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Tuesday August 19, 2014

Build your own children’s kitchen from an Ikea shelf

Our little one daughter has been playing with kitchen utensils for months. We have long considered buying her own kitchen. We didn’t want one made of plastic and those made of wood are quite expensive unless you take one from IKEA. It looks very nice, has quality Functions and is reasonably affordable. The only disadvantage: it is in every second children’s room or children’s café. Well, you could spice it up with colorful foil or paint, but then you can build a kitchen yourself, right?

Another thought crossed my mind during the whole process: How long does she actually play with it? What if she would rather have a shop, a workbench or a theater later? Where, please, should it all be around? Our house is not that big. The solution in my head was: Build it yourself and convert it. Ratter, ratter, ratter and the idea was born: We take an IVAR shelf from IKEA!

  • The shelves can be adjusted in height at short intervals – ideal for one Kitchen to grow with.
  • The multifunctional You can easily replace floors and use the same basic framework for children’s kitchens, shops, theaters or whatever.
  • The width of almost 90 cm approximates the dimensions that I imagined.

So we had another reason to go to IKEA. And we brought this with us:

An Ivar shelf 90 cm wide, 30 cm deep and 124 cm high, which with a bit of imagination (by me) and a little more work (by my husband) should turn into a children’s kitchen.

With a bit of sawing, a little green color, a pair The hook and improvised decoration quickly looked like a kitchen. My husband built a stove on his own and according to his own design. Thanks to an old cupboard magnet, a few small hinges and an old cupboard door handle (not shown here), little daughter can wonderfully open and close the stove. She has already baked the first Lego cake.

The kitchen stayed in this state for some time. But now the evenings are getting longer and colder (* SCHLUCHZ *) and the loved one can disappear into the basement and continue working.
I will keep you updated on the progress!

Oh yes, if you want to know more about the self-crocheted kitchen equipment, please take a look at my posts on potholders, strawberries and donut. More crochet treats are in the works.


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