With the sunpass you can pass cashless the toll roads

SunPass in Flor >

Just save time by using the SunPass

Numerous roads and bridges in Florida are chargeable and with the SunPass you can practically pass through the toll booths cashlessly without standing up. If you are on a Florida vacation then you certainly do not want to spend the precious time at a toll booth. That’s why the SunPass is very well suited and you should use it as well. Otherwise one must always stop and give a few US dollar fee to the coworker. Often, some cars are in front of you and you have to wait.

Tolls in Florida

All tourists and also the residents of Florida have to pay a toll. There is no difference. There, this is called Toll and numerous roads and bridges are toll road. Of course, the construction cost a lot of money and the state has to pay for the entertainment. Therefore this is justified if you use them. Since there is no car tax in Florida as in Germany, the state has to somehow recover the money.


As a rule, you will be informed a few miles before a toll booth comes. Then you can prepare very well in the car. The residents of Florida know this of course. But as a tourist you have no idea if you drive the road for the first time. At the moment there are still small toll booths and also the passage for the SunPass. As a rule, all toll roads are still set up.


So you do not always have to wait and pay the cash, there is the SunPass. This is a kind of sticker you can attach for example to the windshield. On the pass you can then charge money and you can then go through without paying through the toll. However, only in the right place. This can always be easily recognized by the SunPass signs. If you go through there and have no SunPass then you have to expect a money road. That should be avoided in any case.

Where can I buy the SunPass?

You can buy the SunPass in popular markets such as Publix or CVS Pharmacy. But also at the AAA which is comparable to the ADAC. If you have questions, the staff also advise tourists on how to apply this. There is also a guide and you can not do anything wrong. So this is no problem and also tourists can use this.

Has a rental car in Florida on the SunPass

So you do not have to buy a SunPass offer numerous car rental providers this already. That means the rental car is equipped with such a sticker and you can drive through the toll booths. The billing then takes place via the rental car company. Mostly you have to specify there the credit card and the amount due is then simply debited.

Where to put the SunPass in the car

There is a guide where you can see exactly where to attach it. As already mentioned, this is usually on the windshield. If you do not install this properly then the transponder can not capture it correctly. That means you would have paid for the passage then no fee. Here then penalties are due and there may easily be due $ 100.

Great by Plate

More and more Florida Florida toll roads are the “Great by Plate” are. That means you do not need a SunPass and there is simply the license plate of the rental car photographed automatically. The billing here then runs through the rental car company. So it may well be that you still get a load of a few dollars on the credit card.

What is the toll fee?

Certainly you also want to know how much toll you have to pay. For example, if you drive from Fort Myers to Cape Coral then you pay two dollars. But that can be different in Miami or Orlando, for example. If you drive with the car to the toll booth then there is a sign where you can see how much the fee. So this is not a problem.

Cash payment of the toll

At the moment it is still possible to pay the toll in cash. It is always best if you have a few dollars at hand. As a rule, the next car is already waiting and this would like to drive through there. But the toll booths are getting less and less and in the future there will only be the SunPass or Toll by Plate.

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