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The enamel of milk teeth is particularly sensitive and therefore more susceptible to tooth decay. If the caries bacteria spread, the teeth become porous or a hole is created. Once caries has found a cozy corner in the bit, it can not only be uncomfortable. The permanent teeth can also be infected with the bacteria when they break through. Brushing your teeth thoroughly and regular check-ups at the dentist are therefore already important for children: if the milk teeth remain healthy, the permanent teeth can also develop well.

Why should my child
to the children’s dentist go?

Because the milk teeth are so sensitive and their condition affects the health of the permanent teeth, it is important to go to the dentist for regular check-ups. The visit to the pediatric dentist, however, works differently than to the "normal" dentist.

Dental care for children requires a good dose of dexterity and many years of experience. Every child is unique, so individual treatment methods are required. Children and adults show different needs: Children always want to know exactly what is going on around them.

If they are swirling with self-confidence in a moment, they can quickly become unsettled in an unfamiliar environment like a dentist’s office. As a children’s dental practice, we are particularly specialized in precisely these needs:

We bring your child closer to the topic of dental health in an age-appropriate manner. And pay attention to his willingness to treat. We rely on proven means, use positive language and distract our patients from the events in the mouth with small shows.

Getting to know each other
Are you ready to fly towards wolke7??

Dear parents, you can already prepare a visit to the pediatric dentist that is as relaxed as possible at home: only express yourself positively about the upcoming appointment and avoid negatives or irritating words such as "pain" or "fear". Show your child in a playful way what it can do with the mouth: laugh, speak, eat and just brush your teeth. This is how you make your child aware that it is quite normal to go to the dentist. With this preparation, you support us in teaching your child a positive attitude towards dental health.

Your child should feel comfortable with us and trust our team. We therefore ask you to be in the practice 10 to 15 minutes before the appointment. So your child can arrive without any time pressure and still play a little.

Despite all the preparation by you and our great name, a visit to wolke7 is an unusual situation. Be patient with your child and trust our expertise in pediatric dentistry.

During treatment, all of your attention is on your child. For this it is helpful if you stay in the background and let us take the lead. We will mostly ask questions of your child and ask that you let your child finish. We do not carry out any treatment step that we have not previously discussed together. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask them at the end of the session.

So that your child feels more secure in the new environment, they are welcome to bring their favorite cuddly toy to the appointment. So the two can explore our practice together. Your child is not alone in the treatment chair and feels more secure.

Advanced treatment
so that every visit is remembered

After we have gotten to know each other in detail, we discuss medically useful treatment steps in a stress-free atmosphere with child-friendly language. Below you can get an overview of our modern and child-friendly range of treatments:

We don’t want to let your child experience pain or endure extensive treatment. That is why the early detection of caries is extremely important.

When determining the risk of caries, we collect various information in order to individually coordinate further care: We use cold light to control the surface structure of the teeth, for example. We record congestion and check the gums. We also question your child’s eating and cleaning habits.

An x-ray of the dentition is often necessary for more precise diagnosis and treatment. It helps us analyze the development of the teeth and rule out certain diseases.

To ensure that your child is exposed to as little radiation as possible, we only use digital X-ray equipment in our children’s dentist’s office. This modern, computer-assisted process reduces radiation exposure by up to 90 percent.

The long-term preservation of the teeth is a priority for us. The chewing surface of the molars in children consists of deep dimples that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. This makes them more susceptible to tooth decay. However, we can counteract molars shortly after the eruption: First, we clean the teeth thoroughly. After pretreatment, we seal the furrows with thin, light-curing plastic. In some cases, sealing the milk teeth is advisable.

Even if milk teeth do not stay permanently in the teeth, holes should still be treated. There are two filling materials to choose from: The glass ionomer cement filling with a rough surface, which is covered by the statutory health insurance, is very coarse-grained, does not seal the tooth defect properly and is therefore only of limited durability. Due to its rough nature, it washes out over time and must be replaced again. Alternatively, you can work with white plastic fillings. The material is smoother and more resilient. The procedure is more extensive, which is why the health insurance companies do not cover the entire cost. We decide together which filling is optimal for your child in a direct discussion.

If a milk tooth is already too severely affected by caries, a filling is no longer sufficient to preserve the tooth. A milk crown is necessary so that the chewing function is not restricted and the tooth can continue to act as a placeholder for the permanent tooth. It is different from adult crowns because it is ready in one session. Two types are available: Silver childrens crowns made of medical stainless steel usually take over completely from the health insurance companies. White ceramic children’s crowns are a private dream.

Due to the thinner tooth enamel, caries can spread faster. If the bacteria have run through to the root of the tooth, root canal treatment helps to maintain the milk tooth and prevent inflammation. If we choose root canal treatment together, your child need not be afraid of pain. The treatment is always carried out under local anesthesia, so that the mood on wolke7 remains as carefree as possible.

Every milk tooth has an important task in the dentition: it keeps the space for the permanent tooth free. If a milk tooth is lost, it disrupts the development of the jaw. Because the space is no longer reserved for the permanent tooth, other teeth move to the vacant place or grow crooked. So it is important to replace the lost tooth with a placeholder. We decide together in a consultation whether a fixed or removable placeholder makes sense.

Grinding your teeth damages the enamel and wears your teeth. The jaw muscles also have to work so much that muscle problems can arise. If your child crunches very often at night, we will be happy to advise you on appropriate treatment measures. Most of the time, therapy takes place with a bite splint that your child wears at night. It prevents damage to the teeth.

As part of the preventive care program, we don’t just want to prevent tooth decay. We also gently prepare your child for any treatment that may be necessary. Children are often overwhelmed by new impressions and unknown dental instruments. With the help of the Tell-Show-Do method (explain-show-do) we gradually introduce your child to the treatment. Your child can then better assess what is happening in the dental chair; it is more relaxed and cooperative during treatment.

In order for the treatment to be as painless and calm as possible, anesthesia of the tooth to be treated is necessary for some procedures. Because many children are afraid of needles, we first numb the oral mucosa with a fruity-tasting "tooth jam". The children then only feel a feeling of pressure from the anesthetic injection. Tip: Avoid using words like "syringe" in advance. Rather speak of "putting the tooth to sleep". That sounds less exciting for your child.

With this type of treatment, we want to bring your child into a state in which they concentrate on pleasant things and are thus distracted from the treatment. Children have a lot of imagination, so we can easily lead them into a fantasy world far away from the treatment room with positive word games, visual distractions and other hypnotic means of communication. As if in a trance, they float on wolke7, feel safe and are completely relaxed.

Even if we are called wolke7, it may sometimes be necessary to treat your child under general anesthesia, for example if there is a lot of treatment needed for severely damaged teeth. Or if your child’s fears are very deep. After a detailed consultation, we treat all damaged teeth at once in an anesthetic treatment. This way, your child can rest as long as possible before further treatment sessions.

If your child is basically cooperative, but fearful or very young, sedation with our magic air can make sense. Your child inhales a nitrous oxide / oxygen mixture through a small nasal mask, which lowers the pain threshold and reduces anxiety. The perception of time has also changed, which enables us to continue treatment for longer. Your child hovers in a relaxed state on wolke7, but is conscious.

Despite regular teeth brushing, stubborn plaque can occur. We remove them with child-friendly aids: we clean the teeth with fruity-tasting pastes, tickle the deposits with gentle brushes, clear up the spaces between the teeth and polish everything smoothly. Finally, we strengthen your child’s teeth with fluoride against aggressive caries bacteria. Professional tooth cleaning should not only support the preservation of the teeth, but also prepare your child for any necessary treatments. The health insurers do not cover the costs.

There is no big secret behind lifelong healthy teeth and a radiant smile from children. The daily care of the teeth does not have to trigger an eye roll: we bring your child closer to the topic of dental care in a playful way, so that it is motivated to continue it at home. Your child can actively help shape the consultation and is welcome to pester us with questions about his teeth. Age-appropriate nutritional advice is also part of our prevention program.

From the age of two, your child can gradually learn to brush their teeth independently. In order to motivate your child to regular dental care, we have brought two professionals into the practice team: The toothbrush teachers Friedolin and Gina are fun for everyone and show your child how the KAI method can keep their teeth clean. It learns how to use the toothbrush and floss correctly and gets used to regular visits to the children’s dentist as if in flight.

You still have questions?
We are happy to be there for you personally

You can contact us in various ways, all very straightforward: whether by phone or email, we are there for you. Also like to use our callback service. We look forward to your visit!

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When assigning appointments, we try to integrate the appointment as well as possible into your everyday life. Therefore, you can suggest your desired date online and receive a confirmation from us by phone or email as soon as possible.

emergency service
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If our practice is closed in a dental emergency, you should contact the dental emergency service. You can find out what practice is currently available under the telephone number:

01805 – 60 70 11 (fixed network price 14 ct / min; maximum 42 ct / min from mobile networks)

Please note that damage limitation and pain relief are paramount for the emergency service. We take care of a high-quality repair as soon as we can be reached again in practice. Arrange a follow-up appointment with us as soon as possible.

The right tooth brushing technique
for healthy children’s teeth

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