The N26 is available for withdrawals in foreign currency (ie non-EU foreign) only from a monthly fee of at least 9.90 € (N26 Black) for free, the free card fees i.H.v. 1.7%. Euro withdrawals are free, but within Germany only 3 or 5 a month.
  • The DKB is only free of charge for cash withdrawals for active customers. The 1st year is a new customer automatically active customer, then you need 700 € monthly cash receipt.
  • Use of credits and settlement of invoices are handled differently, more on that later.

Make a withdrawal using the credit card and (special) fees at ATMs in Thailand

Withdrawing cash is probably the most used feature of a credit card for travelers. The problem is often the fees that are incurred and the travel budget can burden very much. All of us featured 5 cards cause no costs here.

We are Victoria, Chris and Liam and want to tell you about our life in Thailand, Germany and the rest of the world.

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