With the toddler at the dentist – Healthy children's teeth with prophylaxis

Milk teeth are much more susceptible to tooth decay than adult teeth. In addition, milk tooth decay is much faster than permanent tooth decay.

Therefore, you should come to us with your child at least every six months (every half year). This enables us to detect any damage at an early stage and repair it in good time. It is even better if there are no holes in your child’s teeth in the first place. This is why our focus in practice is on prophylaxis, i.e. prevention.

Examination & Consulting

During the semi-annual check-up we do not only check the teeth and gums. We also check if the position of the teeth is correct.

If, in our opinion, special caries protection measures or early orthodontic treatment are necessary, we will discuss this with you.

“Cleaning control”

Although you and your child clean well at home, there may still be plaque on your teeth. If necessary, we will stain them with a food colour and show them to you and your child.

This is how you and your child get to know the “problem zones” and can clean more specifically in the future.


It is always good when someone other than the parents shows the children how to brush their teeth properly: We can show your child how to brush and make suggestions for improvement to you and him.

Our goal is for your child to be able to brush his or her teeth regularly and carefully right from the start.

Nutritional advice

Nutrition plays a major role in dental health. That is why we talk to your child about the harmful consequences of sweets. We will tell you about sweets that are harmless to your teeth.

And of course we explain to your child which diet is best for his (tooth) health.

Fissure sealing: caries protection for molars

Milk cheek teeth have fine dimples on their surface, the so-called fissures. Despite good care, plaque and bacteria often settle in these fissures. Sooner or later caries can develop.

So-called fissure caries on a molar tooth (brown point in the middle of the tooth). If this caries is not treated, it gradually becomes larger and destroys the tooth in the long term.

Fissure sealing: The teeth are permanently sealed with a plastic so that no plaque can settle in the first place. This means that caries no longer has a chance in the fissures!

Fissure sealing is one of the best ways to protect your child’s milk cheek teeth from tooth decay. It keeps them in place until the permanent teeth come.

Fluoridation of the milk teeth

Milk teeth are particularly susceptible to tooth decay and should be extra protected: We coat all milk teeth with a special fluoride varnish. This makes them more resistant to acids and caries for up to three months.

Professional tooth cleaning

Even with the best dental care at home there are still remains of plaque. All plaque is removed during professional dental cleaning in the dentist’s office. Even in the hard-to-reach tooth spaces.

Saliva tests to determine the caries risk

Does your child have an increased caries risk? With a special caries risk test we can check whether there are particularly many harmful bacteria in the mouth. We will show you the result and discuss any necessary protective measures with you.

Is all this paid for by the cash register?

Statutory health insurance funds only cover some of the costs of the protective measures described here. Why do we recommend them anyway?

If milk teeth are lost prematurely due to caries, gaps develop. The remaining milk teeth can tilt into these gaps. Then the remaining teeth would not have enough space. In addition, the jaws do not develop properly if teeth are missing.

These problems would have to be compensated later with a complex and expensive orthodontic treatment. It is therefore better to preserve the milk teeth until the permanent teeth come.

You save your child unnecessary toothache due to broken teeth. You yourself save money if no orthodontic treatment has to be carried out later.

Ask us! We will be happy to advise you which measures are sensible to protect your child’s milk teeth and what they cost.

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