With these changes, "Fortnite Chapter 2" returns

After more than 30 hours offline time – with these changes “Fortnite” returns

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Update: Since Tuesday noon Swiss time players can compete again in “Fortnite Chapter 2”. Epic Games has introduced a new map with 13 locations. Some new activities are also possible. Among other things, players can now:

  • go for a swim
  • fish
  • hide in haystacks and dumpsters
  • Blasting gas canisters and explosive barrels

Furthermore, the rumour has been confirmed that boats can also be used on the new map. The weapons include a new assault rifle and a shotgun. In addition, the weapon arsenal can be upgraded and improved with the help of resources.

The launch trailer:

Also new is the bandage thrower, with which players can be healed. Dying players can now be carried safely to be treated.

New Battle Pass

Epic Games has also adapted the Battle Pass a bit and introduced a new XP system. Also, players can now earn medals in matches. These can be used, for example, to browse through a chest, to kill enemies or to complete a task. By the way, the Battle Pass for Season 1 costs 950 V-Bucks. As before, you can also unlock the Battle Pass for Season 2.

The original message

With the online game “Fortnite” nothing goes since the late Sunday evening any more. Since the weekend, thousands of players can no longer spend their free time fighting for survival. Even in the early morning hours, “Fortnite” was still not playable on Tuesday.

  • The game is considered to be the most successful game of all time. In a “Battle Royal Mode”, the “Fortnite” player is the only one to survive out of 100 fighters. Worldwide more than 250 million people play “Fortnite”.
  • The game’s creator, Epic Games, staged an event called “The End” on Sunday that attracted thousands of players. In a last big fight of Season 10, the “Fortnite” gamers were supposed to compete against each other.
  • Then on Sunday evening German time in the game world came to an apocalyptic end, with a black hole devouring the entire “Fortnite” world.

Since then, thousands of gamers in the game have been looking at a livestream showing that same destructive black hole. In the first hours after the down, a series of arbitrary numbers were visible under the hole – according to Forbes magazine, these numbers formed the sentences “I wasn’t alone” and “Others were out of range”.

“Fortnite” is devoured by the black hole

E-Sports consultant Rod Breslau estimated to CNN that several million gamers had followed the “Fortnite” event “The End”. Wroclaw told the station: “Epic has created a complete marketing and social media campaign with a narrative story around the update.”

The apocalyptic, mysterious end of the game on Sunday evening marks the end of Season 10 of “Fortnite”. A season usually lasts about ten weeks.

Here you can see the spectacular (supposed) end:

What happens with “Fortnite”: Is “Fortnite 2” coming or “Chapter 2”?

Even though the term “The End” is often used, it has been agreed that the “Fortnite” manufacturer did not discontinue its video game late on Sunday evening. After all, “Epic Games” earns around 300 million dollars a month with the game. This revenue comes from purchases that players can use to add extra features to their characters.

Most people are more likely to believe that the US manufacturer has succeeded in creating a marketing coup with “The End”. This is supported by the fact that Playstation promised its “Fortnite” fans in the night of Monday that none of the purchased goods would be lost due to the mysterious action of the “Fortnite” manufacturer.

Gamers puzzle: When does “Fortnite” come back?

Screenshots from the Italian Apple Store were already circulating on the net on Monday night to prove that the “Fortnite” players can look forward to a new card for the “Fortnite” battles in Season 11.

Looks like Apple has leaked a promotional image for Season 11 on the Italian Apple Store.

From the looks of it, we’re getting a new map. pic.twitter.com/2naPbsYvDA

— Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) October 11, 2019

In this preview, whose authenticity is not guaranteed, the developers speak of a “Chapter 2”, a second chapter of the game series. Everything new at “Fortnite”?

More about Fortnite:

Meanwhile, the rumour mill continued to seethe on the net: First, a net expert found hints on the website fortnite.com that the livestream of the black hole might end on Tuesday noon Swiss time. Later the code was obviously changed, so that “Fortnite” fans now proceeded from a comeback on Thursday evening around 20 o’clock Swiss time.

At the same time, a number of users reported that a 13 gigabyte version of “Fortnite” was available on the Chinese servers of the video game for the users there.

The new “Fortnite” version should be playable already on Tuesday – about the exact time of the start there were further rumors. Later a fake trailer of the Season 11 on Twitter made the rounds – the excitement among the gamers was big.

A lot of rumors, then. They will only fade away when the game goes online again.

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